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For the Anime adaption, see JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The Animation.
Joseph! You will likely meet "him" soon. You will probably understand "his" identity and the meaning of evolution! Like destiny handed down by God...

Straizo, Chapter 52

Battle Tendency (戦闘潮流 Sentō Chōryū?) is the second story arc of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump between 1987 and 1989. Originally titled JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 2 Joseph Joestar: His Proud Lineage (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 第二部 ジョセフ・ジョースター ―その誇り高き血統 JoJo no Kimyō na Bōken Dai Ni Bu Josefu Jōsutā Sono Hokoritakaki Kettō?), the arc is preceded by Phantom Blood and spans a total of 69 chapters.

Taking place in 1938-39, the story follows the misadventures of Joseph Joestar (a.k.a. JoJo), grandson of Jonathan, as he masters his innate Ripple abilities in order to combat hostile, ancient super-beings named the Pillar Men, creators of the Stone Mask that plot to become the ultimate lifeforms.

Plot Summary

Joseph Joestar of New York

The story opens in Mexico as Speedwagon arrives to Straizo, both aging friends to the late Jonathan Joestar, at the report of new evidence related to the Stone Mask which transformed Jonathan's adoptive brother Dio Brando into a near-immortal vampire nearly half a century ago. Suddenly, Straizo kills Speedwagon's associates before badly injuring the man himself. Fascinated by the youthfulness and vigor the Stone Mask granted unto Dio, Straizo uses his comrades' blood to activate the mask and transform into a vampire. Straizo makes his exit, leaving Speedwagon for dead.

Joseph Anime Faceshot

A new JoJo, Joseph Joestar

Meanwhile in New York City, while defeating a pair of police officers for brutalizing a pickpocket named Smokey Brown, Jonathan's grandson Joseph Joestar demonstrates an affinity for the Ripple. With his grandmother Erina Joestar, Joseph hears that Speedwagon was killed in Mexico.

Straizo vs. Joseph

Soon, he is attacked by Straizo, who reveals that he murdered Speedwagon. After a heated battle Joseph defeats Straizo and it is revealed Speedwagon survived his fight with Straizo. Before his death, Straizo mentions the Man in the Pillar who Straizo deems is awakening soon. This catches Joseph's attention, and leads to Joseph going to Mexico.

The Pillar Man

Straizo defeated, the Vampire warns Joseph about the "Man in the Pillar" and kills himself. Disturbed, Joseph chooses to investigate in Mexico. Meanwhile, Speedwagon has been retrieved and is prisoner of a German unit led by Major Rudol von Stroheim.

The Pillar Man, Santana

Defeating him, Joseph travels to Mexico, where he discovers Speedwagon alive in an underground facility managed by the Nazis, including Major Rudol von Stroheim, as they work to revive what appears to be a partly-living man trapped in a stone pillar for 2,000 years. When the being, dubbed "Santana" by Stroheim, is awakened, he demonstrates fantastic, super-human abilities as he kills most of those present. Joseph and Stroheim battle Santana and manage to defeat him, though at the cost of Stroheim sacrificing himself.

Wamuu, Kars, And Esidisi

The Pillar Men appear

Joseph and Speedwagon travel to Rome, where three more sleeping "Pillar Men" have been discovered, and where they meet Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli; a trained Ripple user near Joseph's age, grandson of Jonathan's Ripple coach William Zeppeli.

Joseph Joestar of Rome; The Red Stone of Aja

Caesar and Joseph, looking down on each other, begin to fight until Speedwagon interrupts both.

The Pillar Men begin to awaken, and slaughter the soldiers who guard them.

Ultimate Warriors from Ancient Times

The group is driven by Caesar's friend Mark, a Nazi soldier, to the site of the Pillar Men's slumber.

The group is confronted with the three awakened Pillar Men, Wamuu, Esidisi, and Kars, before Mark is horrifically killed on contact with Wamuu. Conversing among themselves, they state their primary objective to locate and obtain the Red Stone of Aja, which when used with a modified Stone Mask will turn them into "ultimate life forms".

An Engagement with Death: The Wedding Ring

Caesar and Joseph challenge Wamuu. Both are defeated, but before he is executed Joseph is able to bluff with Wamuu, claiming that he would be able to defeat him after one month of training. Intrigued, Wamuu and Esidisi plant their "wedding rings" in Joseph's body, the rings being designed to dissolve and release a fatal poison within one month. Caesar finds respect for Joseph for his heroic resistance.

Ripple Teacher Lisa Lisa

Joseph and Caesar travel to Venice, both entering a month of intense, specialized Ripple training with Caesar's teacher, the masterful and beautiful Lisa Lisa.

Lisa Lisa immediately begins to train them with harsh and deadly training alongside Ripple masters Loggins and Messina, and turns them into warriors. She then reveals that the Red Stone of Aja the Pillar Men are seeking is in her possession.

Go! Ripple Master

Before Joseph's month is over, Esidisi finds out that Lisa Lisa has the Red Stone of Aja, and comes to take it. He confronts Joseph, who begins the battle by severing Esidisi's arm.

Flame Mode Esidisi

Despite Joseph's proficiency in the Ripple and his tricks, Esidisi is a match for Joseph's wits and nearly defeats him. Nonetheless, Joseph seemingly triumphs by destroying Esidisi's body, but the Pillar Man is still alive, surviving as a mere brain.

The Remains Lurk

Esidisi's nervous and circulatory system survives, however, and he invades the body of Lisa Lisa's housekeeper and friend Suzi Q. Using her body, Esidisi steals the Red Stone and loads it onto a postal boat bound for Switzerland before launching a final unsuccessful attempt to destroy the group. Esidisi subsequently dies.

Stroheim's Unit Strikes Back

In Switzerland, Joseph is reunited with Stroheim, who has been rebuilt by German scientists as a powerful cyborg, but Stroheim's machine body is quickly cut in half by Kars in the first demonstration of his fighting style, "Light Mode", involving shining, chainsaw-like blades growing from his arms.

Light Mode Kars

Kars easily defeats Stroheim and steals the Red Stone of Aja before trying to flee, but Stroheim manages to make Kars drop the Stone, which is sliding toward a cliff. A struggle then ensues between Joseph and Kars for possession of the Stone, ending in Joseph managing to snatch victory and keep the Stone.

Caesar: A Lonely Youth

In nearby St. Moritz, the group discovers Kars' base: a mansion. In anticipation of Wamuu's arrival, Caesar breaks from the group, fighting in disagreement with Joseph before entering alone.

Caesar's sensitivity is explained by Lisa Lisa. After his father Mario disappeared during his youth, Caesar grew up alone, as a thug. Fortuitously spotting his father in Rome, Caesar followed him to the base of the Colosseum where the Pillar Men slept, eager to exact vengeance. Inside, Caesar reached out to touch a gem embedded in a wall before his father suddenly pushed him away, quickly consumed by the flesh of the monsters in their dormant form, leaving Caesar with the final message to Lisa Lisa that they will awaken soon. Caesar then found a newfound respect for his lineage, as Mario saved him despite the strong likelihood that he didn't recognize Caesar as his own son. Caesar is greeted at the entrance of the mansion by Wamuu. During their ensuing fight, it appears that Caesar has the advantage, nearly destroying Wamuu with the refracted sunlight of his Ripple bubbles, but after Caesar accidentally shields Wammu from the sunlight, the latter is able to counter with his Holy Sandstorm, gravely injuring Caesar.


Caesar's death

Wamuu, satisfied, prepares to leave, before Caesar jumps and tears out his lip piercing, containing the antidote to Joseph's poison ring. Caesar uses a final Ripple to create a bubble of his own blood containing both the antidote ring and his headband, just before he is crushed by a stone slab dropping from the ruined ceiling (it is never indicated if Caesar was killed from the slab or from his injuries). Wamuu respects Caesar's gesture on the basis of his valiant fight, allowing the bubble to reach Joseph and Lisa Lisa when they eventually arrive.

Climb out of the Fortified Hotel

Joseph and Lisa Lisa venture further inside the mansion, defeating a Vampire named Wired Beck. Moreover, Joseph vows not to drink the antidote until he has defeated Wamuu.

The Wind, the Chariot, and Wamuu

Joseph and Lisa Lisa meet Wamuu and Kars before they arrange for respective one-on-one fights. Wamuu selects the Skeleton Heel Stone, a stone chariot racing track centered by a bonfire at the foot of Piz Bernina, as the arena of his fight with Joseph. A chariot race super-powered by vampire horses ensues, and inside two laps the pair utilize hammers and steel ball crossbows in damaging the other's chariot and person. Ultimately Joseph is able again to anticipate his opponent's actions, before honoring Wamuu for his principled nature after emerging victorious.

The Warrior Returns to the Wind

Joseph pays his last respects to the dying Wamuu before Kars comes out and challenges Lisa Lisa.

The Bond That Binds Lisa Lisa and JoJo

The final showdown against Kars begins. First, keeping his promise, he fights Lisa Lisa and though he promised to fight her one-on-one, he lies and sacrifices one of his weaker Vampires and is able to defeat her. Angered by Kars' trickery, Joseph then challenges Kars who looks upon Joseph as a weak Ripple user and not even worth fighting seriously. It all seems to be over until Stroheim (resurrected as a machine once again), the Nazis, Speedwagon, and Smokey arrive to help Joseph. It is here that Lisa Lisa is revealed to be the biological mother of Joseph, Elizabeth Joestar.

JoJo: The Final Ripple

Kars under the sun

Kars becomes the Ultimate Lifeform

It is also explained that her husband, Joseph's father, was killed by the last of Dio's zombie troops while posing as a high-ranking air force commander, but when Elizabeth killed the zombie, she was sighted by another unaware officer and forced to go into hiding as a fugitive, taking on the pseudonym "Lisa Lisa" for her own safety.

After using the powers of ultraviolet rays of light it seems that Kars has been killed and the world has been saved. But, Kars was not only able to place on a stone mask that he had been hiding on his person, but fused with the powers of the Red Stone of Aja, Kars becomes the Ultimate Life form.

Kars the Ultimate Being Is Born

At first, Kars doesn't appear to have changed much, but he now disposes of an incredible ability to transform into any lifeform and is immune to the sun. All despair, but Joseph who makes a strategic retreat in order to lure out Kars, hungry for revenge. Joseph flies away on a plane, followed by Kars.

Joseph plans to lure the Ultimate Lifeform into a volcano, but as he closes on it, Kars manages to disable the plane. Joseph and Stroheim, who had been hiding inside the plane, manage to lure Kars into a bait and use the crashing plane to send him into the lava.

Final Chapters

Joseph's Final Gamble; The Man Who Became a God; The Man Who Crossed the Atlantic

But the fight is still not over. Kars was able to cover himself in an armor made of rock and protect himself from the molten lava. While Kars is incapacitated again, he pulls a surprise attack on Joseph, severing the latter's left arm in the process. It looks like this would be the gruesome end of not only the Joestars, but the world itself, until Joseph instinctively blocks a Ripple attack from Kars with the Red Stone. As a result of this sudden surge of Ripple energy, the volcano erupts and sends both Joseph and Kars flying. While Kars tries to fly away to safety, Joseph randomly throws his severed arm at Kars, distracting him long enough for him to be shot outside of Earth's atmosphere by flying debris. Though he tries to fly back down to finish the job, a defense mechanism of his kicks in, freezing his body solid and making him unable to travel back to Earth. Damned with immortality due to his newfound powers, Kars eventually becomes brain-dead in the endless vacuum of space.

Weeks later the group of Erina, Lisa Lisa, Messina, Smokey, and Speedwagon pay their respects as they have a funeral for the assumed-to-be-dead Joseph Joestar, but to their surprise Joseph appears, alive and well, and unaware whose funeral he decided to crash. After seeing his own name on the headstone, he explains that after falling back down from the sky he ends up in Italy where he is helped by a local fisherman. After finding and marrying Suzi Q, he returned to America and his friends. Unfortunately, Suzi Q forgot to inform the group that Joseph was alive, hence the funeral. Enraged, Joseph chases his wife through the cemetery while his comrades celebrate his survival.

An account is made for the remainder of the lives of several key members of the cast:

  • Lisa Lisa, a.k.a. Elizabeth Joestar, revealed her true identity to Joseph before moving to America with her family and marrying a Hollywood screenwriter in 1948.
  • Erina Joestar continued her work as a teacher until she died peacefully in 1950, surrounded by her friends and family.
  • Robert E. O. Speedwagon continued his philanthropic scientific & medical research before dying of a heart attack in 1952, an eternal bachelor and the last of the Speedwagons.
  • Despite the discrimination he faced as an African-American, Smokey Brown went on to major in political science in college, before becoming the first black mayor of a city in his home state of Georgia.
  • Major Rudol von Stroheim was killed leading the German retreat at the Battle of Stalingrad in 1943, "a fearsome example of the German science he always championed."

48 years later, an aged Joseph is seen at JFK International Airport, reprimanding a Japanese man who accidentally hit him with his luggage. Joseph voices his anger towards the Japanese, explaining that his own daughter moved to Japan after marrying a Japanese man and never came back; he hardly gets to see his own grandson Jotaro as a result. The story ends with Joseph heading on a plane bound for Japan, aiming to visit his daughter for some urgent business regarding Jotaro.

Characters in Battle Tendency

Character name Relationship
Joseph Joestar Main Protagonist
Smokey Brown Ally
Erina Joestar Ally
Robert E. O. Speedwagon Ally
Rudol von Stroheim Ally (previously Villian)
Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli Ally
Lisa Lisa Ally
Loggins and Messina Ally
Suzi Q Ally
Donovan Villiain
Straizo Neutral at death (Villain)
Wired Beck Villain
Santana Villain
Esidisi Villain
Wamuu Neutral at death (Villain)
Kars Main Antagonist

Major Battles


Battle Tendency consists of 69 chapters, compiled into Volume 5 to 12 of the Jump Comics collected editions. The left column uses the titles from the bunkoban edition released in 2002. The right column uses the titles from the original serialization in Weekly Shonen Jump. The volumes use the Weekly Shonen Jump titles.[3][1]

Volume 5: The Final Ripple! Release Date: ISBN:
(最後の波紋! Saigo no Hamon!)
Flag of Japan August 10, 1988[2]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851130-6
Bunkoban Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles

  • 045. New York's JoJo (ニューヨークのジョジョ Nyū Yōku no JoJo)
  • 046. The Living Statue (生きた彫像 Ikita Chōzō)
  • 047. Painful News (悲痛なしらせ Hitsū na Shirase)

Volume 5
Volume 6: JoJo vs. the Ultimate Life-Form Release Date: ISBN:
(JoJo Vs.(たい)究極生物 JoJo tai Kyūkyoku Seibutsu)
Flag of Japan October 7, 1988[3]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851062-0
Bunkoban Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 048. Straizo's Ambition (ストレイツォの野望 Sutoreitso no Yabō)
  • 049. The Game Master (ゲームの達人 Gēmu no Tatsujin)
  • 050. The Immortal Monster (不死身の化け物 Fujimi no Bakemono)
  • 051. Cold and Cruel, Straizo (冷酷非情ストレイツォ Reikoku Hijō Sutoreitso)
  • 052. Nazis and the "Pillar Man" (ナチスと”柱の男” Nachisu to "Hashira no Otoko")
  • 053. "The Pillar Man" Resurrection Project (”柱の男”蘇生実験 "Hashira no Otoko" Sosei Jikken)
  • 054. "The Pillar Man" vs. Man with the Stone Mask (”柱の男”対石仮面の男 "Hashira no Otoko" tai Ishi Kamen no Okoto)
  • 055. The Tracker in the Desert (砂漠の追尾者 Sabaku no Tsuibisha)
  • 056. Santana Vanishes (消えたサンタナ Kieta Santana)
  • 057. JoJo vs. the Ultimate Life-Form (JoJo Vs.(たい)究極生物 JoJo tai Kyūkyoku Seibutsu)
Volume 6
Volume 7: The Red Stone of Aja Release Date: ISBN:
(エイジャの赤石 Eija no Sekiseki)
Flag of Japan December 6, 1988[4]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851063-7
Bunkoban Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 058. The Ripple and the Ultimate Life-Form! (究極生物に波紋! Kyūkyoku Seibutsu ni Hamon!)
  • 059. The Perfect Plan!! (完璧なる作戦っ!! Kanpeki naru Sakusen!!)
  • 060. Stroheim's Determination (シュトロハイムの覚悟 Shutorohaimu no Kakugo)
  • 061. The End of a Proud Man! (誇り高き男の最後! Hokori Takaki Otoko no Saigo!)
  • 062. The Spaghetti Battle (スパゲッティーの戦い Supagettī no Tatakai)
  • 063. The Pigeon and the Girl (ハトと女の子 Hato to Onna no Ko)
  • 064. The Red Stone of Aja (エイジャの赤石 Eija no Sekiseki)
  • 065. The Truth That Hides in the Mouth of Truth (真実の口にひそむ真実 Shinjitsu no Kuchi ni Hisomu Shinjitsu)
  • 066. The Ultimate Warrior Wamuu (究極戦士ワムウ Kyūkyoku Senshi Wamū)
  • 067. Special Attack: JoJo Clackers (必殺JoJoクラッカー Hissatsu JoJo Kurakkā)
Volume 7
Volume 8: The Final Trial! Release Date: ISBN:
(最終試練! Saishū Shiren!)
Flag of Japan February 10, 1989[5]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851064-4
Bunkoban Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 068. The "Blood Clock" Battle (”血時計”の戦い "Chidokei" no Tatakai)
  • 069. Qualification of a Hero (ヒーローの資格 Hīrō no Shikaku)
  • 070. The Wedding Ring of Death (死の結婚指輪(ウエディングリング) Shi no Uedingu Ringu)
  • 071. The Master of Venice (ヴェネチアの達人 Venechia no Tatsujin)
  • 072. The Training of a Ripple Warrior (波紋戦士の試練 Hamon Senshi no Shiren)
  • 073. Concentrated Ripple Power (一点集中波紋パワー Itten Shūchū Hamon Pawā)
  • 074. The All-or-Nothing Gamble! (一か八かの賭け! Ichi ka Bachi ka no Kake!)
  • 075. Ripple Master JoJo (波紋達人(マスター)JoJo Hamon Masutā JoJo)
  • 076. The Final Trial! (最終試練! Saishū Shiren!)
  • 077. The Fruits of Harassment (しごきの成果 Shigoki no Seika)
Volume 8
Volume 9: Rushing Towards the Cliff of Death Release Date: ISBN:
(死の崖へつっ走れ Shi no Gake e Tsuppashire)
Flag of Japan April 10, 1989[6]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851065-1
Bunkoban Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 078. The Disturbing Esidisi (エシディシの不気味 Eshidishi no Bukimi)
  • 079. Laying Some Elaborate Traps! (深く罠をはれ! Fukaku Wana o Hare!)
  • 080. An Ensured Victory (決定されていた勝利 Kettei sarete ita Shōri)
  • 081. The Insidious Demon! (忍び寄る魔! Shinobiyoru Ma!)
  • 082. The Stolen Body (奪われた肉体 Ubawareta Nikutai)
  • 083. Chasing the Red Stone to Switzerland (スイスに赤石を追え Suisu ni Sekiseki o Oe)
  • 084. The Mysterious Nazi Officer (謎のナチス軍人 Nazo no Nachisu Gunjin)
  • 085. Kars "Light Mode" (カーズ”光の流法(モード) Kāzu "Hikari no Mōdo")
  • 086. Rushing Towards the Cliff of Death (死の崖へつっ走れ Shi no Gake e Tsuppashire)
Volume 9
Volume 10: The Crimson Bubble Release Date: ISBN:
(鮮赤のシャポン Senseki no Shabon)
Flag of Japan June 9, 1989[7]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851066-8
Bunkoban Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 087. Fight to the Death for 175 Meters (死闘175m Shitō 175m)
  • 088. Caesar: The Anger from the Past (シーザー過去からの怒り Shīzā Kako kara no Ikari)
  • 089. Caesar's Lonely Youth (シーザー孤独の青春 Shīzā Kodoku no Seishun)
  • 090. Horrifying! The Ghostly Man (鬼気!幻の男 Kiki! Maboroshi no Otoko)
  • 091. The Fight Between Light and Wind!! (光と風の激突!! Hikari to Kaze no Gekitotsu!!)
  • 092. The Crimson Bubble (鮮赤のシャポン Senseki no Shabon)
  • 093. Caesar's Final Ripple (シーザー最後の波紋 Shīzā Saigo no Hamon)
  • 094. Lisa Lisa and Her Silk Dance ((シルク)の舞いリサリサ Shiruku no Mai Risa Risa)
  • 095. The Hundred vs. Two Strategy (100対2のかけ引き 100 tai 2 no Kakehiki)
Volume 10
Volume 11: The Warrior Returning to the Wind Release Date: ISBN:
(風にかえる戦士 Kaze ni Kaeru Senshi)
Flag of Japan August 10, 1989[8]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851067-5
Bunkoban Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 096. The Skeleton Heel Stone (骸骨の踵石 Gaikotsu no Kakato Ishi)
  • 097. Furious Struggle from Ancient Times (荒ぶる古の戦 Araburu Inishie no Ikusa)
  • 098. Moonlight Start! (月光のスタート! Gekō no Sutāto!)
  • 099. The Pillar and the Hammer! (柱とハンマー! Hashira to Hanmā!)
  • 100. A Trickery Genius (天才的イカサマ師 Tensaiteki Ikasama Shi)
  • 101. A True Warrior (真の格闘者 Shin no Kakutōsha)
  • 102. Shoot Symmetrically! (対象点上を撃て! Taishō Tenjō o Ute!)
  • 103. The Final Mode of the Wind (風の最終流法(ファイナルモード) Kaze no Fainaru Mōdo)
  • 104. The Warrior Returning to the Wind (風にかえる戦士 Kaze ni Kaeru Senshi)
Volume 11
Volume 12: The Birth of the Ultimate Being!! Release Date: ISBN:
(超生物の誕生!! Chō Seibutsu no Tanjō!!)
Flag of Japan October 9, 1989[9]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851068-2
Bunkoban Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 105. Treachery! At the Temple of Sacrifice (悪逆!生贄の神殿 Akugyaku! Ikenie no Shinden)
  • 106. The Link Between Lisa Lisa and JoJo (リサリサ、JoJoを結ぶ絆 Risa Risa, JoJo o Musubu Kizuna)
  • 107. JoJo's Ultimate Ripple (JoJo 最期の波紋 JoJo Saigo no Hamon)
  • 108. The Tragedy of George Joestar (ジョージ・ジョースターの悲劇 Jōji Jōsutā no Higeki)
  • 109. The Birth of the Ultimate Being!! (超生物の誕生!! Chō Seibutsu no Tanjō!!)
  • 110. JoJo's Final Bet! (JoJo 最後の賭け! JoJo Saigo no Kake!)
  • 111. The Man Who Became a God!! (神となった男!! Kami to Natta Otoko!!)
  • 112. The Phenomenal Power of the Red Stone (驚異の赤石パワー Kyōi no Sekiseki Pawā)
  • 113. The Comeback (帰ってきた男 Kaette kita Otoko)
Volume 12


Main article: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: The Animation

The first episode of a TV anime adaptation of Battle Tendency, by David Production, aired in Japan on December 7, 2012; the last on April 5, 2013.



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