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Look at me straight into the eyes and die!


Cioccolata (チョコラータ Chokorāta?) is a member of Diavolo's Guard Squad, an antagonist from Vento Aureo, working alongside his partner Secco.


Cioccolata is a man of average build, having short hair save for mushroom shaped hairlocks on the top of his head. He also bears marks on his forehead and cheeks, and wears earrings, as well as a dark neckband.

Cioccolata wears a stylized bright longcoat, in which a cross shaped lace partially reveals his chest and sporting multiple T-shaped holes on the arms. Under the same bright trousers, Cioccolata wears a dark thong.


It is rare for me to feel disgust, but Cioccolata in particular is the worst of the worst...

Diavolo about Cioccolata

Cioccolata is a skilled manipulative sadist. According to Diavolo, Cioccolata was a former surgeon dismissed from his hospital for a medical accident two years before the start of Vento Aureo. However, the deaths were not accidents but were just cover ups for Cioccolata to freely operate on them, diagnosing healthy patients ill before doing so. He would sometimes limit their anesthetics so the patients would regain consciousness mid-operation, allowing him to delight in the patient's suffering and death.

Fancying himself a doctor, Cioccolata is driven by his morbid curiosity, insisting on recording every death he witnesses and enjoying every single moment, as he claims these are for his own personal progress as a surgeon. His sadism gives him enough ruthlessness to even endanger Giorno and Mista. Cioccolata is also prone to gloating, presenting his philosophy of one's own progress at the first opportunity and expressing his enjoyment at others' suffering loudly.

Cioccolata is fond of his servant Secco, treating him as a pet of some sort. Being unaware of Secco's hate for him, Cioccolata gives him treats regularly and calls him for a last farewell when he dies.


Main article: Green Day

Cioccolata's Stand, Green Day, is a humanoid power Stand which spread a deadly mold, which eventually consumes people's flesh. The mold's growth is triggered by a lowering of altitude and has unlimited range, as long as other people are infected.

Surgical Genius: Cioccolata's sick experiments gave him an intimate knowledge of the human body, especially which body parts he can cut while preserving his victim's life. His surgery skills are great, as he could perform surgery on himself quickly enough to cut himself in half while Mista and Giorno went up to meet him.


A young Cioccolata was constantly at the top of his class. When he was fourteen years old, he volunteered to take care of bedridden elderly people and received a commendation from the town mayor himself. In truth, however, Cioccolata did not actually take care of the elderly at all. Instead, he intentionally fed them unhygienic food and illegal drugs, and would then whisper into their ears about how no one would visit them and other emotionally destructive things. This torment eventually drove old people to despair and eventually commit suicide. He even filmed the expressions of his helpless victims and their deaths. Diavolo found that he has kept over 25 tapes worth of this material. After psychologically manipulating nine patients into committing suicide, Cioccolata decided to become a doctor.

Vento Aureo (2001)

He was first introduced when Diavolo, explaining to Doppio, claimed that he had no choice but to call Cioccolata and Secco to intercept Bucciarati's gang at Rome. Diavolo, although not very hateful or spiteful of many people, loathed Cioccolata, referring to him as "despicable" and "trash." He is first seen using his Stand Green Day on Mista and Narancia. With his Stand in effect, he moves to a safer spot above the group as they suffer, telling Secco to record their pain. When Mista, Bucciarati, and Giorno escape his deadly trap, he and Secco board a helicopter to ascend above Rome and raise the effects of Green Day. Secco jumps down the from helicopter to stall the gang, but ends up fighting Bucciarati as the other two head for Cioccolata.

With a quick combo, Mista fires bullets at a nearby building, allowing Giorno to use his Gold Experience to turn the bullets into vines and latch on to the helicopter, taking the fight to the air. The two reach the helicopter, though Mista mistakenly fires his Sex Pistols into the craft, giving Cioccolata the opportunity to use Green Day to incapacitate most of the Sex Pistols via physical strikes. Cioccolata, able to move his dismembered body parts around the helicopter, overwhelms Giorno briefly and throws him off the helicopter.

However, the last Sex Pistol ricochets a bullet for Giorno to hold on to the helicopter and Giorno, using the same bullet, hits Cioccolata straight in the head, stunning him. Cioccolata then grabs hold of the remaining Sex Pistol and threatens to destroy it with his dismembered left arm, which would undoubtedly kill Mista. Fortunately for Mista, the bullet that entered Cioccolata's head earlier turns into a stag beetle with Gold Experience's ability, and destroys his head from the inside. Finally, Giorno finishes off Cioccolata with a very lengthy fist barrage into a trash compactor, killing him.



  • According to JOJOVELLER, his character is inspired by the news during the publication surrounding murderous doctors.
  • He is one of the most evil and despised characters in Vento Aureo, let alone the entire series, earning the hostility of the boss, Doppio, and Giorno.
  • Cioccolata is the first and only antagonist to suffer a 7 page fist barrage.
  • His name was switched to Cioccolato (チョコラート) part-way through the fight, though this change was not updated in the printed manga and is unused in the art books.


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