I never trusted anyone, good or bad. I never felt guilty for betraying them. I never distinguished between right and wrong. I never understood the difference between God and the Devil. But as long as I feel ashamed, I will never do anything to disappoint him. No matter who else spits on me.

—Cannolo Murolo

Cannolo Murolo (カンノーロ・ムーロロ Kannōro Mūroro) is a character featured in the light novel Purple Haze Feedback.


He was born into the bottom of society, and lived a hopeless childhood. After joining Passione, he thought "I'm an invincible being who could kill anyone I wanted to," and "I don't give a damn about who's in charge," and tries to sour relations between the assassination team and the boss. Kocaqi of the drugs team told him, "Guys like you are what's wrong with the world." However, when he meets Giorno, he sees a bit of himself, and feels shame for the first time in his life, and eventually becomes loyal to him.

As a supervisor for Passione's data analysis team. He was the one contacts asked by La Squadra di Esecuzion to restore the photo of the disk's location, allowing Ghiaccio to attack Bucciarati's Gang. Murolo is ordered to atone for this by helping take out the narcotics team.


In addition, he has another objective: To locate and destroy the stone mask the Nazis hid in Il Duomo on Syracusa island. Giorno ordered him to do so instead of going himself because the SPW Foundation and Jotaro may be monitoring Giorno. Because of this objective, Murolo can act with some degree of freedom even while he is on his mission.


  • He bears somewhat of a resemblance to Alexander DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange due to the hairstyle and marking under his eye.


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