• Scout Yoshikage


    August 4, 2017 by Scout Yoshikage

    I want to become number 3 on this wiki, so i must get the badge

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  • Logface

    hi guys

    July 22, 2017 by Logface

    hi dudes and duetes!

    i'[m bak from a lng hituous. sory for not ponsting i gt cot up in soemthing els. i stll thienk that speedwanker is bed, and i've vinted abut him alut to u guys so i fel liek  its gotten old. whitch it haz 2 sme pelple... (U KNO WHO U R) so feel free to drop a coment & il look @ it!! ty evr1 for the suprt!

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  • FloatingZygarde

    Sorry. (Chat) 20:14, July 10, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Typ1calFan

    I just want to see what your guys favorite stand abilities are. Well if you were to ask me what my favorite stand ability would either be Sticky Finger's Zippers or Book Reading and Commands for Heavens door. For Sticky Finger's case its how versatile the ability can be, it can do a wide range of things like zip up wounds, make places to hide in or to hold items in, and even, though it never happened it could be used to stop attacks if someone were to say punch inside the zipper. Hey even though its potential was a D, maybe there couldve been Zippers through space. Finally in Heavens Door's case, the ability for it to write commands for people offers a lot of possibilities in defense and offense. For example Rohan can write it in so the ta…

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  • Pusofman

    Hello I Am New

    May 21, 2017 by Pusofman

    So i am new here and I have no i idea on what to do so any advice would be appreciated.

    So to fill the rest of this blog I will write my own stand Idea.

    So the stand is called Eye of the Tiger and its ability is to put eyes on anything even gases. The user can use these eyes like portals or use the eyes like eyes to see through them.

    The stand's design very human like but it has no skin and it has mechanical spikes and thorns. The stand is also covered in eyes.

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  • Smith "Smithy" Wesson

    Stand Name: Velvet Revolver

    Stand User: Smith Wesson

    Stand Name Origin: Hard Rock Supergroup, "Velvet Revolver"

    Stand User Name Origin: Smith & Wesson, a Gun Manufacturer Based in the United States

    Destructive Power: B

    Speed: C

    Range: C

    Durability: E

    Precision: C

    Developmental Potential: B

    Description: A Stand that takes the form of a highly stylized revolver with skeletal engravings, and has a hammer in the shape of a skull. The Stand fires conventional bullets, but can "charge" these bullets with a subliminal message. Upon touching something living, or their Stand, in any way, Even if their Stand attempts to block or deflect the bullet, the bullet will vanish into thin air, and proceed to make whatever subliminal message charged into the bullet p…

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  • D55CORE


    March 23, 2017 by D55CORE

    I'm new here. The fact that there is character with FOUR fucking TESTICLES is the reason I've stayed with Jojo.

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  • 2quidKing

    This is the beginning

    March 21, 2017 by 2quidKing

    This is for my own personal notes: I've been reading Jojo again, for the first time in almost 10 years, since the start of March 2017.  A this point, I'm halfway through series 4, and I love the differences between 3 and 4.

    Last time I'd read this, I lost track during Stardust Crusaders, and never finished it.  This time, I'm looking foward to completing all published and translated materials.

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  • Shukkkkle
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  • Adventuretime1

    Made it into the single-digits on the JoJo Wiki leaderboard.

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  • MadameSilent

    Random stands

    March 2, 2017 by MadameSilent

    Recently, I got bored and watched some certain shows. Especially anime. Midst of my wondering and curiosity, I had a random thought. These could be stands or its abilities. So I got off, thought, wrote much about the names and abilities of these stands. 

    I had forgot the "ability-sake."

    Devil Sympathy

    Namesake: The Rolling Stones - Sympathy for the Devil

    Type: Close-range, Bound

    Strength: B

    Range: C

    Staying: D

    Precision: C

    Development: E


    • Blood Manipulation: Devil Sympathy manipulates the user's blood as a capability of combat and defense. Nevertheless, using the ability could decrease the user's blood level and, if used recklessly, could kill the user as the blood doesn't return. For the stand to manipulate other people's blood is only if t…
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  • Adventuretime1


    February 19, 2017 by Adventuretime1

    THE Terumi Nishi started following me on Twitter.

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  • Wyadmin

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    Mastering the kick-flip is certainly not difficult,but…

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  • JoJoEraX

    Which part of JoJo do you out there on the Encyclopedia like the most?

    For me, in order : 5,2,4,6,8,3,7,1

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  • Zoeblo

    mein standos

    February 4, 2017 by Zoeblo


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  • Zoeblo


    February 4, 2017 by Zoeblo

    test blog

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  • Nabukun

    Throughout the series, Stands have always been the occasion for Araki to draw not only weird stuff, but visually weird stuff.

    For instance, Enigma, visually trippy power. (I took the anime version since DP did it justice) 

    Baby Face transforms people into cubes. D4C and the sponge stuff, or even the Dimension of light Jesus creates, heck even Tenore Sax creating a labyrinth in DIO's mansion. That was trippy.

    But in Jojolion, we've never had something that looks really trippy. Closest thing we got was Joshu's eye popping out at the beginning, Paper Moon King, or potentially Kaato's Stand. Although it's the weirdest part, Jojolion is not a visually weird part. I find it somewhat sad. Who feels the same?

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  • Logface

    This is totally not a hate post.

    who doesnt hate speedwagoan by now??? aftr u red my blog u kno what im talking a but!! thers a thing calld not liking speadw​aon and u shu​ldall' do itttt!!!!' 'his​ jus​t tooo'soooo' baddd!

    and suxxyy, all he dos es neaderthal around an maek a f00l out of evr1 in joj.......  

    sped wagon has' officaly pised me off agin... is not like he good at dat. he bad at dat. he just so bad at hevrthin!!!!!! iwish

    'he culd burn and die and burn and d and burn. he sholdrun iff cryon1! i hat.'

    hiemso' much that it's not even fune anymre.... who owuld lok a guy with such a terlbe fashon tast. im effering don with speedwaygon.... mayb........

    i mite rant on anotercharter i hate osone.....

    ... i men really spedwagon is just dead.


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  • Nabukun

    What is strength?

    December 6, 2016 by Nabukun

    Decided to drop an old analysis of JJBA I've done quite some time ago. It's still relevant so I take the opportunity to put it here.

    Araki began Jojo's Bizarre Adventure with a simple question: "Who is the world's strongest person?" "Who" as in how he would be like, not a name though. With this simple question Araki can explore aspects of humanity that few did. However he began with a fairly simple study of the question but we'll see that it will become a lot deeper.

    Who is the world's strongest person? Would he be evil or good?

    As I said, Araki began fairly simple. Phantom Blood isn't much the feud between two men but the clash between two extremes, evil and good.

    Araki said it himself Jonathan and Dio are concept and as characters are very p…

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  • LordKaT

    messing around with wikia

    October 21, 2016 by LordKaT
    Messing around with wikia. Might use it to bring my own wiki back to life. Or not. Read more >
  • SpamCrackers

    There are a couple of things I think should be added to some of the info boxes. One example would be a "Religion" category for the few character to whom it applies. Is there any way to do that?

    Also if I wanted to add information to those boxes is there a way for me to do that without replacing the existing information? I've been afraid of accidentally doing that. Just a little confused because they're set up differently than the rest of the page when it comes to edit.

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  • Carebearheart

    More Female "Jojos"

    October 15, 2016 by Carebearheart

    Should ever there be more female jojos after Jolyne?

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  • CtrlAltSandwich

    So, as the title explains the post, I'll just start with the list.

    1) The letters spelling out JOJO at the very start (The ones with all the protagonists inside) is a direct reference to the B cover of Chapter 321.

    2) The word BREAKDOWN exploding and reforming is a reference to Joskue's anime theme, and the abilities of Killer Queen and either Crazy Diamond, or Bites the Dust's time loop.

    3) Behind the first BREAKDOWN is an image of Killer Queen with mechanical arms, most likely referencing the technical aspect of bombs, or KQ's primary bomb, while the way it is posed is a reference to the pose it strikes in Chapter 326.

    4) The afterimages left behind by the protagonists reference both their lasting influence on Morioh, and their many iteratio…

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  • Fastkak

    I will waiting

    October 3, 2016 by Fastkak

    For many years for Steel Ball Run.

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  • Adventuretime1

    Wow (Sep 27, 2015)

    September 27, 2016 by Adventuretime1

    I edit my profile page for the first time and got the Lucky 96,000th Edit.

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  • Aljohn Salceda

    So, out of curiousity, what would happen if the concept of Aura from RWBY and the concept of Stands from here both exisited. What would happen if one has both an Aura and a Stand. would it be redundant? Would it be an enhancement of one of the two? What do you think?

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  • The Jojo Fanatic

    Hi guys, I don't want to self advertize or anything like that. But for the people who was subscribed to my YouTube channel: "The JoJo Fanatic" I'd just like to say that my channel got taken down yesterday for a "chase" analysis video on my channel.

    So for the people that are wondering were I am, if I'm dead or kidnapped; I'm still alive, and I have made a new channel with the same username, The JoJo Fanatic.

    Again, this is not for any self advertizing reasons, I just didn't know where to tell my subscribers what happened to me (besides on my 2'nd channel)

    Channel link:

    (sharing this would be appreciated, thank you)

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  • Austrian-Man-Meat

    Why "A" stands,Caeser/Joseph and Kars are faster than light

    First of all, there are 6 scans which all prove the existence of faster than light JoJo characters (three faster than light feats perfromed by a Stand, with one statement with calling Star Platinum faster than light) here they are, all for your viewing pleasure.

    Kars reacting to and blocking a beam of light from point blank range

    Joseph and Caeser both reacting to a beam of light being shot at them

    Silver Chariot intercepting Hanged Man which is stated to move at the speed of light

    Silver Chariot yet again intercepting Hanged Man in a ridiculous timeframe (Before HM can go into the coin)

    And by the way, Silver Chariot knowing the trajectory is irrelevant. Even if I was to know my friend…

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  • Nykonight


    June 18, 2016 by Nykonight
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  • Kolt4Krueger

    Potential Movie Ideas

    Now I know what everyone is thinking, with the most recent announcement about the Live Action Movie adaption to the 3rd story arc to JBA Stardust Crusaders. Now just as a Diclaimer this has nothing to do with that. This is just a few many Ideas that i've had over the months on JBA. Instead of ranting at how it doesn't make sense that they might make a live action adaption to Stardust Crusaders i'm going to propose another Idea. Since their has been so many books recently that have come out as Side stories to the JBA Universe but haven't been made into an animated adaption to the overall JBA universe; Why not make them movies, not live action movies oh god no! 

    No I'm proposing that the Creators of the anime right now, M…

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  • Logface


    May 20, 2016 by Logface

    "This page has been deleted. The deletion and move log for the page are provided below for reference.

    • 10:26, September 7, 2015 MetallicKaiser (wall | contribs) deleted page User blog:Logface/Speedwagon sucks P2(content was: "SPEEDWAGON IS SO BAD AND HE SHOULD NOT EXIST BECAUSE HE IS TERRIBLE NO GOOD HORRIBLE. AND HE IS AWFUL AND TERRIBLE AND ALWAYS YELLS I HATE HIM SO MUCH. WHY DOES H..." (and the only contributor was "Logface"))"


    first off, i mightive get this wrong, but did some1 ddelete speedwagon sucks p2?? if so idd kike to complain about this.

    second of, why would u delet my wrok? thast jst rud... u don need 2 get so salty

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  • Nabukun
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  • CtrlAltSandwich
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  • Nabukun

    Fate Page Creation

    April 16, 2016 by Nabukun

    Since there's a page talking about the concepts of alternate universe, I feel that Fate is also a key concept in Jojo that we should try to define in a page. So it's also a necessity to talk about it somewhere, how it is shown to work in the series.

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  • Nabukun

    Is there anyone able to translate Japanese here?

    I've bought the artbooks, and I think I am sitting on a gold mine for informations without being able to translate it. So instead of spending several years learning Japanese,I'll ask if anyone feels motivated and able to translate parts from the booklets in order to extract interesting/relevant comments from Araki.

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  • Hawkinz340

    Jojo or JoJo

    April 9, 2016 by Hawkinz340

    Hey JoJo community. I've been editing several chapter summaries lately and have seen the use of Jojo. This wiki's title is JoJo's Bizarre encyclopedia, it's spelled like that in the official name of the series, and I think it looks a lot nicer. It also highlights the combination of Jo from the first name and Jo from the last name ( which is not the case with Jotaro, Jolyne, Josuke or Giorno (who can just be called GioGio)). Anyways, I'm changing all the Jojos to JoJo's. Feel free to tell me if you think differently.

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  • TheFirstBlaze


    February 25, 2016 by TheFirstBlaze

    Hi guys! I'm TheFirstBlaze, but you can just call me Blaze. I'm a fan of Jojo's Bizzare Adventure, and my favorite part is Stell Ball Run. I hope I can contribute to this wiki and have fun! I'm easily reachable via Talk Page, if you need something. Have a good day!

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  • UntilDusk55

    I know we all assume that josuke and everyone died in the universe reset. However, Pucci had said that everything died in the other universe except Emporio, But while reading chapter 750 "Made in heaven part 008" of Stone ocean. i noticed that a guard had also survived along with a few prisoners near him, the guard even mentions that "time was accelerating"

    So could this possibly mean that Josuke, Giornno, Rohan, Koichi and everyone else are still alive somehow? and are existing in the Irene or Steel Ball Run universe?

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  • Namidame no Ruka

    Hey Guys,I wanna ask you something, I've always wondered....What if Stands never existed in JoJo? Think about Hamon being in the other parts instead of Stands, would the story change in some way for you? Comment on what you think it would look like and if you would still like JoJo that way or not :D

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  • Logface


    February 8, 2016 by Logface

    This is not a hate post, in any way, shape, or form.

    so, lets  go a little off topic. i men this blog is for hating on speedwagon, but i feel like im loosing 2 him.

    lets talk about the best chararacter! hol Horse!! i love this character and wish he would live forever, i havnt seen him much on the show yet but i love his gtus! hes so amazign and i want to force him to give me a piggyback rideeee!!!! if u saw him then u kno whatim talking abot!

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  • PotatoKujo

    So I recently find out that Bobobo-bo bo-bobo is voiced by Takehito Koyasu the same guy who voiced Dio Brando. So now whenever I play JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle or watch the anime I can't help but hear Bobobo-bo bo-bobo in Dio Brando, and whenever I play J-Stars Victory Vs or watch the anime I can't help but hear Dio Brando in Bobobo-bo bo-bobo. I don't take Dio seriously anymore and I take Bobobo-bo bo-bobo too serious.

    Bobobo-bo bo-bobo


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  • Logface

    This is definitely not a hate post.

    u kno what im tired of? all the pepople being nice 2 spedwagon i mean re

    ' ally how could you like ythat ugy! hes like the worst in the hwol intire jojo thing!!!!!!! i think perosnally we should neber talko about him ahain, for that sake i will delete my acount and make it so that i report all the poeple who ever mentione this "speedwagon" guy./ i wish he would finally die out, but no. why do peope evne like him anymoe, i have aton of edited photots on my computer of spedwagin but i dont thinbbk any are appropriate for ths wiki place. oay lets get to the main point her.  hes just bad okay? he doesnt survve a purpose but to beannyoing, i personally think they should remake the anime soo speedwagon is not exi…

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  • SpamCrackers

    I got the Twitter

    January 14, 2016 by SpamCrackers

    This is a bad idea on all levels. But at least I have a place where people expect to get spammed with random crap in small bursts. :D I probably don't even need to post this here, but oh, well. 

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  • WranglerPig

    Another day, another year, wish you all the best!

    2015 was overall pretty good, a colored version of JoJolion that came in Japan, Eyes of Heaven is out (altough the western release is in Summer but still), and we finished the animated adaptation of Stardust Crusaders, and of course, the Diamond Is Unbreakable anime hype is real. This feels like a picnic... chew

    Hey, we also got to more than 2000 pages. This is good as well! With all your contribution, how small they are, the wiki slowly grows more and more. I'd like to thank everyone involved, even though this is coming from someone who just showed up mid-year. Yeah I know, who in face am I to write this post?

    Hope you had a good one, may 2016 be a great for everybody.

    Now if you excuse me I w…

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    December 27, 2015 by CRAZ1D1AMOND

    I've seen that a lot people that when they look at this, they say "oh look, he's cosplaying as Jotaro (That's a JoJo reference)". That's just WRONG, but it's understandable, since Banchou fashion doesn't exist outside of Japan. (This blog is just to explain to those who don't know)

    A Banchou is basically the leader of a gang of delinquents, in other words: it's a Japanase punk gang member clothing style and the one that I showed you (the guy is Bahn from Fighting Vipers, if you are asking), it's the most common one. Though it's pretty old school and out of date as far it goes and nowadays; the whole punk gang look is usually geared toward the members staying in their school uniforms like this (Kuwabara from Yu Yu Hakusho was a good example of…

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    Some things about EOH

    December 23, 2015 by CRAZ1D1AMOND

    For those who are still undecided about buying the game or not, here are some gameplay videos i found in the internet

    Lisa Lisa combos

    Giorno combos

    Quick match

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  • WranglerPig

    So Part 4 is a thing and the trailer looks good, so we have that. However, I rememberd that a year ago some artist did some mockups for ahypothetical Part 4 as in "I wonder how it will look. The post no longer exists, perhaps to avoid confusion, but the images can be found here in this page. Considering how the images got a bit close to the actual style, I decided to share them just in case. There has been some trolling a while ago with these type of things, using them as thumbnails. Due to the size of thumbnails while browsing videos you can undertsnad how one will be fooled. I apologise if this is technically a shitpost, but better be safe than sorry.

    Until next time, here is Kira- I mean David Bowie with Killer Queen.

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  • Crescentmoon-fr

    All is in the title, I can't find JoJolion's scans.

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  • Logface

    speedwagon is bad

    November 15, 2015 by Logface

    this also is not a hate post

    so we alredydiscsused the reason why he is bad so w;ere gonna dsiccuss what to d o aobut hinm and his badness.

    'we should thoruw him into a pit and then fill the pit with cemnt lmao or we should like do someting bad like push him off a cliffi nto a grave so he ded in a hragve. ggg wew ashould like report him on rolbox and make hum cry bcus he got banned  bcuas he is dumb and rovlox banned him becus he stupid and no good xdddd. after he is vvbsanned we should make it so that he cant acseesss a computer so he is complpetly powerless gg. and then we shoudl do something aobut hum that is so bad that he cryz. we should smoosh his cake on his birthday and then mke him et it. lmao xxdddd tru

    agrter we do taht we will mak…

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  • Felonious Dump

    It seems like every part of JoJo has a reference to Naples in some form. Did Araki vacation there before he started JoJo or what?

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