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Boy II Man (ボーイ・II・マン Bōi Tsū Man?, also known as Boy II Men) is the Stand of Ken Oyanagi featured in Diamond Is Unbreakable.


Boy II Man is a muscular humanoid spirit clad in riveted armor with a pointed helmet resembling those worn by medieval knights. The Stand always manifests itself coming out of the hole in Ken's cheek, made by the Bow and Arrow. It has no personality.

According to JOJOVELLER, its design is heavily inspired by one of Mitsuteru Yokoyama's manga.


  • Game of Fate: Boy II Man's power is also its weakness. As Rohan learned through using Heaven's Door, this Stand could drain the energy of another Stand user by playing a Rock Paper Scissors game and winning it. However they are strict rules to how this is played:
    • It can only play 5 matches.
    • If it doesn't win 3 times, it can't take all of the energy. It can, however, take portions of the energy in thirds, representative of each of the 3 times it has to win.
    • If it loses it can't help but return the energy.
  • Stand Control: Boy II Man has limited control over his opponent's Stand, allowing him to control the area corresponding to the energy he drained in the Rock Paper Scissors game, as shown when he makes Rohan punch himself after taking the right arm of Heaven's Door. As implied by Yoshihiro Kira, once Boy II Man completely absorbs the energy of another's Stand, it gains its unique abilities and powers. It's unknown if Boy II Man can absorb several powers at once to enable its growth; if so, its potential is unlimited as long as it wins each match.



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