Ball Breaker (ボール・ブレイカー Bōru Bureikā?) is a Stand used by Gyro Zeppeli, featured in Steel Ball Run.

The Stand is a visualization of Spin energy produced by steel balls,[1] achieved through a sealed throwing technique capable of bypassing dimensions.[2]


It's vaguely humanoid in shape; hunched, with paw- or hoof-like feet, with. several "eyes" punched in a random formation on its face. Its body is studded in a similar way, with large, comma-shaped appendages on either side of its head. Ball Breaker is usually surrounded by a cloud of energy reminiscent of electrostatic discharge.


Energy Acceleration: Ball Breaker embodies the vast quantity of energy collected by a Steel Ball when thrown with Super Spin (i.e. in sequence with Golden Rectangles held by both horse and rider). Its main application, by the manipulation of energy, is the acceleration of activity within the cells of a target organism, encouraging senescence to the point of expiration. When used on a human being, within seconds they age greatly in dramatic fashion. The perfect, near-perfect or extreme form of Spin involved in this technique also affords it effectiveness across dimensions.



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