My body...! It's turned into a magnet!

—Joseph, Chapter 200

Bastet (バステト女神 Basuteto-joshin) is the Stand of Mariah featured in Stardust Crusaders.


JoJo God 04 - Bastet


Bastet rougly resembles an American outlet with a cable visible under it that can be placed anywhere.

It represents the Egyptian Goddess Bastet.

In the colored manga, the outlet is white. In the anime, the outlet is yellow with green borders.

In Heritage for the Future, Bastet can be seen as a ethereal Humanoid feline bust when Mariah blocks or performs certain actions, similar to Anubis' appearance.


Bastet is designed to turn people's curiosity against them. It has no fighting ability whatsoever and no use besides trapping victims, forcing Mariah to wait until her victims die alone. On the other hand, it is suited for assassination because unless Mariah exposes herself, there is no way to catch on to her.

Magnetic Attraction

When a person touches the outlet, they will be shocked[1] and become a magnet that attracts nearby metallic objects[2].

The magnetic force will gradually become stronger, to the point where objects attracted to the person will either overwhelm or simply impale them, and if at first only small metallic objects will be influenced[2], the magnetism can increase to the point where objects as massive as cars will be attracted[3].

Additionally, more than one person can be placed under the same "magnetic curse". Multiple people under the same magnetic attraction will even be attracted towards each other[4].

As a drawback, Mariah must maintain a certain distance from her target or the magnetism will wear off[5].



  • Araki was inspired to create Bastet during his time writing about Nikola Tesla in the manuscript to The Lives of the Eccentric, having been interested in electromagnetism at that time.[6]


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