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There's nothing you can do but wait until Beach Boy's hook crawls up your arm and snags your heart!


Beach Boy (ビーチ・ボーイ Bīchi Bōi?) is the Stand of Pesci featured in Vento Aureo.


The Stand appears as a simple fishing pole with the words 'BEACH BOY' written on top and a monstrous skull as the reel, meant to represent death.[1] Beach Boy is primarily offensive; it cannot defend its user and does not have any personality of its own.


  • Long-Range Tracking: Beach Boy is extremely aware of the presence of living things, being able to tell the number of people inside the room and even give the precise information of where on the target it hooks. Once the hook targets an object, it will 'swim' inside the object until it finds its weakness (the heart in most cases) and pulls it out. It is impossible to remove the string as it will continue to search without hesitation and the user does not have to see what is going on.
  • Selective Intangibility: Beach Boy can phase through any object, including walls, flesh and stretch its string to great distances. It can also selectively target the organs of its victim.
  • Damage Translation: Beach Boy's string cannot be destroyed by any usual means, as any damage inflicted to the string will instead affect the being hooked on the string, making it impossible to destroy the string once it is hooked into an object or person.



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