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Chapter 3

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Beloved Erina
Chapter 3
Japanese Title
Romanized Title
Itoshino Erina
Total Pages
Release Date
January 15, 1987
WSJ Issue
#5, 1987[1]
Episode 1
Chapter Chronology
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A New Friend!
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Mustn't Lose

Beloved Erina (Dio Brando the Invader - Part 2 in the JoJonium release) is the third chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. It is also the third chapter of Part I: Phantom Blood.


While looking for his watch in his desk, Jonathan sees Dio out of the corner of his eye. Dio has already taken the watch and plans to use it for the day. Jonathan feels uneasy, and thinks to himself that he will never see that watch again. Elsewhere in the mansion, Dio sees the Stone Mask and holds it. George explains that it originated from the Aztecs, and that he had bought the mask at a gallery in London not long after Jonathan was born. It was on the way back when the carriage accident occurred, and George keeps it with him as a memento of his wife, Mary. George asks Dio if he is interested in the mask, but Dio says he is not.

Sitting in a tree smoking a pipe, Jonathan sees his friends. He calls out to them, but they say that he will just snitch on their plans. Jonathan begins to think that Dio is behind his friends' strange behavior. He takes comfort in Danny's presence. Suddenly, Jonathan sees a girl staring at him from the side of the river. She runs away and leaves a basket of fruit for Jonathan. Jonathan realizes that she was the girl he saved the other day, Erina Pendleton.

Soon after, Jonathan and Erina start going out together. The two share a strong bond and seem to be falling in love. While the two are swimming at the lake with Danny, Jonathan carves something in a tree. Erina peeks at the tree. and sees their names surrounded by a heart. She blushes and the two begin playing again. That evening, after the two say goodbye, Dio accosts Erina and forces a kiss on her, to the shock of his two accomplices.


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