Shigechi's Harvest, Part 1 (「重ちー」の収穫(ハーヴェスト) その1 "Shigechī" no Hāvesuto Sono Ichi) is the eighteenth episode of Diamond is Unbreakable and the ninety-second episode of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime. It covers Chapter 335 through Chapter 337 of the manga.


Koichi, after the events of the Ghost Alley, is still concerned finding the serial killer that had killed Reimi and many others who's still in Morioh, despairing at how he wishes that he could help them.

Meanwhile, Josuke screams out in shock at his pitifully low funds, even after being repaid by Joseph, cursing himself for getting into this situation. Due to having gone on a shopping spree with his newfound cash, he was too foolish to keep check with his savings. He snaps out of this stupor when he spots a bee-like Stand coming from under one of the bins with a coin of loose change, leading him to chase after it.

As Josuke pursues the Stand, he's soon joined by Okuyasu, who reveals that he's been following that Stand as well. However, unlike Josuke, his reasons were that he was startled by its appearance, spilling the water he had just spent on, much to his anger. They soon discover that there's several more Stands just like the one they're chasing, with Josuke comparing this type of Stand to Bad Company, the Stand of Okuyasu's late brother Keicho.

The two soon discover the location that they were travelling to, and with that, learn of their Master, Shigekiyo "Shigechi" Yangu. Upon learning how much money Shigechi made just from the loose change, Josuke and Okuyasu strike up a business friendship with him, using Harvest to search for discarded stickers and vouchers that can be exchanged for larger cash rewards. However, Shigechi soon reveals his greedier side, giving Josuke and Okuyasu only a small portion of what was a bigger reward that they were promised, much to Okuyasu's anger.

Josuke later dumps all the lottery tickets they found with Harvest into the bin, with Okuyasu protesting at the action. During his investigation of the tickets, Okuyasu soon finds out that one of the tickets is not only a 5-million yen jackpot, but its still valid for a few more days, much to the delight of both him and Josuke. Unfortunately, Shigechi becomes highly reluctant to share this prize with the two seniors equally.




Manga/Anime Differences

  • Yukako and Koichi make a cameo, along with Reimi, Arnold and Rohan.
  • Scenes are added depicting people getting Kameyu stamps in stores.
  • Oddly, although every previous episode replaced each references of the café "Deux Magots" with "Rengatei", the anime shows a receipt written "Deux Magots" in Josuke's wallet.
  • Josuke states he saved 20,000 yen to buy shoes, but them being FerragamoW brand is removed.
  • Added that Okuyasu finds Shigechi's mother to be attractive.
  • Removed Shigechi chewing bubblegum that he forgot on his mother's picture.


  • Assistance with the computer generated models for Harvest was provided by CyberConnect2W / Bandai Namco EntertainmentW.
  • During the fireworks scene, one of the words shown is "URYYYY", a sound typically associated with the series' undead, most notably Dio Brando.


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