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Clash (クラッシュ Kurasshu?) is the Stand of Squalo featured in Vento Aureo.


Clash appears as a mechanical shark-like being with two eyes on the sides of its head and a single large eye in the middle. Its size varies depending on the size of the body of liquid it occupies.

Its design is based on an Ostracoderm, an extinct fish species.[2]


Teleportation: Clash can move through any liquid within a 1-5 meter range of the liquid it occupied at that moment. It also takes a practical size depending on the liquid that it occupies: when it was in the wine glass it was about the size of a small fish, while it is considerably larger in the river.

The Stand is able to drag anything and anyone along with it when teleporting between bodies of water. This is demonstrated when it kidnapped Giorno and dragged him between puddles.



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