Chiho Futaba (双葉 千帆 Futaba Chiho) is a character featured in The Book: 4th Another Day, based on Diamond Is Unbreakable.



Chiho Futaba was a child who saw her parents fighting many times. As she couldn't concentrate on reading over the sound of her mother breaking dishes, she ran away from home when she was 12 year old. She decided to take a bus to S City, but gave up after realizing she lived her entire life in Morioh. Chiho was attacked by a delinquent when alone, but was saved by a mysterious boy and returned home. Along the years all her friends stopped talking to her to be with boys, while her best friend moved to an all-girls high school in S City to become an interpreter for Hollywood stars. Chiho decided to write a diary and ended up spending hours writing in it. After seeing it was written more like a novel, Chiho decided to become a writer. She lives with her father Teruhiko Futaba now in Morioh, and is spoiled by him. Yukako was apparently her old neighbor.

The Book: 4th Another Day

Chiho is introduced as an aspiring novelist. Fascinated with rumors from Morioh, which could give her ideas for her novels, she researches about the iron tower man and later the bizarre book. Chioh eventually meets Takuma Hasumi and becomes his friend, believing him to be the boy who saved her (even though he denies it). Several months later, Chiho falls in love with Takuma, and finally knows it is Takuma who saved herself before. Two months after they became a couple, Chiho invites Takuma to her home for dinner, and later receives a black amber necklace from Takuma, which is exactly the one her father Teruhiko gave Takuma's mother, Akari years ago. From his father's words, Chiho probably learns that she's actually the half-sister of Takuma and kills her father with a kitchen knife. She later is taken over by her mom that lives far away from Morioh after Takuma dies, pregnant with Takuma's child.


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