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Anime would you rather

here's something I just thought of

Would you rather have....
  • A Stand (JJBA)
  • A Quirk (BNHA)
  • Chakra (Naruto)
  • Ki (DBZ)
  • Devil Fruit (One Piece)
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• 12/8/2018
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• 12/8/2018


What exactly is the power of tusk act 4. I have read about it but i don't understand. Can someone explian it simply
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• 12/4/2018
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• 12/3/2018

Let’s see those original Stands

Er, this is probably kind of dorky. Let’s start with mine, I guess. Stand Name: Slippery People Power: A/ Speed: A/ Range: E/ Durability: C/ Precision: C/ Potential: C “Split”: S. People can “split” things apart in any way the user chooses. Things that are split like this take no damage when the effect is activated, kind of like taking apart LEGOs or something. The ability also applies to non-physical things, such as being able to “split” the kinetic energy of a punch/kick from the fist into a wall; in this case, anyone touching the wall would be hit with the force of one of S. People’s punches. Body parts split off can still be controlled by whoever they originated from, so splitting someone in half may not completely immobilize them, but the only things going after you would be a waking pair of pants. The user can use this ability to hide in small spaces by splitting themselves into lots of smaller pieces, and perhaps reassembling themselves without some of them, effectively shrinking them down. S. People can reassemble split pieces from anywhere, so the user could attach limbs from others in place of their own. These limbs, however, would still be controlled by their original body.
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• 12/2/2018

Music references in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Has JoJo's Bizarre Adventure introduce you to new music that you normally wouldn't listen to?
  • Yes
  • No, I don't like the type of music used/referenced
  • No, I already knew of/listened to the music referenced
1 5 40
• 12/2/2018
3 4
• 12/1/2018

Ho ho ho

Bruh... bruh... here me out...

What if Santa Claus... was a Stand User?

His stand could be a colony-type Stand like Bad Company or Harvest, A stand that can mass produce itself, invisible to us normies but those who at least notice them call them his "little helpers". As an additional power other than mass production is able to bend time and space to deliver gifts on Christmas Day.

His Stand is probably named after some Christmas carol or popular Christmas song. Like "Jingle Bells Rock" or "Carol of the Bells".

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• 11/30/2018

Why isn't Scrapper Protein in the 'Other Stands' list?

There are Stands in the list that aren't works by Araki, but JoJosapiens was involved which was a Stand for a specific event. Scrapper Protein was made for a magazine cover and not made for Jojo purposes, but it is a real creation made by Araki and doesn't make the list when other people's work does. I couldn't figure out how to try and submit an article for this, or submit an article at all, but would like to it become a page.
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• 11/28/2018

Why are there so many unknown stands in every part?

As in like Holy's Stand, Kaato's Stand, Joestar stand, Natural Resource worker's stand, Doctor Wu's stand (If it even is a stand) And so on. Like I'm pretty sure that DIO's "Hermit Purple" is actually called Passion. If you don't know what I mean, look at the List Of Stands.

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• 11/26/2018

Attempting to create stands or powers for a game.

What stands should I try to make? As in any stand or ability in JoJo. Doesn't matter which part. This is to test myself.

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• 11/25/2018

Time for a game

By some bizzare turn of event, you're given a completely random Stand.

This is your Stands name

This is your Stands power

What Stand did you get?

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• 11/22/2018

Let's make our own stand

Make your own stand. Leave as much detail as posible. Draw it if you can
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• 11/21/2018

A JoJo themed Pokemon team

I need help coming up with a full team of pokemon that is JoJo themed, anyone got ideas?
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• 11/20/2018
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• 11/20/2018
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• 11/20/2018

Wait would it be possible for someone to have multiple stands at once?

Like, would it be possible for them to control two stands at once, kind of like the temporary Silver Chariot and Anubis, but permanent?

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• 11/19/2018

Dumb Poll

Jonathan pls xd

Who was better?
  • Jonathan (End of Part 1)
  • Joseph (Middle of Part 2)
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• 11/19/2018

Witch death was the saddest

  • Iggy,Avdol,Kakyoin
  • Jonathan
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• 11/19/2018

Would you rather

  • Giorno
  • Jotaro
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