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Baoh: The Visitor (バオー来訪者 Baō Raihōsha) is a manga written and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki; originally serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from 1984 to 1985, and later compiled into two tankōbon volumes.

The manga was licensed in English and released in monthly chapters by VIZ Media in 1990. Financially unsuccessful, it was not until 1995 that they released it in tankōbon format.


Teenager Ikuro Hashizawa (橋沢 育朗 Hashizawa Ikurō) is kidnapped by the Doress (Judas in the English manga) Laboratory and turned into a Baoh, a bioweapon with super-human strength and other abilities.

He escapes with the help of Sumire (スミレ lit. "Violet"), a 10-year-old psychic girl who also was kept by the Judas group. Professor Kasuminome (Hazyeye in the English manga), head scientist at Judas, sends various assassins and monsters to try and kill Ikuro, in means of stopping the Baoh virus from spreading and infecting the world.

One of the assassins, Dorudo, manages to kidnap Violet to lure Ikuro, but his unauthorized actions makes Judas have him executed by Walken, the giant psychic. In his attempt to save Violet, Ikuro destroys Walken's headgear, the only thing keeping his power under control, and the whole facility explodes, killing several scientists of Doress, Kasuminome and Walken.

Ikuro is left dormant at the bottom of the sea, but Violet has a last vision: He's still alive and will come back years later to meet her again.


Volume 1: Boah, the Invincible Body Release Date: ISBN:
(無敵の肉体バオー Muteki no Nikutai) Flag of Japan 1985 Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851029-3
Volume Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 01. Boah, the Ultimate Weapon
    (最終兵器バオー Sāishū Hēki Baō)
  • 02. The Extermination Order!
    (抹殺指令! Massatsu Shirei!)
  • 03. Boah, the Invincible Body
    (無敵の肉体バオー Muteki no Nikutai Baō)
  • 04. Monster Martin
    (凶獣マーチン Kyozyu Machīn)
  • 05. Granpa Rokusuke
    (六助じいさん Rokusuke Jīsan)
  • (01) 001. 最終兵器バオー
  • (02) 002. 抹殺指令!
  • (03) 003. バオー(ドッグ)
  • (03) 004. 無敵の肉体
  • (03) 005. 殺意のにおい(、、、)
  • (04) 006. 凶獣マーチン
  • (04) 007. 人工進化
  • (05) 008. 六助じいさん
Baoh Volume 001
Volume 2: Demon Human Walken Release Date: ISBN:
(魔人ウォーケン Majīn Wōken) Flag of Japan 1985 Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851030-9
Volume Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 06. Aroma Bat
    (アロマ・バット Aroma Batto)
  • 07. Go Away Baoh!
    (怪物(バオー)よ出でよ Baō yo Ideyo)
  • 08. Cyborg's Lieutenant Colonel Dorudo
    (サイボーグ・ドルド中佐 Sāibōgu Dorudo Chūsa)
  • 09. Demon Human Walken
    (魔人ウォーケン Majīn Wōken)
  • (06) 009. アロマ・バット
  • (06) 010. サイボーグ・ドルド中佐
  • (07) 011. 怪物(バオー)よ出でよ
  • (08) 012. 魔人ウォーケン
  • (09) 013. 分子振動!
  • (09) 014. ネペンテスの罠
  • (09) 015. 戦士の化粧
  • (09) 016. 最後の切り札
  • (09) 017. 闇に沈め!
Baoh Volume 002

Baoh (OVA)

The series was adapted into a single-episode original video animation (OVA) by Studio Pierrot in 1989; licensed for an English DVD release by AnimEigo in 2000, delayed until finally released in 2002.


Cast Seiyū Voice Actor
Ikuro Hashizawa Hideyuki Hori Brian Hinnant
Sumire Noriko Hidaka Kem Helms
Kasuminome Ichiro Nagai Mike Way
Dordo Shuichi Ikeda Dave Underwood
Sophine Yō Inoue Sara Seidman
Walken Yusaku Yara Chuck Denson
#22 Ikuya Sawaki Sean P. O'Connell
Masked Men Shinya Otaki
Masaharu Sato
Ikuya Sawaki
Marc Matney
Mark Franklin
Paul Johnson
Technician Kōzō Shioya Patrick Humphrey
Soldier Michitaka Kobayashi Jim Clark
Kevin Greenway
Nick Manatee
Motorcycle Girl Tomoko Maruo Sandy Clubb




  1. バオー 来訪者

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