All Along the Watchtower (オール・アロング・ウォッチタワー Ōru Arongu Wotchitawā) is the Stand of Cannolo Murolo featured in Purple Haze Feedback.


Approximately 10 cm in length, the Stand has no appearance by itself, as it must be integrated with playing cards. When bounded, the cards become doll-like figures with limbs growing out of them. The figures' appearance depends on the pictures on the cards. The cards have a hierarchical relationship, with such cards as the King, Queen or Jack images having higher positions.


Playing Cards: When the user makes a house of cards, the cards will come to life and grow limbs, acting out what the user wants to know in a play-like format. The 53 cards each act autonomously, taking advantage of their thin shape to perform assassinations and gather information.

Traitor Tracker: The stands main ability is to track down traitors but Cannolo was ordered to hide his ability making it seem like Clairvoyance instead.

Damage Divided: The stands second ability is to divide the damage that the user would feel themselves between the 53 cards which gives the user a small fraction of the damage displayed when Dolly Dagger's user stabbed themselves multiple times killing themself while Cannolo merly suffered a lip cut.


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