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Dio Brando the Invader (3)

Chapter 4 Cover A

Chapter 4

Japanese Title
侵略者ディオ・ブランドー その③
Romanized Title
Shinryakusha Dio Burandō Sono 3
Total Pages
Release Date
January 22, 1987
WSJ Issue
#6, 1987[1]
Episode 1
Chapter Chronology
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Dio Brando the Invader (2)
Next →
Dio Brando the Invader (4)

Dio Brando the Invader (3), originally Mustn't Lose in the WSJ release, is the fourth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga. It is also the fourth chapter of Phantom Blood.


Dio throws Erina to the ground and declares that her first kiss came from him and not from Jonathan; because of this, he predicts that he has successfully ruined the relationship between the two, leaving Jonathan alone once again. In tears, Erina washes her face in a puddle of muddy water she had been thrown into. Dio is enraged by her act of defiance and slaps her only to scold himself for letting a stupid girl make him so angry; he then leaves.

Another day at the mansion, George and Dio sit together on a balcony watching Jonathan play with Danny. George says that though Jonathan trained Danny their relationship was not just that of a master and his dog, but one of true friendship. Dio questions the statement, as he is perplexed by the idea of friendship with a dog. George tells of the time he bought Danny for Jonathan when he was only five years old; he notes that Jojo had always been a bit of a loner and did not have many close friends. Because Danny was intimidated by strange places and people, he bit Jonathan's arm the first time he tried to pet him. Out of fright, Jonathan would consistently antagonize Danny by throwing rocks at him or scaring him with a broom. However, one day Jonathan slipped off a bridge and fell into the river; he could not swim at the time and no one was around who could hear his cries for help. Danny was the only one nearby, and he selflessly dove into the river to pull Jonathan to safety. Jonathan was very grateful to Danny and it was since that day that the two of them had been friends.

The next time Jonathan sees Erina, he calls out her, but she runs away in tears unable to face him after Dio kissed her. Some of his former friends are close by and they mockingly tell him what happened between Dio and Erina. Jonathan rushes back to the mansion and shouts Dio's name. Dio guesses that Jonathan heard about the incident with Erina and has come to take revenge for her; Dio turns and confronts the infuriated Jojo. He strikes at Dio, but the attack is easily dodged and he counters with an elbow to Jonathan's face. Dio asks Jonathan if he intends to replay their resent boxing match and internally promises to beat Jojo fair and square so that he can prove himself to be ultimately superior. Jonathan becomes determined not to lose the fight, knowing that Erina's honor is on the line, and that it would mean him living in Dio's shadow for the rest of his life. Jojo punches again; his attack is blocked and Dio responds by kneeing Jonathan in the head. He is surprised when Jonathan recovers from the blow and headbutts him in the face. Dio is stunned by the unexpected hit and Jonathan furiously beats him yelling that he will not stop until Dio cries.



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