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Although mostly its own family, the Brando family contains descendants in Parts V and VI that are considered part of the Joestar family as well, due to Dio Brando taking over Jonathan Joestar's body.

The Brando Family
DarioPicDario Brando DioPicDio Brando Giorno1Giorno Giovanna Donatello1Donatello Versus
Rykiel1Rikiel Ungaro1Ungalo Diego1Diego Brando AlternatediegoAlternate Diego

Family tree

                         Dario Brando--+--Unnamed Woman      
 Japanese Woman--+-------Dio Brando w/ Jonathan's body--------------+--Unnamed Woman
                 |           |                 \                              |
                 |           |                  \                             |
         Giorno Giovanna     |                   \                   Donatello Versus         
                             |                    +--Unnamed Woman   
                             +--Unnamed Woman     |
                            /                     |
                           /                    Rikiel

Steel Ball Run universe:

                                              Dario--+--Mrs. Brando     
                                              Diego Brando

Alternate Steel Ball Run Universe : Diego Brando from Another Universe

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