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Devil's Palm
Devil palm
English Name Devil's Palm
Type Landscape
Located In United States
Manga Debut SBR Vol. 4 Ch. 18
The Devil's Palm (1)
Anime Debut N/A

Devil's Palms (悪魔の手のひら Akuma no Tenohira?), as featured in Part VII: Steel Ball Run, house and/or emerge around each of the Corpse Parts, in each of the locations Jesus gave on a map of North America to Joseph of Arimathea.


When Jesus died on the western coast of North America, a great storm and earthquake tore and reshaped the land, which divided his Corpse into 9 Parts that would be carried by animals and other forces of nature eastwards.

Carrying the Corpse Parts while migrating around the country and appearing in seemingly random places, Devil's Palms occasionally ensnare people, occasionally granting them Stands, or, still less often, a Corpse Part.[1]

As the Boomboom Family explain, those passing through them are forever changed. Along with the Corpse Parts themselves, surviving a period in any of these locations seems to be the only way to develop a Stand. Johnny obtained his first Corpse Part from a Devil's Palm in Monument Valley, soon discovering his Stand Tusk; and Mountain Tim obtained his Stand in a similar location.

List of Devil's Palms

  • Arizona Desert / Monument Valley: Containing the Left Arm[2]
  • Sugar Mountain (Tree/Stand), West of Chicago:[3] Guarding the Ears and the Right Arm

This section requires expansion.


  • The meteorite described in reference to the first Devil's Palm mentioned may have been a reference to the meteorite from which the Stand Arrows were carved.


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