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Cinderella (シンデレラ Shinderera?) is the Stand of Aya Tsuji featured in Diamond Is Unbreakable.


Cinderella has the form of a humanoid-looking female with long mechanical arms and a huge skirt. Its eyes resemble fashionista glasses, with the top of its head being similar to a beehive hairstyle. It has no personality.


The abilities of Cinderella are mostly related to cosmetic work:

  • Body Part Replacement: This ability allows Cinderella to replace some parts of one's body by creating a replacement for it from the slots on its hand. This is first seen performed on Yukako Yamagishi to enhance her romantic luck. It can also remove body parts from existing humans and place them on others, as seen done on Yoshikage Kira to disguise him from Josuke and Jotaro.[2]
  • Romantic Luck Increase: By replacing parts of body, Cinderella can enhance the beauty and luck of the recipient for a time limit before reverting them back to normal. It is possible to keep the effect after the time limit by applying a special lipstick at intervals determined by the Stand.
  • Magical Lipstick Manifestation: Cinderella can keep the effect of the enhanced beauty and luck by manifestation of a special lipstick, which must be used in the determined point in time. However, if not applied at the required point in time, it will deform the face of the recipient of the effect into ugliness as punishment for not keeping word. For example, after Yukako breaks her word in this way, Aya makes a deal with Yukako to return to her former beauty by creating several fake replica body parts of her original face, and one real part, then having her choose the correct one.




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