All The Automatic Stands in The JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Series

An Automatic Stand is a Stand that is not activated by the user but rather an event or scenario. The Stand acts as its own being, meaning that if it is destroyed or damaged it won't affect the user. The scenarios vary with most users, with the most common being death.

Stands caused by Death

Stands caused by certain scenarios

  • Holy's Stand: Holy Kujo, being a kind-hearted person, was given a life-threatening stand through the influence of DIO. Because of not having the willpower to control it, the effects of her Stand gave her a high fever that would've eventually killed her had DIO remained alive.
  • Tohth: Tohth autonomously fills its pages with predictions after an undetermined amount of time. Boingo must wait for Tohth to finish rendering it's predictions before he can interpret them.
  • Nijimura Patriarch's Stand: If he had a Stand, its ability might have caused his constant regeneration. It's possible it wasn't an ability suited for fighting, as he wasn't sent to kill the Joestar group.
  • Green, Green Grass of Home: As the distance between the Green Baby and a threat it perceives halves, their size and stamina drop proportionally, making it seemingly impossible to reach the Green Baby. Should a person get close enough to the zero point, at a point close to the child, the stand will manifest and force it onto the Green Baby, in an attempt to wipe the person from existence as he or she vanishes to infinity.
  • Shakedown Road's Les Feuilles: This Stand appears under the Ginkgo biloba leaves littering Extortion Road. Should someone unaware of the Stand step on the leaves, the people who hang out on the street can make the unaware move without their knowing, often forcing them to cause some sort of physical damage to something that is worth money, forcing the target to pay money to get them to stop talking.
  • 20th Century Boy: Activates and remains until the user deactivates it.
  • Highway Star: It has no personality, it can either be automatic or user dependent.

Stands detached from their Users

  • Black Sabbath: Black Sabbath is Polpo's Stand which is used to test potential Passione members by stabbing them with the Arrow if they fail Polpo's test. It is a detached rather than a scenario Stand, since Black Sabbath was actually destroyed without Polpo realizing.
  • Judgement: When Judgement was beaten by Magician's Red, even though its eyes were popped, its head blown off, and its arm and side cracked and shattered, its owner didn't have a scratch on him when he was discovered.
  • Baby Face: Since Baby Face is actually a homunculus constructed within a targeted woman's body, its injury and destruction will not affect its user, Melone. Melone also cannot detect its movements and whom it kills.
  • Sheer Heart Attack: Kira is unaware of the precise actions of this sub-Stand released from the left hand of his true Stand, Killer Queen. However, effects exerted upon it will affect Kira's left hand. When Echoes ACT 3 "freezes" Sheer Heart Attack, Kira's left hand is forced to the earth and immobilized as well.
  • Bohemian Rhapsody: Since it's bound to fictional characters, Ungalo does not receive any damage given to his Stand.
  • Heavy Weather: It is totally detached from Weather Report, as he himself is not sure about its powers.