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Achtung Baby (アクトン・ベイビー Akuton Beibī?) is the Stand of Shizuka Joestar featured in Diamond Is Unbreakable.


Achtung Baby is bound to its user's own body, granting her the ability to turn invisible. Because of that, its physical manifestation is never shown, nor is there any traces of personality.


Invisibility: Achtung Baby has the power to render its user invisible as a protective measure. Depending on Shizuka's stress level, the active strength of the Stand can increase making the immediate surroundings of the child invisible as well, be it a person's fingers, her baby carriage or even the ground. At its full power, it makes everything in a several foot-radius invisible.

The invisibility status may last on the affected subjects even when they have already been removed from Achtung Baby's ability range. As shown that the ground, trees and stones continued to stay invisible after the carriage which was carrying Shizuka had gone past them while her ability was active, leaving a trail of objects with visually voided portions. Similarly, Joseph's hands turned transparent from holding Shizuka as she was disappearing, which the effect persisted after he had put her into the carriage. This seems to only happen when Shizuka becomes extremely stressed and completely loses the control over her power as a result. Should her emotional state be recovered, objects that were turned invisible by the ability will also return back to normal.

The shape of her invisibility can change as well, as shown when she was dropped into a pool and Joseph slit his wrist in order to use his blood to locate her, the shape was that of a sphere.



  • Araki admitted the sole reason for creating the Stand was for Josuke and Joseph to have a bonding adventure.[2]
  • The term "Achtung" is German and translates "Attention/Caution".


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