Yukako Yamagishi Dreams of Cinderella (山岸由花子はシンデレラに憧れる Yamagishi Yukako wa Shinderera ni Akogareru)[1] is the ninety-fourth episode of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime and the twentieth episode of Diamond Is Unbreakable. It covers Chapter 348 through Chapter 353 of the manga.


Yukako, unable to approach Koichi, is depressed. She stumbles upon the Cinderella Beauty Salon. Aya Tsuji, beautician by trade, invites her inside, explaining that physiognomy affects how one is loved by people, and claims that she can improve Yukako's face, and by extension her love life. Yukako is skeptical but has nothing to lose, thus accepts a 30 minutes trial. When she closes her eyes, the beautician summons her Stand Cinderella and modifies her face.

In the streets, Yukako coincidentally meets Koichi, who wishes to put aside their past fight and make peace, to Yukako's joy. Although Koichi and Yukako go as far as touching each other's hand, the time limit has passed. Koichi begins to have stomachaches and runs away. Dismayed, Yukako rushes back to Aya's salon and demands to be upgraded further. Aya accepts to modify Yukako's whole body, but drawing a parallel with the story of Cinderella, warns her that she would need to use a special lipstick every 30 minutes from now on. Yukako accepts. Meanwhile, Koichi suddenly feels better, and noticing that he is holding Yukako's bag, runs back to give it to her. When he sees Yukako, Koichi's heart is enthralled by her beauty. However, Rohan appears and pressures him into following him. Yukako, who pictured both of them having an intimate moment, is taken aback. Finally, events conspire to make them hug each other; Yukako and Koichi share a passionate kiss as the time limit of 30 minutes passes.

Several days later, Koichi finds it strange that after their kiss, Yukako never contacted him again. In the streets, he sees a woman resembling Yukako, but the hideous woman denies being her. It is indeed Yukako, who crashes Aya's salon, ordering her to fix her face. However, Aya reveals that Yukako's face is gone forever and her features begin to progressively disappear as a result of tampering with Fate. Yet Koichi suddenly enters the salon, having recognized Yukako by her personality alone. Impressed, Aya accepts to give Yukako a chance and makes many faces appear, saying that she can choose whichever feels like being her face and put them one, for better but also for worse as the disharmony will make her incredibly ugly. In fact Aya lied, and none of the features is Yukako's; only if Yukako notices this that she will deign fix her face. Yukako cannot decide, and asks Koichi to choose for her, saying that she will be satisfied with his choice, surprising Aya. Furthermore, when Koichi requests to be blinded in case Yukako ends up ugly to ease her pain, Aya is so moved by the couple's love for each other that she restores Yukako's features. Everyone ends up happy.


Manga/Anime Differences

  • Since this episode takes place before Yoshikage Kira Wants to Live Quietly rather than afterwards, Yukako sees Koichi and runs away only to happen upon Salon Cinderella. Originally, Yukako sits at Cafe Deux Maggot until Joseph convinces her to visit the salon in order to find love.
  • During the scene where everyone shows up to interfere, further dialogue from Joseph towards Yukako is also omitted. Yukako's left eye twitching is added.
  • Dialogue depicting Yukako meeting two children talking about having a lover and Koichi talking about Angelo Rock's growing fame at Rengatei is added.
  • When Yukako goes to meet up with Koichi after her first try at Aya's salon, she has an inner monologue where she doubts the ability of the makeup to bring her luck.
  • Yukako cutting in line to grab a taxi and using her powers to tie a man's hand to a pole is cut.
  • When Koichi and Yukako bump into each other after Yukako first tries out Aya's salon, Koichi mentions he doesn't want her to feel bad about what happened before partially because the two are stand users and should get along, although this part is omitted.
  • Like previous episodes, the café Deux Magots is replaced by Rengatei, but strangely Koichi and Yukako's first date takes place at "Deux Maigots".
  • When Aya examines Yukako's body, it omits her analysis of Yukako's hand lines.
  • Cuts why Yukako does not apply the lipstick; the manga reveals that it was because it happens during her kissing Koichi.
  • When Josuke nearly falls out the window, his Stand now helps him to get back up.
  • A scene showing Yoshikage Kira walking past Salon Cinderella with a St. Gentleman's bag is added.
  • The faces proposed by Cinderella to Yukako are still while the manga had them in movement.



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