We Picked Up Something Crazy! (やばいものを拾ったっス! Yabaimono o Hirottassu!)[1] is the eighty-seventh episode of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime and the thirteenth episode of Diamond Is Unbreakable. It covers Chapter 315 through Chapter 317 of the manga.


Following Otoishi's defeat, Jotaro manages to retrieve the Bow and Arrow, though urges the others to be careful of any Stand users that were created. As Josuke tries to escort Joseph back to his house to meet Tomoko, Joseph comes across what appears to be an invisible baby girl, which he believes had unknowingly become a Stand user. After spending a fortune on baby supplies, Joseph tries to dress up the baby, only for her ability to start making everything within a radius, including Joseph's hand, invisible as well when she starts crying. Things get hectic when Joseph accidentally knocks the baby into the river. Feeling guilty, Joseph decides to slit his wrist in order to use his blood to reveal the baby's location, allowing Josuke to rescue her. Initially mad with him, Josuke comes to admire Joseph until he realizes how much he spent on baby supplies.




Manga/Anime Differences

  • Koichi's narration on Akira's imprisonment and the whereabouts of the bow and arrow are told by Jotaro while the crew meets at a cafe. This includes a flashback of his visit to Akira's jail cell.
  • A scene is added where Josuke calls Tomoko.
  • The anime-only Kai Harada returns to read a letter on the air.
  • A scene depicting an unseen mangaka receiving an envelope containing a Pink Dark Boy manuscript from a Shueisha employee is added.
  • A scene revealing Josuke Higashikata's Joestar Birthmark is added.


  • The mascot of the Bear Tears team in "Oh! That's A Baseball!" makes an appearance on the Papapoko brand of diapers when Joseph goes shopping.
  • The letter Kai Harada reads on his radio show is from a man describing how his girlfriend has gone missing after he gave her a ruby-adorned engagement ring. This is a reference to the Killer's latest victim, with her severed hand being seen in the previous episode.


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