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Aqua Necklace (水の首飾り(アクア・ネックレス) Akua Nekkuresu?) is the Stand of Anjuro "Angelo" Katagiri featured in Diamond Is Unbreakable.


Aqua Necklace manifests itself as a short humanoid with eyes drawn through its body. Its design references the Dogū figurines of the late Jōmon period.[2] There has been no traces of personality shown, though Angelo will occasionally speak through it.


Liquid Disguise: It may disguise itself as any kind of liquid, which means it has the same properties as a liquid, such as being capable to be frozen or evaporate, as well as mix itself with other liquids. It, however, favors consumable ones.

Possession:  Aqua Necklace is capable of possessing people from the inside to control them by easily forcing himself into the body through its victim's mouth.[3] While inside, he has control over its victim and can even cause serious injuries, usually in the head.



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