• OneCrustacean


    December 5, 2018 by OneCrustacean

    this is random and stupid but what do you think star platinum could of achieved at the peak of it's power? (SPTW3, not SPTW4/SPOH) 

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  • ゴゴゴゴ ゴゴゴゴ

    So yesterday for me or if for anyone at all, it was Guido’s Mista’s birthday and I just wanna say happy late birthday to the pistol addict himself and so let’s just congratulate his birthday late and yeah

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  • Somthingelsty


    December 4, 2018 by Somthingelsty

    no! no! no! no! NO!!

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  • OneCrustacean

    Hey y'all

    December 2, 2018 by OneCrustacean

    hit or miss

    i guess they never miss huh

    you got a stand arrow i bet he don't have potential (rero)

    he gonna find another person and he gon stab em

    he gonna skrrt and hit that lady like star platinum

    i hated making this

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  • Loleriz

    If Kakyoin Was In Part 4

    November 28, 2018 by Loleriz

    I got these details from the YouTuber’s video XForts If so let me begin. so if Kakyoin was in part 4, then he would be with Jotaro all the time but that would be Briefly. By I mean with him as in hanging out with him and if so, Kakyoin maybe teach Koichi because XForts stated “There stands are green” ... Anyway,let me get back to the point. Kakyoin would be mostly with Jotaro (as I said again) and I will tell Kakyoins appearance Kakyoin would have a suit that would show the mark on his chest that Dio did in Stardust Crusaders. he would maybe have some glasses on, maybe not but I will show you how he would look like…

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  • HentaiWithKouhai

    I know this may sound dumb and think “How tf do you think Jonathan Joestar is Star Platinum” Well as I said again, this may sound dumb but I got the idea from another source on another website so yeah. I will link it at the end but let’s begin So in Phantom Blood, while Jonathan is fighting Dio, Jonathan stated to Dio “If I die, my ghost will haunt you” and what killed Dio in Part 3? Star Platinum! And also about the appearance between Jonathan and Star Platinum, they both have the same gloves but Star Platinum has more rivets. Second of all, they both have shoulder pads but they look different, and also you know how Star Platinum can stop time just like The World/Za Warudo. Also The World/Za Warudo And Star Platinum are similar. Anyway th…

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  • Vinnypestana

    I have a theory that The World has the ability to copy the Stands of Joestars.

    The World would be Jonathan's Stand that would have the ability to copy Stands from his relatives, Hermit Purple 2 would be the copy of Hermit Purple, the Stand of Joseph. The meat seed would be the copy of the Stand of Holy, which would have the ability to make people fight for it. The ability to stop time would originate from Star Platinum, but with the clairvoyance of Hermit Purple 2, DIO with The World, was able to copy this ability, DIO cured Pucci's foot with Crazy Diamond's ability, and DIO did not find the Donatello Versus, Ungalo and Rykiel Stands useful, and he did not know he had the Gold Experience ability. DIO did not have the Stone Free ability beca…

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  • 1mavstone

    (Quick Reminder: I do have ideas for the voice of some characters, if you have some ideas of your own. Feel free to comment them down. [Note: I don't take people's meme ideas (Example: Big Smoke)])

    Chronological Order:

    Giorno Giovanna: Yuri Lowenthal/Bryce Papenbrook

    Koichi Hirose: Zach Aguilar

    Jotaro Kujo: Matthew Mercer

    Bruno Bucciarati: TBD

    Pulpo: TBD

    Leone Abbacchio: Ray Chase

    Guido Mista: Chris Niosi

    Narancia Ghirga: Erica Mendez

    Pannacotta Fugo: Kyle McCarley

    Mario Zucchero: TBD

    Six Pistols: TBD

    Sale: TBD

    Pericolo: Paul Eiding

    Trish Una: TBD

    Formaggio: TBD

    Illuso: TBD

    Pesci: TBD

    Prosciutto: TBD

    Melone: TBD

    Ghiaccio: TBD

    Diavolo: TBD

    Scualo: TBD

    Tiziano: TBD

    Carne: TBD

    Doppio: TBD

    Risotto: TBD

    Cioccolata: TBD

    Secco: TBD

    Jean-Pierre Polneraff: Doug Erholtz

    Golden Wi…

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  • Epsilon Zeph

    So, you know Sasuke right? Notice how Sasuke has 'suke,' and Josuke has 'suke' in his name. That means his name can be translated to Sajo, which is giving heavy hints. It doesn't stop there, as his last name is Uchica. What does it translate to? Sasuke, so his actual name is Sajo Sajo. Sasuke confirmed Joestar.

    I hated making this so much

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  • StardustMedicineHorse

    Hello everyone, I'm dedicating my inktober to creating stands from the Stardust Crusaders arc. Swing by and have a look!!

    twitter: @mikeisrendering

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  • KittenSalad

    Random Note

    July 4, 2018 by KittenSalad

    There is a U.N Owen Was Her remix dubbed over with the seiyuus' screaming in Phantom Blood. It's surprisingly fun to listen to. It's called U.N DIO was I.

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  • ImaFanMan

    This blog is about all the theories I've been seeing as well as the general confusion about: "What do the Stand Arrows do?"

    From my understanding; whatever happens to you (or your Stand) when hit by a Stand arrow depends on you at that moment. If you do not possess a Stand but still have a sufficient fighting spirit and mental capacity of some kind- you'll get a Stand. Or if you do have a Stand and you're having a mental "BREAK DOWN, BREAK DOWN!!!" and thus the burning desire to change or fix the thing causing you stress- you're Stand will unlock a new ability or form. My point- or "theory" I suppose- is: Whatever is going on with you on a mental and/or spiritual level- and if you meet all the requirements- a Stand arrow will affect you or y…

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  • Jesseinator1000

    Exactly as the title says. Should I wait, or read first?

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    I tried searching "squadra" for pages with the term somewhere in them, and nothing appeared. Is this happening only to me? Can any mod help me with this?

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  • DudeStopPlease

    Vento Aureo's anime adaptation has finally been confirmed and that brings and end to the memes. Good lord, it's been a good 524 days since DiU and my hype is unreal. How do you feel about their appearances? Mista, Narancia and Abbachio look normal to me.

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  • QualityKira

    The Hand Discussion

    June 12, 2018 by QualityKira

    Ok, it might be a pretty good Stand, and Okuyasu doesn't use all of its power.

    What's your thoughts into this Stand?

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  • QualityKira

    i dont feel so good

    June 12, 2018 by QualityKira

    mr stark, i don't feel so good.

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  • Adventuretime1

    Past month was crazy. Had to live with my dad in the small room he rents out of someone else's house for three and half weeks, attended my old high school's prom and got to see familiar faces, moved into a house (not another apartment) that wasn't gonna have cable or Internet for 5 days, and finally graduated yesterday, after which I grabbed my diploma today.

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  • Zodazzle

    I have a new hobby

    June 1, 2018 by Zodazzle

    So I've started doing something. Really questionable.

    I put character's hair/hats on birds. So far, I've done:

    Giorno Giovanna, a goldcrest,

    Gyro Zeppeli, a mallard,

    Diego Brando, a European bee-eater

    and Funny Valentine, a bald eagle

    And I'm not just googling bird and looking for the right color palette. I'm taking into consideration their migration patterns, the country they represent, and in Giorno's case, their title as "king of the birds". I'm not even a bird nerd. I just looked at Jojo and thought, what if they were all birds?

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  • Raffina Higashikata
    • Ermes Costello … Jean Pierre Polnareff (Both are similar in pursuit of perpetrators who killed their ), Joseph Joestar (Some behaviors are similar, such as "OH MY GOD!")
    • Foo Fighters … Noriaki Kakyoin (Encountered immediately met, but both are become a friend later)
    • Narciso Anasui … Iggy (Appearance greatly differs at first appearance and later)
    • Weather Report … Muhammad Avdol (A pair of friends who introduced together with their colleagues)
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  • GorillazMMD

    Gonna have to find these models and download them (with credit of course), then make them do really stupid things XD

    Wish me luck.

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  • Raffina Higashikata

    Color Test

    March 30, 2018 by Raffina Higashikata
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  • Raffina Higashikata

    Source Test

    March 23, 2018 by Raffina Higashikata

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  • Vishkugeta

    Since we only listed appearances of characters on individual chapter/episode pages, I thought it would be useful to have the opposite: a list of all chapters and episodes the character appears in. I often found myself wanting something like that when looking for scans or certain pages.

    Some people on the discord server agreed that it would be useful, and Kaiser asked me to make a mock up design for it, so here it is: Template:Appearance

    It looks like this:

    |Episodes =

    }} You can additionally use two simplified templates I made for it (which took a few hours to store all the titles as variables): Template:Ch and Template:Ep so you could easily just write , etc and that will format it so the title appears.

    Feel free to add it to the character pag…

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  • Raffina Higashikata

    Today when I pulled Gasha around 19:00, the unit I've been looking forward to has come!

    • Shigekiyo Yangu (White, SSR)
      • Command Skill: "Do not be rude!" - Over 50% on enemies within the range 50 damage damage & 2 turns confused, during the 2 turns, defense against enemies that touched the wall 50% of ignoring 10 consecutive shots damage & wall stop.
      • Ability: "Dimension Attack" - One of the important abilities of the white attribute. Smash changes into dimension attack. Dimension attack releases multiple layers of ATK +300% damage.

    I'm using Jotaro and Aya equipped with dimension attacks at once.

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  • Raffina Higashikata

    I pulled the period limited Gasha about an hour ago, Here we will introduce the rare units that came this time!

    • Yukako Yamagishi (Black, SSR)
      • Command Skill: "I will go with you" - 3000% damage to the selected enemy, 500% damage when the enemy touches the wall for 3 turns, action count +2 to reinforcement enemy.
      • Ability: "You do not love me!?" - Smash range 25% increase, at the end of action, charge a skill gauge for combo count.

    • Jonathan Joestar and Robert E. O. Speedwagon (Blue, SSR)
      • Command Skill: "Burning mansion" - 2000% damage around the wall side, during 3 turns, when end of action of the unit regardless of the enemy or ally, 750% damage to the entire enemy unit & item destruction on the field.
      • Ability: "Joint street journey" - Smash will …

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  • Raffina Higashikata
    • Part 4 Jotaro Kujo (White, SSR)
    I get it with a bonus ticket attached in Beginner's Gasha. If a weak point Hit occurs, the ability "1more & Boost" which causes 1more to occur even if you do not defeat the enemy is useful. Command skill "Time stopped" is quite powerful although gauge consumption is small. In the ability slot I like to use it in combination with "Great" (Increase skill gauge increment according to the number of teammate stand user when contact damage is given), "Watch Your Mouth!" (ATK up depending on number of combos) etc.
    • Aya Tsuji (White, SR)
    Complete the Part 4 animation quest and get it. Ability skill "Only has 30 minutes" is one of the important abilities of the white attribute. that makes the skill gauge slightly charge…
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  • Adventuretime1

    I'm finally back.

    While my computer was indeed fixed in time for New Year's, a new problem arose in the form of broken cable ports. For some reason, if I moved my modem to any other cable port in the apartment (particularly my room) from the spot in the kitchen, it wouldn't go online.

    When we finally confirmed that nobody was gonna fix it (maintenance said anything wrong with cable/Internet should be taken up by ISP; ISP said nothing was wrong on their end), I decided two days ago to move my entire setup to the kitchen.

    So here I am. Using my computer for the first time since June. I had to clean the dust off my keyboard and mouse. My muscle memory is completely lost, so I have to look at my keyboard while typing, and I have to readjust to my…

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  • HeyYa61

    I'm gay

    February 17, 2018 by HeyYa61

    That is all, thank you for your time.

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  • Demonipsimus

    I'm just here making edits and fixing slight mistakes here and there. Hey, at least I can put 'blog editing' and 'proofreading' on my CV now.

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  • Zodazzle


    December 23, 2017 by Zodazzle

    So I was bored and decided to try out BrantSteele's Hunger Games Simulator. It lets you create your own version of Hunger Games, and I used it to replace all of the tributes with characters from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. I was not disappointed, to say the least.

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  • Adventuretime1

    Welp, data irrecoverable.

    2-3 days I'll be going back to pick up the replacement hardware along with my computer itself, and hopefully before the year's end I'll get to clear the dust from my keyboard and mouse and get back into business in time for 2018.

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  • Adventuretime1

    Update (Dec 17th 2008)

    December 17, 2017 by Adventuretime1

    Half a year since my computer busted and I finally, FINALLY got around to getting the problem checked out.

    The diagnostic is that the motherboard, capacitor, and hard drive all simultaneously fried from old age alone (this is an Intel desktop from 2008 and I've had it for 5 years).

    The guy servicing it should get back to me Monday about-

    A) How difficult it would be to find/get replacement hardware for such a dated system.

    B) If my files and data are even salvageable from the frizzled hard drive and can be transferred to the proposed new one.

    Edit: Don't know why the PS4 library auto-filled the year to 2008 and not 2017.

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  • Zodazzle

    My Part 5 Tier List

    December 3, 2017 by Zodazzle  for the tier list. I plan on doing fixes to it later on, and am willing to take critisism and debates over what stands should be put higher or lower. Feel free to comment on it.

    For anyone that doesn't know how this kind of tier format works, S tier is where the strongest stands are, and E is where the weakest stands are. It goes in alphabetical order, so the lower the stand is on the chart, the weaker it is.

    I also plan to create more for the other parts, as a project to take up my time.

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  • Konamonogatari

    Personally i think it would perfectly round off the alternate universe Parts 1-3 was the saga of the stone mask parts 4-6 was the saga of the stand arrows parts 7-9 will be the saga of the corpse parts

    Tell me what you think in the comments

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  • Adventuretime1

    Update as of Oct 27, 2017.

    Now that I'm accustomed to my new school, finding the time and place to make edits on the wiki via my school's computers is a lot easier, and I'm able to make more time-consuming changes.

    However, there are still things I cannot do until my computer gets fixed (my family isn't particularly well-off). Most of these are due to the security program barring me from certain websites.

    • Take and add screenshots to articles (no screenshot program)
    • Update story descriptions for Vento Aureo articles (I have no reference material since manga websites are blocked, and most of the finer details have already escaped me)
    • List Eyes of Heaven movesets
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  • TuskPlatinum


    October 26, 2017 by TuskPlatinum

    Nothing to see here,So just move on with your life

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  • Factual Frost

    Hi guys, so I just finished Part 4 and I have some questions about the final battle against Kira. First of all, how did Kira change the direction of Stray Cat's bullets. Stray Cat isn't necessarily allyed with Kira, and even if it was, Kira wouldn't be able to communicate Josuke's location to it.  Second, why did the glass shard home in on Kira's jacket and stay there? Josuke used repair on a dried piece of blood from his own body. If he's repairing it to its previous state, wouldn't it return to Josuke's body instead of staying in Kira? What does the blood on Kira's jacket have to do with it? Finally, what exactly did Kira do to the nurse with Bites The Dust? He implanted it in her, and then tells her his secrets...but then goes on to see…

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  • Aggression25

    I saw Star Platinum, and then the later Stands that were shown. They've taken hold of my imagination and now I want to see the rest of the series arc to the end.

    Has anyone else become addicted to the Stands like they were the Alters?

    --Traitor Hater 2000 (talk) 00:31, October 17, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Kakorat

    As some of you may have known, there was once an event on this site that contained the deatails of the Steel Ball Run race featuring original character's designed by the dezinens of this site. However, for a long time the master of the aforementioned race has been inactive, even after seemingly coming over the disease he was inflicted with. Seeing that the last he has posted on this wiki was on March the 5th and it is now August the 31st, it seems unlikely that he will return to his position anytime soon. As such, I present an alternative route. It may be preferrential at this point to restart the SBR race with a different master while still continuing the motif of using our original characters that was set up in the first Fan Made Stand F…

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  • Scout Yoshikage


    August 4, 2017 by Scout Yoshikage

    I want to become number 3 on this wiki, so i must get the badge

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  • Logface

    hi guys

    July 22, 2017 by Logface

    hi dudes and duetes!

    i'[m bak from a lng hituous. sory for not ponsting i gt cot up in soemthing els. i stll thienk that speedwanker is bed, and i've vinted abut him alut to u guys so i fel liek  its gotten old. whitch it haz 2 sme pelple... (U KNO WHO U R) so feel free to drop a coment & il look @ it!! ty evr1 for the suprt!

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  • FloatingZygarde

    Sorry. (Chat) 20:14, July 10, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Typ1calFan

    I just want to see what your guys favorite stand abilities are. Well if you were to ask me what my favorite stand ability would either be Sticky Finger's Zippers or Book Reading and Commands for Heavens door. For Sticky Finger's case its how versatile the ability can be, it can do a wide range of things like zip up wounds, make places to hide in or to hold items in, and even, though it never happened it could be used to stop attacks if someone were to say punch inside the zipper. Hey even though its potential was a D, maybe there couldve been Zippers through space. Finally in Heavens Door's case, the ability for it to write commands for people offers a lot of possibilities in defense and offense. For example Rohan can write it in so the ta…

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  • Pusofman

    Hello I Am New

    May 21, 2017 by Pusofman

    So i am new here and I have no i idea on what to do so any advice would be appreciated.

    So to fill the rest of this blog I will write my own stand Idea.

    So the stand is called Eye of the Tiger and its ability is to put eyes on anything even gases. The user can use these eyes like portals or use the eyes like eyes to see through them.

    The stand's design very human like but it has no skin and it has mechanical spikes and thorns. The stand is also covered in eyes.

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  • Smith "Smithy" Wesson

    Stand Name: Velvet Revolver

    Stand User: Smith Wesson

    Stand Name Origin: Hard Rock Supergroup, "Velvet Revolver"

    Stand User Name Origin: Smith & Wesson, a Gun Manufacturer Based in the United States

    Destructive Power: B

    Speed: C

    Range: C

    Durability: E

    Precision: C

    Developmental Potential: B

    Description: A Stand that takes the form of a highly stylized revolver with skeletal engravings, and has a hammer in the shape of a skull. The Stand fires conventional bullets, but can "charge" these bullets with a subliminal message. Upon touching something living, or their Stand, in any way, Even if their Stand attempts to block or deflect the bullet, the bullet will vanish into thin air, and proceed to make whatever subliminal message charged into the bullet p…

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  • D55CORE


    March 23, 2017 by D55CORE

    I'm new here. The fact that there is character with FOUR fucking TESTICLES is the reason I've stayed with Jojo.

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  • 2quidKing

    This is the beginning

    March 21, 2017 by 2quidKing

    This is for my own personal notes: I've been reading Jojo again, for the first time in almost 10 years, since the start of March 2017.  A this point, I'm halfway through series 4, and I love the differences between 3 and 4.

    Last time I'd read this, I lost track during Stardust Crusaders, and never finished it.  This time, I'm looking foward to completing all published and translated materials.

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  • Shukkkkle
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