Spiral Staircase. Rhinoceros Beetle. Ghost Town. Fig Tart. Rhinoceros Beetle. Singularity Point. Via Dolorosa. Rhinoceros Beetle. Singularity Point. Giotto. Angel. Hydrangea. Singularity Point. Secret Emperor!

—Enrico Pucci creating C-Moon

C-Moon (C-MOON(シー・ムーン) Shī Mūn?) is a Stand developed by Enrico Pucci in Stone Ocean.

C-Moon is the evolved form of Whitesnake and the predecessor to Made in Heaven.


C-Moon is a humanoid Stand. As a result of the Green Baby fusing with Pucci and his Stand, Whitesnake, it bears similarities to both, giving its appearance a sense of fusion between the two.

Its face is skeletal, bearing elements of the Green Baby's appearance: Completely red eyes with thick, spiked eyelashes, and vein-like textures and patterns on its face. It has Whitesnake's striped Guanine/Δdenine/Cytosine/Thymine pattern on its hips, chest, and on the top and crown of its head. Its head, shoulders, arms and legs bear short, arrow-shaped (↑) vestiges, with the top of its head faintly similar to Whitesnake's crown. The back and sides of its head along with a belt incorporating a long, arrow-tipped tail possess a fur-like texture. On a thin waist, it has overt abdominal musculature, and is generally believed to have inherited Whitesnake's figure.


C-Moon shows little learning / developmental potential, requiring direct instructions from Pucci in order to act meaningfully; but, shown considering them, it appears to possess a degree of independent intelligence. By its fighting ability it seems to demonstrate knowledge, although its actions may only be the necessary result of its instructions and environment.


  • Inverse Gravity: C-Moon's influence ascribes to Enrico Pucci an inverse or negative mass equivalent to that of the Earth, with an effective range of 3 kilometers. Thus, any unfixed object within a 3 kilometer radius of Pucci falls away from him.
  • Surface Inversion: C-Moon can also dramatically increase the gravitational force acting upon an object by touch, which is expressed by that object turning inside-out. Touching (striking) the same object or area twice reverts this adjustment.
  • Gravity Defiance: By C-Moon's partnership, Pucci consistently seems to defy gravity and orbit any enemy or threat.


  • Araki states that C-Moon's design was slightly inspired by Darth Maul from the Star Wars franchise.[1]
  • C-Moon has "GΔCT" patterned on their chest, the top of their head, and their hips; drawn from the four nucleobases of DNA. The delta (Δ) sign that replaces the "A" may indicate a "missing genome".



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