Benjamin Boom Boom (ベンジャミン・ブンブーン Benjamin Bunbūn) is a minor antagonist featured in Steel Ball Run.

He is the patriarch of the Boom Boom Family and father of L. A. and Andre. Benjamin Boom Boom is one of the racers of the Steel Ball Run and attacks Johnny Joestar and Gyro Zeppeli to eliminate competitors.

Benjamin is a Stand User who uses Tomb of the Boom to assassinate competitors.


Benjamin appears like a big middle-aged man in his late forties. His most peculiar feature is the metallic apparatus covering the bottom of his face, which he can sink inside his face to change facial features. He wears a dotted cowled vest

Benjamin is a murderous and greedy man, who targets other competitors in the Steel Ball Run to get ahead and obtain the prize money. 

Benjamin is very aggressive, constantly shouting at his sons (especially L.A.) and badmouthing his wife. Although he protect his sons using his Stand as a shield, he pays no mind to the agaonizing Andre and leaves him alone. He seems to hate the mother of his children, who supposedly abandoned the family to "be a whore".


Main article: Tomb of the Boom 1

Tomb of the Boom grants every member of the family the ability to manipulate iron different ways. Benjamin manipulate pieces of iron by putting them under his skin, allowing him to change appearance and hide weapons.


After his son Andre tricks Gyro Zeppeli and Johnny Joestar and manages to transform the first into a human magnet, Benjamin and L.A. attack them unsuccessfully. Benjamin however, manages to exploit Andre's power in a diabolic way: by shooting at him, he manages to drop some of his son's blood on Johnny, therefore turning him into a magnet as well.

By assuming Johnny's identity, he manages to magnetize Mountain Tim too: his plan is to make the three of them approach and be killed by the magnetic power of the Boom Boom family. However it fails when Mountain Tim uses his Oh! Lonesome Me to tie himself to a rock. Forced into close combat, he ultimately manages to make his three enemies gather, but Johnny develops Tusk at the last moment and cuts him in half.



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