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Burning Down the House (バーニング・ダウン・ザ・ハウス Bāningu Daun Za Hausu?) is the Stand of Emporio Alniño featured in Stone Ocean.


Burning Down the House has no physical manifestation other than a normal looking room with a piano, some books, and a large amount of space. It has neither personality nor can it attack; it only serves as Emporio's hiding place.


Hiding Spot: Technically, Burning Down the House has no physical form, but it does manifest the memory of what a building (that was rebuilt over a fire accident, hence the name) was. Thus, Burning Down the House is the perfect hiding place, as no Stand user can see or enter it unless they are brought in by Emporio himself. While many things can be stored inside of it, it is unknown what will happen to them if Emporio dies. It also seems to enable Emporio to store things in a pocket hammerspace in the form of a tiny pouch.

Ghost Object: Any object from inside the spirit's memory can be brought outside the room such as a gun, book or computer. But while it is inside the spirit's memory of the room, anything inside cannot do any harm to the residual objects that were originally from the room.



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