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Death Thirteen (死神13(デスサーティーン) Desu Sātīn?), sometimes stylized Death 13 (DEATH 13(デスサーティーン)?), is the Stand of Mannish Boy, an antagonist featured in Stardust Crusaders.


JoJo Tarot 13 - Death


Death Thirteen appears as a mix between a clown and the Grim Reaper holding a scythe. In place of a skull, it has a clown face with downwards curved eyes and an eerie smile. The face's design takes inspiration from the masks found during the Venetian carnival.[1] Its mouth never moves as it talks, though it can move its mouth and face independently. Outside of its head and arms, Death Thirteen has no physical body, meaning any attacks aimed at its clothing simply passes through the emptiness under its mantle. This gives it immunity to most bodily attacks, even those launched by a Stand. Death Thirteen is also an extremely unique Stand in that it is controlled by an 11 month-old User. It has the habit of shouting "Lali-ho." It represents the Tarot Card Death.


Master of Dreams: This ability comes in two parts. When anything alive (human or otherwise) falls asleep near Mannish Boy, Death Thirteen's User, they are drawn into Death Thirteen's dream world, which appears as a massive carnival, complete with Ferris wheels and roller coasters. Death Thirteen has full control in this dream world, save for the people drawn into it. It is able to make death machines out of mechanical items, summon objects out of nothing, or even trick a person into thinking they have summoned their Stand, though this is actually Death Thirteen, as nothing besides those who are asleep can enter Death Thirteen's world.


The amusement park in Death Thirteen's dream world

Any injuries the person receives in the dream world are transferred to the real world, including fatal ones. Death Thirteen can also can heal its victims in the dream world, which causes the healing of a wound in the real world. The corpse of anyone killed in the dream world stays where it was killed in the dream, becoming a part of it, and thus under Death Thirteen's control. If, by some miracle, the person manages to survive Death Thirteen's assault, they forget what happened when they wake up, only remembering once they return to Death Thirteen's world. This makes it very hard to attack the Stand's relatively weak user.

Death Thirteen's primary weakness is its inability to affect people outside of its dream world; if someone were to identify Mannish Boy as a threat, he would be largely helpless. Additionally, someone who falls asleep with their Stand active beforehand will be able to summon the Stand inside the dream world - additionally, the person will remember everything that happened while they were sleeping when they awaken.

In Video Games


Unlike the original story line, in the game Mannish Boy attacks the entire group from inside a plane en route to India. During the battle, Death Thirteen's main attack consists of using its sickle several times.

Heritage for the Future (PS1/DC/Arcade)

Death Thirteen appears as a special enemy faced in Arcade Mode. The conditions to fight him include using only one of the eight main hero characters (including Young Joseph and New Kakyoin) and the player cannot lose a single battle. If these conditions are completed, a "Here Comes a New Challenger" will appear on the screen, taking the player to world of dreams to fight Death Thirteen.

In the PlayStation version, the events from the Death Thirteen story arc appear in the Super Story mode, where the player has to defeat the Stand using Kakyoin. During the fight, Death Thirteen can summon a fake Star Platinum, Silver Chariot and Magician's Red to attack the player (these fakes Stands are defeated with one attack), as well as fly around the stage and throw its sickle.

Death Thirteen's special battle can also be unlocked on Gallery mode (Oingo and Boingo's book), but the player can only play as one of the eight heroes (including Young Joseph and New Kakyoin).


  • Death Thirteen's powers are similar to those of horror icon Freddy Krueger: both can enter others' dreams and kill them there to kill them in the real world.
  • Unlike the other Tarot Stands, Death Thirteen's appearance almost identically matches its picture on the Tarot Card it represents. 
  • His repeated phrase "Lali-ho" is in reference to the original name of the sleep spell in the Dragon Quest series, itself a reference to the rallying cry of The Impossibles. The spell would leave the target helpless for several turns, even while being killed. Some months before Death Thirteen's debut, Araki was among the many Shonen Jump artists photographed in Dragon Quest cosplay for their 1990 No. 6 cover celebrating the fourth installment



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