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Cream Starter (クリーム・スターター Kurīmu Sutātā?) is the Stand of Hot Pants featured in Steel Ball Run.


Cream Starter takes the form of a hand-held spray can, and as such shows no personality.


  • Flesh of Foam: The signature ability of Cream Starter is its ability to turn flesh into a creamy substance. The user can use their own flesh, or to absorb the flesh of an individual by directly touching them. If cream is added to a person, it attaches and fuses with the individual (i.e. spraying on wounds will heal it, and spraying on a face will cover their nose and mouth).
  • Remote Limbs: The user can also detach body parts in the form of foam, such as a hand, which can then wield the spray can from an angle. A downside of this ability is a detached body part transfers any pain it feels back to the user. A detached body part could possibly be absorbed as foam to be used later on.
  • Cut like Flesh: A stream of foam has also shown cutting power, when it sliced off Ringo Roadagain's hand.
  • Flesh Disguise: The cream can also remain attached to an individual, and once activated can take the form of a new individual, effectively disguising them. The cream masks the original's scent as well as appearance.



  • Unlike a lot of Stands, Cream Starter seems to be able to maintain itself and its power no matter the distance, and even through different dimensions of its user, as shown by Funny Valentine giving a Cream Starter to Johnny who uses it on his horse's throat.
  • Araki states that when creating Cream Starter, he simply wanted a Stand that could "spray stuff out to let you transform and stuff". Additionally, the way it worked was based off of shaving cream cans.[2]


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