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Kars first appearance

Kars (Anime)

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Japanese Name カーズ
Namesake The Cars (American New Wave Band) or Cars (Gary Numan song)
Age ~102,000 (Part 2)
Birthday Circa 100,000 B.C.[1]
Gender Male
Nationality Presumably originated from American Continent[2]
Race Pillar Man
Hair Color Dark Purple (Anime, Digital Color?)
Eye Color Violet (Anime, Digital Color?)
Favorite Food Humans turned into Vampires
Manga Debut Chapter 64
The Red Stone of Aja
Final Appearance Chapter 113
The Man Who Came
Across the Atlantic Ocean
Anime Debut Episode 14
Ultimate Warriors
from Ancient Times
Game Debut All-Star Battle
Japanese Voice Actor Kazuhiko Inoue (Anime/All-Star Battle/Eyes of Heaven)
English Voice Actor Will Barrett (English Dub)
The character featured in this article is commonly referred to as "Cars".
Don't you wish to conquer the sun? Don't you wish to rule over all? Don't you wish to purge your fears?!

Kars (カーズ Kāzu?) is the main antagonist of Battle Tendency.

Kars is the designer of the Stone Mask, and the 102,000-year-old leader of the Pillar Men.


Kars takes the appearance of a tall, very well-built man. He has elegant, relatively feminine facial features, and a much lighter complexion than the other Pillar Men. He has long, dark, wavy hair; which he keeps under a dark, tight head-wrap (taking it off as a sign of either honor or aggression).

He is otherwise minimally dressed, wearing high boots, forearm guards, a thong, and a flowing loincloth. When attacking, he produces long, shimmering blades from his forearms.

While travelling to Italy, Kars dons a fedora and a longcoat in order to appear less conspicuous.


I don't intend on being a warrior like Wamuu, nor am I an idle dreamer. I don't care what method I have to use, victory justifies any means!



Kars with his horns exposed

Kars is intelligent, ruthless, and single-minded in his dedication to obtain the Red Stone of Aja. He was stated to have been a genius among the Pillar Men, having been the original creator of the stone masks.

Initially, he appears to be the most aloof and no-nonsense of the Pillar Men, rarely smiling and often being the one who has to remind the other two of their ultimate objective. Kars is obsessed with the Red Stone of Aja, and is willing to trample anyone in his way, no matter how dishonorable the method. With the advantage of his resilience and immortality, Kars is a methodical and patient individual, advancing his pawns carefully, planning several moves ahead. Unaffected by setback, he will relentlessly struggle to win.

Still, Kars possesses a murderous and sadistic nature. He has stated that a life without enemy is boring and has shown to enjoy fights occasionally, even though he only really appreciates seeing his enemies being in a weak position and panicking, and often licks his lips in anticipation of their demise. Kars also came across as mockingly polite, as he offered Lisa Lisa poison in order to die on her own terms. These tendencies only become more clear when he attains his ultimate form, and is seen to thoughoutly enjoy his status as the most powerful lifeform on Earth.

Kars reveals himself a power-hungry Pillar Man, fixated on controlling the full potential of his body and the idea of resting "at the top". When he discovered that the Pillar Men's brain held untapped potential, much like humans, Kars wanted to control it. That obsession made him build the Stone Masks and look of the Red Stone of Aja. The fact that the rest of his tribe didn't want to "conquer the sun" as he wished, albeit they were fearing that Kars would kill every lifeform on Earth in his attempt, enraged him.

Kars keeps an ambiguous relationship toward those around him. Attached to his companions, being a reasonable companion and leader to Esidisi and Wamuu, he didn't hesitate to wipe out his tribe when they went against him and was only moderately angry at Joseph slaying his fellows. Moreover Kars looked down on Santana, describing as a weak puppy. He also seems to have a certain respect for nature and animals, as he killed a drunk driver who threatened to hit a puppy, and when he fell off a cliff, and he deliberately complicated an otherwise-simple landing to avoid falling on a flower. However, he does later attack a squirrel when testing his Ultimate Form's abilities and is said to have threatened an entire ecosystem fueling his Stone Masks. Thus Kars holds a certain amount of affections, but those affections only come second to his goals. 


See also Pillar Men#Powers and Abilities.
Close Up of Light Blade

Close Up of Light Blade

Light Mode (光の流法(モード) 'Hikari' no Mōdo?): Kars' power is that of light; he is able to produce bladed appendages from his arms and legs and use these to reflect blinding light toward his enemies. The light comes from the tiny, shark teeth-like claws running along the edge of the blade much like a chainsaw. It is from the reflections of these claws that gives Kars' Light Slip Blades (輝彩滑刀 Kisai Kattō?) their shining intensity. In this mode, Kars' blades are sharp enough to cut through most objects, including an automobile and several bullets at blinding speeds.

Bodily Manipulation: As with the other Pillar Men, Kars also has the same body manipulation capabilities shared by his companions. When he gains the power of the Red Stone, Kars' bodily manipulation abilities are enhanced to the genetic level, to the point where he is capable of reactive evolution. Kars was also shown to be able to mutate parts of his body into various living creatures and control them accordingly whilst in his ultimate form.

Kars Ultimate Form

Kars as the Ultimate Life form

Ultimate Form Abilities: As the Ultimate Life Form (究極生命体(アルティミット・シイング) Arutimitto Shīngu?, lit. "Ultimate Thing"), Kars becomes an immortal being and his body cannot age. He acquires multiple abilities and skills in this state:

  • Enhanced Intelligence: Kars is said to have an IQ of 400 as the Ultimate Life Form.
  • Superhuman Senses: Kars can sense the heat and air pressure around him. His vision is comparable to an Astronomical Telescope, and he is able to hear ultrasonic sound (such as bat echolocation or whale-songs).
  • Superhuman Strength: Kars's strength in this form is said to be 900kg/cm2.
  • Regeneration: Kars can heal any wound in a short period of time
  • Enhanced Body Manipulation: As the Ultimate Life Form, Kars's body contains the DNA of every organism to ever live on the Earth. He can manipulate his entire body on a cellular level to gain the traits of any life-form, such as bird-like wings that enable him to fly. He can even detach parts of himself and transform them into separate organisms that act independently of himself, such as when he turned his detached feathers into piranhas and octopus tentacles to bring down Joseph's plane.
Kars hamon

Kars using the Ripple

  • Ripple (波紋?): In his Ultimate Form, Kars is able to use the Ripple, but at a level that is hundreds of times stronger than Joseph's Ripple - According to Stroheim, Kars's Ripple is comparable to the intensity of the Sun itself[3], and it can literally melt and vaporize human flesh on contact.



Kars was around during the brink of evolution where his people lived underground and strived off the essence of all living things at the same time, failing to reproduce since they had such a long and worthy lifespan.

Frustrated by their ignorance of perfection, Kars wanted the beings to find a way to "tame the sun" and leave the underground to become perfect.

Kars uses mask

Kars using the first Stone Mask

In time, Kars created the Stone Masks in order for his race to become immune to the effects of the sun, and proceeded to kidnap humans in order to test the effects of the Stone Masks. However, the masks that he created, while capable of turning humans into vampires, were unable to penetrate deeply enough to unlock the Pillar Men's full potential, only resulting in some increased body manipulation powers at the cost of greatly increased hunger.

Eventually, his race began to fear him for his obsession and sought to execute him as the increased hunger caused by the mask would threaten their way of life if its use became widespread. Kars was shown protesting their actions before being forced to slaughter the race of Pillar Men himself, including his own parents. Along with Esidisi, one of the only members of his race who agreed with his ideals, he took two children, who were presumably the Pillar Men to be known as Santana and Wamuu.

Kars genocide

Kars massacres his race

After the slaughter of his race, Kars and his followers traveled the world, searching for the Red Stone of Aja, which Kars believed would be able to help overcome the flaws of the Stone Mask. He developed a modified version of the mask that could combine with the Red Stone, but his search for the latter artifact proved fruitless. At some point, Kars and his comrades would travel to Rome and fight a battle with the Ripple users that would end in their victory; how they ended up resting in the wall is unknown.

Battle Tendency (1938-39)

Kars is introduced as the leader of the Pillar Men, getting attacked by Wamuu after stepping on his shadow and apologizing for having forgotten that trait. After Joseph's initial defeat, Kars and the other Pillar Men set off to find the location of the Red Stone of Aja, but eventually settle in an abandoned mansion in San Moritz, Switzerland. Having found a lead to the stone, Esidisi had planned to contact Kars after retrieving it, but was promptly defeated by Joseph instead. With no phone call, Kars assumes something amiss and sets off to Italy to handle things himself.

At the border between Switzerland and Italy, he is confronted by Rudol von Stroheim and almost effortlessly defeats him after some struggle. At the same time, Kars is able to retrieve the stone, but has it taken from him by Joseph Joestar after a short mingle off a cliff. Kars travels back to San Moritz, where he is eventually confronted by Joseph and Lisa Lisa. He agrees to have a fair fight with Lisa Lisa at the nearby ruins, but ultimately tricks her during their fight with a doppelgänger and steals the stone from her, leaving her unconscious.


Kars exposed to the Sun

This immediately enrages Joseph, who battles Kars but is continually trapped in a dilemma where Kars pierces Lisa Lisa's feet and strings a rope through the wounds, forcing Joseph to grab the rope to stop her from falling. An overconfident Kars approaches as Joseph lights his scarf on fire and attacks, but falls from the beam clutching the rope as Kars severs it to finish off Lisa Lisa. However, this is revealed to have been Joseph's intentional setup, as he drew Kars' attention to his upper body while he arranged the loop of rope with his legs below, tricking him into stepping into the loop and forcing him to keep his opponents above the spikes below. Kars faces Joseph in a final standoff with his arm blade, but is soundly beaten as Joseph's Ripple breaks the blade and wounds his arm, knocking him off the railing and into the spikes below.

Stroheim and his Nazi troops arrive along with Speedwagon, Smokey and the Speedwagon Foundation Special Forces. Stroheim gloats over Kars before ordering his troops to unleash the full barrage of their ultraviolet light on Kars.

However, Kars manages to don his modified Stone Mask, with the Red Stone of Aja in place. The ultraviolet light activates the mask and enables him to enter his ultimate form. In a final confrontation, he succeeds in severing Joseph's hand, but is blown into space by a volcanic eruption induced by his Ripple colliding with the Red Stone of Aja that Joseph instinctively held out. The Ripple sets off the eruption and blasts the slab of rock with Kars and Joseph on it into the sky. Kars prepares to fly off, but is interrupted by Joseph's severed hand stabbing into his throat. This lapse in concentration causes other hot volcanic shards that Kars could have dodged otherwise to hit him and finally propel him into outer space.


Kars being unable to die eventually stopped thinking

Kars prepares to return to Earth after being thrown out of orbit by ejecting the built-up air within his body, but the air freezes on its way out. His vital body begins to freeze from the near-absolute zero temperature and he becomes trapped in the void of space for eternity. Unable to die even though he wishes for it, Kars eventually stops thinking.

Steel Ball Run

In Steel Ball Run, Magent Magent is trapped at the bottom of a river while using his defensive Stand. As he hopes for Diego's rescue that would never come, he eventually stops thinking. Magent Magent's "death" in Steel Ball Run is likely a reference to Kars' fate.

Video Games

All-Star Battle (PS3)

Kars makes his first appearance as a playable character in All-Star Battle; he was confirmed alongside Rohan Kishibe. Since Kars never exactly fought extensively in Part II, most of his normal attacks consist of regular punches and kicks. Along with Wamuu and Esidisi, Kars uses the "Mode" style, with his being the Light Mode, which allows him to use his Lightblades to attack the opponents in different directions.

The first one being a straight attack on the opponent, seemingly warping Kars behind his opponent and uppercutting them with his blade to set them up for a juggle combo. The second special move is an array of slashes performed in a single wave of his arm (similar to how he saved a dog from being ran over during Part II). The third special move is Kars jumping right at his opponent and using a backforward kick (similar to how he barely avoided falling down a cliff during his fight with Joseph in Switzerland) which also strikes the opponent away from him. The fourth special move can go in 3 different directions depending on what button was pressed. Kars charges his Light Mode and vanishes. Depending which button the player pressed to pull the move off, Kars will appear right in front of, behind or above his victim.

His HHA is a large array of Lightblade slashes done in a single movement of his arm. If they successfully hit, Kars moves past them in a samurai-esque fashion and brings his arm down, dealing a last, bloody attack to his victim. His GHA uses the Stone Mask (combined with the Red Stone of Aja) to turn into Ultimate Life Form Kars. If the animation fully plays out, Kars will rise upward and gain a new array of moves (it's also one of the longest and most difficult GHA to be fully activated, taking about 5 seconds to work).

After using his GHA, Kars gains a whole new moveset revolving around his godlike creation ability and gains wings to better move around the area. The first new move is a Ripple punch (Kars unleashed a super powerful Ripple punch whilst also mockingly confirming that it is indeed Ripple that he is using.) The second new move has Kars shoot hardened feathers from his wings (the same way he attacked Joseph's plane during the last chapters of Part II). The third new move has him summon a squirrel to attack his victim (Much like he did to attack Stroheim and his Nazi cohorts.) The fourth and final new move is along range attack with Kars transforming his arm into an octopus tentacle. When guarding in this form, he forms a shell around his body (similar to how he survived being launched into a volcano).

Ultimate Kars is not entirely infallible. If he falls victim to Kosaku-Kira's Bites the Dust GHA, Kars will revert back to his previous form. Also, Kars is the only character whose name is changed after using his GHA; The name "Kars" under the heath bar changes to "Kars (Ultimate Life Being)".

Kars also appears on the stage "The Battlefield" as a background character along with Lisa Lisa. If Wamuu is one of the combatants ingame, Kars will brag about Wamuu's strength. Obviously if Kars is in the actual battle itself, he won't be in the background.

Kars also possess two alternate costumes, the first one being the attire he usually wears (the veil that covers his long hair) and the second one being the overcoat he used to fight against Stroheim.

In the English release of the game, Kars' Lightblades are called "Shining Sabers" (keeping the alliteration of the Japanese name).

Stardust Shooters (Android/iOS)

Kars appears as one of the several Part II characters who posses a Metal Striker. His Finish Move consists of him using his Light Blades and cutting the opponent's defeated Metal Striker.

Eyes of Heaven (PS3/PS4)

Kars returns as a playable character in Eyes of Heaven, confirmed alongside Wamuu and Esidisi. Kars'


Kars, compared to All-Star Battle, now possesses a GHA, with his transformation completely separated from the Dual Heat Gauge. After landing a kick to the abdomen, Kars unleashes a rapid, alternating barrage of slashes from the Light Blades on both his arms, finishing with a single downward slice that rends the opponent multiple times and sends them flying with the final hit.

Ultimate Life Form

After becoming the Ultimate Life Form, Kars' moveset shifts from utilizing his Light Blades and Light Mode to relying on his newly gained abilities. In this form, Kars can fly freely around the map at almost any height and fire feathers that transform into large tentacles that attack the opponent, among other things.

Kars' solo GHA has undergone a change as well. He deals two powerful slashes that leave the opponent lying on the ground, revels in the fact he can now use Ripple, before charging and unleashing an all-powerful Ripple blast straight into the downed opponent. This is a reference to the method he tried to finish Joseph off with during the final chapters of Part II.

Unlike the previous game, his main color scheme is now based on his anime appearance.


He is paired with Pet Shop in the Eyes of Heaven tournament; the team wins the tournament, defeating Jolyne and Gyro Zeppeli in the finals.


  • Kars considers it an honor to show his hair to someone.
  • Kars is the only original Pillar Man capable of using the Ripple. This may make him the antithesis of Straizo, the first antagonist in Part II and the only vampire capable of using the Ripple due to having been a Ripple master prior to becoming a vampire.
    • Ironically, in the above case, Kars is the strongest Ripple master to date.
  • Kars is technically responsible for all the events in the original universe of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. He created the Stone Masks, which Dio Brando would eventually use in the future to become a vampire and kickstart the curse of the Joestar bloodline. If Kars had never created the masks, Dio would have been successfully taken to prison and lived his life as a normal human being - preventing Parts I - VI from happening.
  • For JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's 25th anniversary, Sorachi Hideaki, mangaka of Gintama, drew a parody of Kars drifting endlessly into space. A part of Hasegawa Taizo's head is seen jutting from Kars' body.
  • In Symposium of Post-mysticism, an official Touhou Fanbook, Toyosatomimi no Miko says that Koishi Komeiji "stopped thinking", using the phrasing of the famous line After a while, he stopped thinking (そのうち、考えるのをやめた。 Sono Uchi Kangaeru no wo Yameta?) referencing Kars.
  • Kars is, so far, the only main antagonist in the series who does not possess a Stand.
  • Kars is the shortest of the Pillar Men.
  • The explanation for Kars' Ultimate Lifeform ability to transform into animals is a reference to recapitulation theory.
  • In an interview with Araki, he dispelled theories of Kars returning in a future part, stating that unless Kars developed a compass ability or crash-landed on another civilization, he'll remain in space forever.[4]



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