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Born This Way (ボーン・ディス・ウェイ Bōn Disu Uei) is the Stand of Kyo Nijimura, featured in JoJolion.


Born This Way is composed of a humanoid rider and a motorcycle.


Rider, head exposed

The rider is covered by black clothes apparently similar to protective motorcyle clothing, including a visored helmet. As such, it is not easily identifiable as a Stand, but when its helmet is removed, it has a stout, robotic head and face, lending it the appearance of a hunched back. This was done in order to to make it clear at first glance that it was definitely a Stand and not a human when its helmet came off.[1]

The motorcycle is a heavy, almost armored black sport bike. The front wheels feature flower decals on the hub caps and the front fork has a stitched design similar to the face of the rider.

On the bottom of its helmet, there is a skull-shaped emblem, similar to those found on her brother's stand.


Knocking the rider off the bike causes it to make a "Shuu" noise and quickly jump back on.


The bike section of Born This Way is highly durable, capable of not only defending against physical blows, but able to damage attackers from the difference in density. This is made apparent when the motorcycle is completely unharmed after receiving a barrage of punches from Soft & Wet, despite the latter being capable of shattering a reinforced wall with a single kick.

Targeted Conditional Assault: The Stand chases its target when the victim "opens" anything, including doors, notebooks and cellphones. It can immediately appear from anywhere and ambush anybody as long as the target opens anything. The individual does not have to intentionally open something, as merely touching an object as it is opening applies, e.g. when Josuke backs into a taxi causing its door to swing open, or when Kyo throws a loose pen at him, causing the cap to fall off when it hits.[2] In order to target a person, Kyo must have touched them at some point; and the Stand disappears if anyone closes the relevant open object.

World of Ice: When Born This Way appears, its power causes hurricane-like winds that can freeze and harden objects, which it can hurl as sharp weapons. The wind itself has enough intensity to knock back individuals, as well as freeze their breath, suffocating them.


  • Born This Way was originally called Going Underground (ゴーイング・アンダーグラウンド Gōingu Andāguraundo) until the release of the volume 4 tankobon.



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