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Atroe (エートロ Ētoro?) is an inmate at Green Dolphin Street Jail featured in Stone Ocean.


Atroe is a woman of average height and slim build, with hair or a cap covering her head in a mop or bob, forming a serrated edge at its ends.


Atroe was regularly bullied at Green Dolphin Street Jail. This apparently occurs regularly; when F.F. took over Atroe's body and began to act normally, other prisoners were visibly startled by the change.

According to F.F., Atroe usually uses approximately four segments of toilet paper per use of a toilet and her childhood dream was to get kidnapped.[2]



Every day, Atroe considered getting swept away and got lost in department stores on purpose. When she became an adult, she kidnapped a kid for ten days on a whim, without even asking for a ransom, and was sent to prison for seven years.[2] Interestingly, Atroe's prison card shows that she was sentenced to 6 years for poisoning someone. She lived in cell number 241 in the prison.

Stone Ocean

In Atroe's only appearance, she is quickly killed by F.F. After F.F. reforms and becomes Jolyne Cujoh's ally, Atroe's corpse is used by F.F. for the remainder of the story.



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