The Red Stone of Aja (エイジャの赤石 Eija no Sekiseki) is the twentieth chapter of Battle Tendency and the sixty-fourth chapter of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga.


In the depths of the Roman Colosseum, the Nazis have uncovered the three other Pillar Men preserved in a stone wall. Several ultraviolet lights are set up to prevent their awakening; several Stone Masks litter the wall. Once the superior Gestapo officer cuts the pillar out, he wants it sealed so they can never again see the light of day. Suddenly, a hole opens in the forehead of the middle Pillar Man, and strange sounds come out. A soldier goes in for a closer look, but a horn juts out from the hole and skewers his face. The horn increases in size, spinning like a drill. The remaining men cry out in fear as the body of the middle Pillar Man begins to take on a lifelike form and immediately rush to concentrate the light beams on him. He demonstrates a high level of intelligence when he discerns the purpose of these ultraviolet lights, remarking that the human race has progressed since he was last awake. Before they can do anything, he uses his horn to kill several more soldiers and splatter their blood across the lenses, obscuring the lights.

Immediately, the Pillar Man utilizes blinding speeds to cruise through the soldiers in a graceful and swift motion, manipulating their anatomy to join them all at their hands. He impales the leader and drains all men present of their blood by means of a chain reaction, showing a level of effectiveness unseen in Santana. He walks back to the stone wall and reveals his name to be Wamuu. Touching the two other Pillar Men with each of his index fingers, he refers to them as his masters and bids them to awaken, to which they follow suit.

Wamuu reports to his leader that he overheard a soldier saying Santana was defeated in Mexico by a possible Ripple warrior. The second Pillar Man mentions that they wiped out the Ripple clan 2,000 years ago. Undaunted, the leader of the Pillar Men inquires about the Red Stone of Aja, which appears to be a great source of power.  



  1. 1988年の週刊少年ジャンプ

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