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20th Century Boy (20th Century BOY(トウェンティース・センチュリー・ボーイ) Towentīsu Senchurī Bōi?) is the Stand of Magent Magent, featured in Steel Ball Run.


20th Century Boy appears generally like a hollow piece of armor, composed of a headpiece, two large shoulder pads from which hang two long, branching straps, and a shell at its back from which grow two more comparatively plain straps. Blank-eyed, its head bears two long, vertical antennae; a bolt runs through it from shoulder to shoulder; and it is marked by a motif resembling a small hand of three simple fingers, both on its head and at every end of its branching straps.


This Stand has no special offensive capabilities.

Absolute Defense: Wearing this Stand, crouching in a still position, its user becomes completely immune to damage. The idea is the belts stretch out like earthing wires, and redirect all the energy from enemy attacks into the ground.[2]

Demonstrated first against blows from Gyro's Steel Balls, this ability proves effective in the direct midst of attack when a bullet already begun to pierce its user's face is deflected. When Magent sinks in a river, it is even able to prevent drowning, for as long as it is active.

When not directly deflected, the force of an attack may be redirected from itself or its user's body to the ground, where it disperses.


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