I just gotta keep my distance! That's all! But my Aerosmith doesn't need to get close... to blow you to bits!

—Narancia Ghirga, VA Chapter 96

Aerosmith (エアロスミス Earosumisu) is the Stand of Narancia Ghirga featured in Vento Aureo.


The Stand has the shape of a toy airplane piloted by a very small pilot named Smith inside.[1] The plane itself can be described as a propeller monoplane fighter in a tractor configuration (the propeller situated at the front), given features resembling eyes and a mouth. Its wheels are retracted under the fuselage, and its weaponry includes two machine guns under the wings and a single bomb attached under the fuselage.

Narancia has a unique method of recalling Aerosmith by spreading his arms horizontally and making the Stand land on them like a runway.

The colored manga and most media featuring Aerosmith portray it as a blue and purple plane. The PS2 video game adaptation portrays it as a white and pink Stand.


Destructive Power










Developmental Potential


*(Range: Tens of meters)

Aerosmith is a powerful battle-oriented Stand possessing not only a wide array of powerful weaponry to destroy its enemies, but also boasts above average nimbleness due to its nature, size, and good range. Moreover, its ability to detect carbon dioxide makes it a great scout and radar.

Machine guns and bomb

Aerosmith is equipped with small machine guns on its wings shooting tracer bullets with infinite ammunition[2] and a single bomb which it can drop on enemies.

Despite their reduced size, the weapons are still deadly. The tracer bullets can set gasoline on fire[3] and shoot through a human body;[4] the bomb has the power of a grenade.[2] However, due to the Stand's poor precision, Narancia prefers to unleash Aerosmith's full arsenal with reckless abandon in a short period of time to compensate.[2] As a last resort, the propeller itself can be used like a blade to slice enemies.[5]

Carbon Dioxide Radar

Aerosmith also has a carbon dioxide radar that Narancia can use to find an enemy's position through their exhaling.[6]

While active, a small mechanical radar hovers near Narancia's face, specifically his right eye, allowing him to see the location and size of sources as circular blips on the radar.[6] This makes it ineffective when there is a big crowd or large fire, as it is unable to distinguish between sources,[6] though Narancia is capable of deducing the sources based on the behavior of the source. The heavier something on the radar breaths, the larger the blip will appear.[6] He can also adjust the sensitivity of the radar in order to pick up sources on the level of small animals and even insects.[7]


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