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Atum (アトゥム神 Atumu-shin?) is the Stand of Telence T. D'Arby, featured in Stardust Crusaders.


Atum resembles a humanoid robot, and, in a similar nature to The World, is decorated with heart motifs about its body. On its face are Telence's initials along with what appears to resemble a breathing apparatus.


This Stand represents the Egyptian deity Atum.


  • Soul Removal: Much like his brother's Stand Osiris, Atum's primary ability allows Telence to remove souls from a person's body and store them in dolls, but before this process is done the person must play a game and lose in it, so his soul energy will be reduced to almost zero and Atum can make contact directly with the soul, removing it. Even if the enemy only gets a little shocked instead of admitting defeat, the soul energy will still be reduced, but to a lesser degree, only allowing Atum to hold the soul instead of taking it but still capable of indirectly affect the enemy's body. Atum can even detach parts from its own body and make them hold the soul without being close to the opponent. The dolls where the souls are kept are very much alive and seem to be able to talk and even ask for Telence to play with them, he even went as far as to dress them. If Telence dies, his victims go with him.
  • Binary Lie Detection: Atum's second ability enables Telence to ask questions to the soul of which a person must answer, akin to a form of mind reading. If the person lies, the color of their aura changes, allowing him to determine that they are lying. However, Jotaro realizes that the stand is only able to answer Yes/No type questions. When Atum detects a "Yes", the subject's aura flares up; when it detects a "No", the subject's aura points vertically.[1][2]



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