California King Bed (カリフォルニア・キング・ベッドちゃん Kariforunia Kingu Beddo-chan?) is the Stand of Daiya Higashikata, featured in JoJolion.


A toy-like apparatus, California King Bed is composed of a head and five smaller connected units, loosely representing a torso and limbs; all bearing a smiley face. The head is composed of what looks like a U-shaped travel cushion, both ends topped by a simple daisy-like flower; bordering a sort of smiley, surrounded by four large petals, with a cheerful open-mouthed smile (comparable to that featuring in Takashi Murakami's work).



Memory Materialization: Engaging a target in a sort of game to which she names rules, implying an agreement; in the only example shown, when Daiya correctly guesses or discovers a lie, California King Bed materializes one of her target's memories, preserved in orbs part of chess pieces that emerge from their body. When Daiya's target steps on her shadow, the game ends and their memories are returned.

Touching her chess pieces, Daiya may perceive memories stored there. If a piece is destroyed, the memory is lost.



  • California King Bed's design was primarily chosen because Araki wanted to make it "cute and fluffy", since it belonged to a little girl.[1]


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