C-Moon (C-MOON(シー・ムーン) Shī Mūn) is the twenty-fifth story arc in Stone Ocean.

It narrates the tense fight between Jolyne and C-Moon in Cape Canaveral's Space Center.


C-Moon can turn any object it hits on itself. It fights Jolyne and although it almost defeat her, Jolyne gains the upper hand. Pucci intervenes and command C-Moon more precisely, hitting her in the chest and her torso turns on itself.

Jolyne apparently dead, Pucci proceeds to track Anasui. Emporio gets a phone call from Jotaro who reveals that Jolyne is still alive. Pucci is attacked by Jolyne who used Moebius Strips' property to cancel C-Moon's attack. Time stops and Star Platinum punches Pucci. Jotaro and Ermes managed to reach Cape Canaveral as well.

Cornered, Pucci realizes that he can reproduce the gravitational conditions specified on the Diary by floating to a different location. As he reaches the final stage, Made in Heaven appears and engulfs everyone in light.




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