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D'Arby the Player (6) (ダービー・ザ・プレイヤー その⑥ Dābī za Pureiyā Sono 6?), originally Victory Towards Acceleration (勝利への加速 Shōri e no Kasoku) in the WSJ release, is the two hundred thirty-second chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. It is also the one hundred nineteenth chapter of Stardust Crusaders.


Both Kakyoin and Telence made it into the speedup tunnel, and are still tied in the race. Telence slams his racer against Kakyoin's in hopes of getting ahead. The screen starts to turn black as the two race further into the tunnel. Using their other senses the two expertly maneuver through the pitch-black tunnel. Within the tunnel a cannon fires, its light revealing that Telence had taken the lead. They exit the tunnel, Telence ahead by one car length. However he had to sacrifice his power meter to do so. This allows Kakyoin to perform a spin out and push Telence off the track. Kakyoin thinks he has won, but this was all part Telence's plan. Being spun out at max speed pushed Telence off their current track, and into a section of it further down the course. Knowing he could never recover from that, Kakyoin admitted defeat in his heart. At that moment Atum captures Kakyoin's soul, admired by Telence as his greatest opponent yet.



  1. 1991年の週刊少年ジャンプ

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