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For the anime adaption, see JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable. For the upcoming film, see JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable (film)
There are other people in this town who have the same kind of power as I do, what a surprise!

—Anjuro Katagiri, Chapter 269

Diamond Is Unbreakable (ダイヤモンドは砕けない Daiyamondo wa Kudakenai?) is the fourth part of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump between 1992 and 1995. Originally titled JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 4: Jōsuke Higashikata (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 第4部 東方仗助 JoJo no Kimyō na Bōken Dai Yon Bu: Higashikata Jōsuke), the arc spans 174 chapters and is preceded by Stardust Crusaders.

In 1999, the Arrow, manifesting latent Stand abilities, travels throughout Morioh, Japan; as high schooler Josuke Higashikata (illegitimate son of Joseph) and his friends seek out the culprits of a series of homicides.

Plot Summary

Jotaro Kujo! Meets Josuke Higashikata

Jotaro meets josuke

Josuke and Jotaro meet

An older Jotaro Kujo travels to coastal Morioh, Japan, in order to meet high school freshman Josuke Higashikata and link him with the inheritance of Joseph Joestar; his aging, absent father.

Once Josuke displays his Stand, Crazy Diamond, Jotaro shares the news of a paranormal threat in Morioh, revealing that a Stand-using murderer named Anjuro Katagiri is lurking in Morioh.

Josuke Higashikata! Meets Anjuro

The murderer Anjuro Katagiri targets Josuke with his new Stand Aqua Necklace for foiling a robbery. After Anjuro kills Josuke's grandfather Ryohei (a police officer), Josuke pledges to adopt his role as Morioh's protector.

Josuke and Jotaro eventually defeats Anjuro, who is fused to a rock. Anjuro reveals that he acquired his Stand when one man used a Bow and Arrow on him.

The Nijimura Brothers

Josuke and Koichi Hirose find a dilapidated house when Koichi is struck by the Arrow, soon releasing his dormant Stand Echoes.

The culprits Okuyasu and Keicho Nijimura aim to create Stand users in hope that they will be able to kill their father, transformed into a dumb, undying creature by DIO's cells upon his death. Josuke proves to them that their father is partially human, dissuading them.

The group is then attacked by the electrical Stand Red Hot Chili Pepper, which kills Keicho and takes the Bow and Arrow. Thus, Okuyasu joins the allies in locating this second murderer.

Koichi Hirose (Echoes)

Jotaro, perceived as the greater threat, is warned by the user of Red Hot Chili Pepper to leave Morioh.

Koichi is extorted by Tamami Kobayashi of the new Stand The Lock, but when Josuke exposes his scam, Tamami flees. Tamami then draws in Koichi's mother and sister, and provokes the metamorphosis of Koichi's Stand into Echoes ACT1 which can implant sounds into objects and people. When Koichi manages to lift his mother's guilt, Tamami surrenders to Koichi.

Toshikazu Hazamada (Surface)

Fellow student Toshikazu Hazamada targets Josuke with his new Stand Surface, assuming his appearance he plans to kill Jotaro with Surface disguised as Josuke, but is eventually foiled by Josuke and Koichi's efforts.

Yukako Yamagishi Falls in Love

When defeated, Toshikazu expresses to Jotaro and Josuke the observation that, as though by fate, "Stand users are bound to meet."

Fellow student Yukako Yamagishi confesses her love to Koichi, who is initially pleased but then finds Yukako too scary. When Josuke and Okuyasu try to help him by slandering him, Yukako kidnaps Koichi, determined to make him love her whilst holding him with her new Stand Love Deluxe. Koichi's Stand develops again into Echoes ACT2 before he defeats and then rescues her.

Let's Go Eat Some Italian Food

Josuke and Okuyasu discover the benevolent culinary master Tonio Trussardi, a natural user of the Stand Pearl Jam operating a fine Italian restaurant.

Red Hot Chili Pepper

Red Hot Chili Pepper reappears, attacking Josuke in his home. Jotaro gathers the group in a field, aiming to be free of its range; but from a motorcycle, it eavesdrops on a plan to receive Joseph Joestar and utilize his psychic Stand Hermit Purple to locate the user. Okuyasu attacks and lets Red Hot Chili Pepper.

When Joseph arrives at Morioh's docks, user Akira Otoishi reveals himself, fighting Josuke. Josuke seemingly wins against Akira by throwing Red Hot Chilli Pepper into the sea, but Akira manages to sneak on the boat Joseph is. Akira is finally defeated by Okuyasu due to dumb luck.

Picked Up Something Bad!

Akira's Bow and Arrow are taken into the Speedwagon Foundation's custody, fostering a temporary peace.

Josuke and Joseph share an awkward moment before discovering Shizuka, an invisible baby (of the Stand Achtung Baby) apparently abandoned on the streets of Morioh. When Shizuka falls into a pond while invisible, Joseph manages to impress Josuke by using his own blood to discover her, and their relationship improves. Joseph subsequently adopts Shizuka.

Let's Go Play at the Mangaka's House

Koichi and Toshikazu Hazamada meet eccentric manga author Rohan Kishibe, user of Heaven's Door which can transform anyone who sees his drawing into books. Rohan, very interested in Koichi because he makes a great comic character, forces him to come back to his house to dig further experiences from him.

Josuke saves Koichi when Rohan taunts him about his hair and literally becomes blind with rage and unable to see Rohan's drawings. How Josuke got his haircut is revealed, and Rohan is sent to the hospital.

Let's Go 'Hunting'!

Jotaro enlists Josuke's help in hunting a rat Stand user. Josuke discovers the rat which uses Ratt, enabling it to melt anyone it shoots, and defeats him. However the existence of a second rat using the same Stand dubbed Bug-Eaten by Jotaro is revealed.

While Jotaro acts as a bait, Josuke snipes Bug-Eaten with Crazy Diamond and kills it.

Rohan Kishibe's Adventure

Reimi AN

Reimi pleading to Rohan and Koichi

Rohan draws Koichi into helping with his research. The pair discover a ghostly alley inhabited by Reimi Sugimoto, victim of an unknown serial murderer over a decade prior. She begs Koichi and Rohan to find her killer, who continues to prey on the population of Morioh, and Rohan accepts her request. Rohan and Kishibe also escape the malicious spirits of the alley who drag away anyone who looks behind their back into an unknown place.

Yoshikage Kira is introduced, speaking as though on a date to the severed hand of a woman.

'Shigechi''s Harvest

Josuke, nearly ruined, meets alongside Okuyasu the child Shigekiyo Yangu whose hive-like Harvest enables to latter to gather small items from the whole town. Striking a deal together, they get rich thanks to a winning lottery ticket but Shigechi gets greedy and wants all the money for himself. Josuke and Okuyasu combat him when he betrays them; finally befriending him.

Yoshikage Kira Wants to Live Quietly

After Shigechi swaps bags with Yoshikage Kira by accident, he discovers Kira's secret and is destroyed after their confrontation by Kira's Stand, Killer Queen; leaving a button torn from Kira's sleeve.

People of Morioh Town

Thus, the allies of the story congregate and agree to collaborate in locating Kira and ending his depredations.

Yukako Yamagishi Dreams of Cinderella

Yukako is still in love with Koichi but doesn't know how to repair their relationship. Following Joseph's advice, she meets Aya Tsuji, the beautician and manager of the Cinderella salon who makes more attractive with Cinderella. Yukako manages to win Koichi's heart but forgets to put on her lipstick, rendering her ugly.

When Yukako, Koichi and Aya meet again in the latter's salon, Aya tests Koichi by having him choose Yukako's original face from a multitude of other faces. When Koichi wants Aya to make him blind if he's mistaken, Aya is impressed by his love and gives Yukako her original face back.

Sheer Heart Attack

Jotaro and Koichi find the origin of Kira's button in a shoe shop, where Kira attacks with his Stand's secondary power, Sheer Heart Attack. Koichi's Stand develops finally into Echoes ACT3, and after a battle also involving Josuke and Okuyasu, Kira is able to force Aya Tsuji to alter his features with her Stand, killing her before she may help the group, and escaping.

Atom Heart Father

Jotaro, Josuke, Okuyasu and Koichi investigate Kira's former life and residence. The ghost of Kira's father Yoshihiro Kira appears and attacks the group from a photograph, empowered by the Stand Atom Heart Father.

Yoshihiro is initially captured into a photograph, but escapes with a second Bow and Arrow; aiming to create an army of Stand users in order to protect his hiding son.

Yoshikage Kira's New Situation, Part 1

Kira Face New

Kira's new face

Kira is shown as having occupied the likeness, home and family of Kosaku Kawajiri. Formerly underwhelmed, Kosaku's wife Shinobu is impressed when Kira steals their monthly rent directly from their visiting landlord.

Janken Boy Is Coming!

Rohan is challenged in a series of games of rock-paper-scissors by Ken Oyanagi, user of the new Stand Boy II Man. Rohan refuses but Ken harasses him into accepting a game. On the verge of losing, Rohan manages to use Shizuka's power to make things invisible to save himself. He then completely defeats Ken in their game of rock-paper-scissors fair and square.

Yoshikage Kira's New Situation, Part 2

Repressing his murderous urges, Kira labors to adapt to his new life; provoking the suspicion of Kosaku's spying son, Hayato.

I Am an Alien

Josuke and Okuyasu encounter Mikitaka Hazekura, proclaiming to be a bicentenarian extraterrestrial while displaying a Stand-like shapeshifting ability Earth Wind and Fire. Josuke befriends Mikitaka and exploits him in cheating money from Rohan in a game of dice by having Mikitaka become the dice. Rohan discovers that Josuke is cheating but cannot deduce how while Mikataka has difficulties maintaining the masquerade.

Josuke and Mikitaka finally get away scot-free while Rohan's house is burned down because of a magnifying glass.

Highway Star

Rohan spots what appears to be a room in a tunnel in which a man bends over and severs the hand of an unconscious woman. Highway Star traps Rohan in the room and absorbs his life-force to heal its user. Then Josuke intervenes, and decides to go look for the user. While Highway Star relentlessly pursues Josuke, he calls Koichi who discovers the location of the enemy.

Josuke manages to close on Highway Star's user Yuya Fungami and defeats him.

The Cat Likes Yoshikage Kira

Shinobu Kawajiri kills the cat Tama. However Kira finds it resurrected as a plant using the Stand Stray Cat, and after a fight, he gives it a home in the household attic.

Let's Live on a Transmission Tower

Josuke, Okuyasu and Mikitaka meet Toyohiro Kanedaichi, a man living on a transmission tower. Toyohiro tricks Josuke into entering the tower which is his Stand Super Fly. The sole remaining person inside Super Fly cannot escape it, and Josuke and Mikitaka work together into throwing Toyohiro back in it. After a brutal fight, Toyohiro yields and chooses to stay inside Super Fly, revealing that Koichi has been taken down by another of Yoshihiro's assassins.

Enigma Boy

Josuke and Yuya work together to find the enemy Stand user, revealed as Terunosuke Miyamoto, new user of the Stand Enigma. Enigma traps people into paper once they've shown their terror's tell and manages to trap Josuke. However Yuya frees Josuke and Josuke defeats Terunosuke by fusing him with a book, freeing Koichi and his mother Tomoko.

My Dad Is Not My Dad

Hayato films Kira murdering a man and a woman, but Kira notices him. When Kira confronts Hayato about this, Hayato tells Kira that he has numerous proof that he isn't his true father.

Cheap Trick

Rohan notices a photograph of Hayato filming his father. His investigation is interrupted when he welcome Masazo Kinoto, the architect supposed to repair his house. Masazo hates having his back being seen and Rohan cannot resist the temptation to look. He inherits the Stand Cheap Trick which attaches itself to Rohan's back and will kill him if anyone sees it. With Koichi's help, Rohan uses the malicious spirits of the ghost alley to get rid of it.

Another One Bites the Dust

Kira after having killed Hayato in anger, finds himself forced to flee Morioh. He refuses to yield and is pierced by the Arrow, which grants him the new ability Bites the Dust. Hayato is forced to revive a whole day if anyone enquires about Kira or he informs someone about Kira, the witness having their heads explode. Moreover the death will still happen in the next time loop. During the time loops, Rohan, Jotaro, Josuke, Okuyasu and Koichi die.

However Hayato manages to trick Kira into revealing his own name publicly, and has woken Josuke up early. Forced to retract his Stand to defend himself, Kira ends up killing no one. However using Stray Cats invisible air bubbles as bomb, he makes a huge hole in Okuyasu's stomach.

Crazy Diamond is Unbreakable

A fight ensues between Josuke and Kira. Okuyasu is healed but remains unconscious. Josuke and Hayato retreat into a house, where Kira's air bubbles prove too precise and Josuke uncovers Yoshihiro. He manages to have Kira unknowingly kill Yoshihiro before wounding him badly. While the two Stand User clash again, Josuke is saved at the last moment when Okuyasu teleports Stray Cat away from Killer Queen. Josuke then defeats Kira. Kira is surrounded and cornered by the heroes, but threatens to use a nurse to loop time again.

Final chapters

Let Me Remind You; Town Guardian Spirits; Goodbye, Morioh Town - The Golden Heart
Kira's spirit broken apart

Kira meets his end

Kira finds himself in the ghost alley after failing to activate Bites the Dust, and meets Reimi Sugimoto. He is dragged into the underworld by the malicious spirits, allowing Reimi to find peace. After she wishes goodbye to everyone, Josuke sees off Jotaro and Joseph who are confident in the new generation's ability to protect the town.

Characters & Stands

Character Name Stand Name Relation
Josuke Higashikata Crazy Diamond Main Protagonist
Koichi Hirose Echoes (ACT 1, 2, & 3) Ally
Okuyasu Nijimura The Hand Ally (Previously Villain)
Rohan Kishibe Heaven's Door Ally (Previously Villain)
Jotaro Kujo Star Platinum Ally
Joseph Joestar Hermit Purple Ally
Reimi Sugimoto N/A Ally
Arnold Sugimoto N/A Ally
Tamami Kobayashi The Lock Ally (Previously Villain)
Toshikazu Hazamada Surface Ally (Previously Villain)
Yukako Yamagishi Love Deluxe Ally (Previously Villain)
Tonio Trussardi Pearl Jam Ally
Shizuka Joestar Achtung Baby Ally
Shigekiyo Yangu Harvest Ally (Previously Villain)
Aya Tsuji Cinderella Ally
Mikitaka Hazekura Earth Wind and Fire Ally
Yuya Fungami Highway Star Ally (Previously Villain)
Tomoko Higashikata N/A Neutral
Ryohei Higashikata N/A Neutral
Hayato Kawajiri N/A Ally
Shinobu Kawajiri N/A Neutral
Keicho Nijimura Bad Company Neutral
Nijimura's Father Unnamed Stand Ally
Bug-Eaten Ratt Villain
Ken Oyanagi Boy II Man Neutral (Previously Villain)
Tama Stray Cat Neutral
Masazo Kinoto Cheap Trick Neutral (Stand is a Villain)
Anjuro Katagiri Aqua Necklace Villain
Akira Otoishi Red Hot Chili Pepper Neutral (Previously Villain)
Toyohiro Kanedaichi Super Fly Neutral (Previously Villain)
Terunosuke Miyamoto Enigma Villain
Yoshihiro Kira Atom Heart Father Villain
Yoshikage Kira Killer Queen Main Antagonist

Major Battles

Josuke Higashikata vs. Jotaro Kujo
- Jotaro Kujo! Meets Josuke Higashikata

Josuke Higashikata vs. Anjuro Katagiri
- Josuke Higashikata! Meets Anjuro

Josuke Higashikata vs. Okuyasu Nijimura
- The Nijimura Brothers

Josuke Higashikata vs. Keicho Nijimura
- The Nijimura Brothers

Koichi Hirose vs. Tamami Kobayashi
- Koichi Hirose (Echoes)

Josuke Higashikata & Koichi Hirose vs. Toshikazu Hazamada
- Toshikazu Hazamada (Surface)

Koichi Hirose vs. Yukako Yamagishi
- Yukako Yamagishi Falls in Love

Okuyasu Nijimura vs. Red Hot Chili Pepper
- Red Hot Chili Pepper

Josuke Higashikata vs. Akira Otoishi
- Red Hot Chili Pepper

Koichi Hirose vs. Rohan Kishibe
- Let's Go Play at the Mangaka's House

Josuke Higashikata vs. Rohan Kishibe
- Let's Go Play at the Mangaka's House

Josuke Higashikata & Jotaro Kujo vs. Bug-Eaten & Mushikuidenai
- Let's Go 'Hunting'!

Josuke Higashikata & Okuyasu Nijimura vs. Shigekiyo Yangu
- 'Shigechi''s Harvest

Shigekiyo Yangu vs. Yoshikage Kira
- Yoshikage Kira Wants to Live Quietly

Jotaro Kujo vs. Sheer Heart Attack
- Sheer Heart Attack

Koichi Hirose vs. Sheer Heart Attack
- Sheer Heart Attack

Josuke Higashikata & Jotaro Kujo vs. Yoshihiro Kira
- Atom Heart Father

Rohan Kishibe vs. Ken Oyanagi
- Janken Boy Is Coming!

Rohan Kishibe vs. Highway Star
- Highway Star

Josuke Higashikata vs. Highway Star
- Highway Star

Yoshikage Kira vs. Stray Cat
- The Cat Likes Yoshikage Kira

Josuke Higashikata, Okuyasu Nijimura & Mikitaka Hazekura vs. Toyohiro Kanedaichi
- Let's Live on a Transmission Tower

Josuke Higashikata & Yuya Fungami vs. Terunosuke Miyamoto
- Enigma Boy

Rohan Kishibe vs. Cheap Trick
- Cheap Trick

Josuke Higashikata, Okuyasu Nijimura & Hayato Kawajiri vs. Yoshikage Kira & Stray Cat
- Another One Bites the Dust; Crazy Diamond is Unbreakable


Diamond Is Unbreakable consists of 174 chapters, compiled into Volumes 29 to 47 of the Jump Comics collected editions. The left column consists of the titles from the volumes while the right column consists of the titles from the Weekly Shonen Jump release of Part 4.[4][1]

Volume 29: Enter Josuke Higashikata Release Date: ISBN:
(東方仗助登場する Higashikata Jōsuke Tōjō Suru)
Flag of Japan November 4, 1992[2]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851635-6
Volume Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 266. The Terrifying New Student (恐るべき新入生 Osorubeki Shinnyūsei)
  • 267. A Seriously Dangerous Guy (マジであぶねー奴 Maji de Abunē Yatsu)
  • 268. The Terror That's Appeared (姿を見せた恐怖 Sugata o Miseta Kyōfu)
  • 269. Aqua Necklace (水の首かざり(アクア・ネックレス) Akua Nekkuresu)
  • 270. The Water's Counterattack (水の逆襲 Mizu no Gyakushū)
  • 271. I Was Waiting for... (待っていたのは… Matteita no wa...)
  • 272. Punishment by Fists! (拳で罰を! Kobushi de Batsu o!)
  • 273. The Sacred Bow and Arrow (聖なる弓矢 Seinaru Yumiya)
  • 274. The Mysterious Neighbor (謎の隣人 Nazo no Rinjin)
Volume 29
Volume 30: Okuyasu and Keicho Nijimura Release Date: ISBN:
(虹村億泰・形兆 Nijimura Okuyasu, Keichō)
Flag of Japan January 7, 1993[3]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851636-3
Volume Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 275. 'Stand'... 'Prohibited' (「立」…「禁止」 'Ritsu'... 'Kinshi')
  • 276. Something's There! (何かがいる! Nanika ga Iru!)
  • 277. A Perfect Trap! (完全なワナ! Kanzen na Wana!)
  • 278. The Terrifying Company! (恐怖の中隊(カンパニー) Kyōfu no Kanpanī!)
  • 279. The Mysterious Stand! (謎のスタンド! Nazo no Sutando!)
  • 280. It's Already Over! (すでに終了した! Sude ni Shūryō Shita!)
  • 281. The Strange Man in the Attic (屋根裏の怪人 Yaneura no Kaijin)
  • 282. DIO's Ghost (DIOの亡霊 DIO no Bōrei)
  • 283. Electric Nightmare (エレクトリック・ナイトメア Erekutorikku Naitomea)
Volume 30
Volume 31: Koichi Hirose (Echoes) Release Date: ISBN:
(広瀬康一(エコーズ) Hirose Kōichi (Ekōzu))
Flag of Japan March 4, 1993[4]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851637-0
Volume Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 284. The Sinful Boy (罪深き少年 Tsumibukaki Shōnen)
  • 285. Sin and Punishment (罪と罰 Tsumi to Batsu)
  • 286. Atlantic Heights (アトランティック・ハイツ Atorantikku Haitsu)
  • 287. Sound of Terror (サウンド・オブ・テラー (恐怖の音) Saundo Obu Terā)
  • 288. Guilt Resulting in Death (死に至る罪悪感 Shi ni Itaru Zaiaku Kan)
  • 289. The Mysterious Third Year Student (謎の3年生 Nazo no San Nensei)
  • 290. Terror After School (放課後の恐怖 Hōkago no Kyōfu)
  • 291. Unidentifiable!! (識別不能!! Shikibetsu Funō!!)
  • 292. Following Morioh Town (おいかけて杜王町 Oikakete Moriō-chō)
  • 293. Radical Runner (過激なランナー Kageki Na Rannā)
Volume 31
Volume 32: Yukako Yamagishi Is in Love Release Date: ISBN:
(山岸由花子は恋をする Yamagishi Yukako wa Koi o Suru)
Flag of Japan May 10, 1993[5]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851638-7
Volume Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 294. The Afternoon's Serious Matter (昼下がりの一大事 Hirusagari no Ichidaiji)
  • 295. The Girl of Flame, Yukako (炎の少女・由花子 Honō no Shōjo Yukako)
  • 296. The Great Badmouthing Strategy!! (カゲ口大作戦!! Kage Guchi Dai Sakusen!!)
  • 297. The Terrifying Private Lesson (恐怖の個人教授 Kyōfu no Kojin Kyōju)
  • 298. One-Shot Match! (一発勝負! Ippatsu Shōbu!)
  • 299. Offense and Defense in the Entrance! (玄関の攻防! Genkan no Kōbō!)
  • 300. A New Power! (新しい力! Atarashii Chikara!)
  • 301. Koichi ACT2!! (康一ACT2!! Kōichi ACT2!!)
  • 302. Echoes Cliff (エコーズ・クリフ Ekōzu Kurifu)
Volume 32
Volume 33: Let's Go Out for Italian Release Date: ISBN:
(イタリア料理を食べに行こう Itaria Ryōri o Tabe ni Ikō)
Flag of Japan July 2, 1993[6]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851639-4
Volume Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 303. Order at the Mysterious Restaurant (注文の不思議な料理店 Chūmon no Fushigi Na Ryōri Ten)
  • 304. Refined Antipasto (アカぬけた前菜(アンティパスト) Aka Nuketa Antipasuto)
  • 305. A Scary Hidden Taste! (怖いかくし味(・・・) Kowai Kakushi Mi!)
  • 306. The Chef's Reason for Living! (料理人の生きがい! Ryōrijin no Ikigai!)
  • 307. We're Being Watched! (何かに見られている! Nanika ni Mirarete Iru!)
  • 308. I Certainly Heard It! (確かに聞いた! Tashika ni Kiita!)
  • 309. The Power of the "Right Hand"! (『右手』の威力! "Migite" no Iryoku!)
  • 310. Only One Truth! (真実はひとつ! Shinjitsu wa Hitotsu!)
  • 311. A Magnificent Entrance! (華麗なる登場! Karei Naru Tōjō!)
  • 312. Heroic! Whac-a-Mole!! (壮絶!もぐら叩き!! Sōzetsu! Mogura Hataki!!)
Volume 33
Volume 34: Let's Go Play at the Mangaka's House Release Date: ISBN:
(漫画家のうちへ遊びに行こう Mangaka no Uchi e Asobi ni Ikou)
Flag of Japan September 3, 1993[7]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851640-0
Volume Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 313. The Whole Town's Electric Power!! (町中の電力パワー!! Machinaka no Denryoku Pawā!!)
  • 314. It's Fine Unhealed!! (直さないからいい!! Naosanai kara Ii!!)
  • 315. The Stand Laughed! (スタンドが笑った! Sutando ga Waratta!)
  • 316. Two Men and a Baby!! (ツーメン&ベイビー!! Tsūmen & Beibī!!)
  • 317. The Crimson Rescue Method! (真紅の救出法! Shinku no Kyūshutsu Hō!)
  • 318. Visiting the Popular Mangaka's Home! (人気漫画家お宅訪問! Ninki Mangaka Otaku Hōmon!)
  • 319. The Best Story! (最高のネタ! Saikō no Neta!)
  • 320. Stolen "Memories"! (奪われた『記憶』! Ubawareta "Kioku"!)
  • 321. Super Technique!! (スーパーテクニック!! Sūpā Tekunikku!!)
Volume 34
Volume 35: Rohan Kishibe's Adventure Release Date: ISBN:
(岸辺露伴の冒険 Kishibe Rohan no Bōken)
Flag of Japan November 4, 1993[8]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851405-5
Volume Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 322. The Terrifying Movement of 'The Hand'! (恐るべき「手」の動き! Osorubeki 'Te' no Ugoki!)
  • 323. The Way to Open His Eyes! (目を開かせる方法! Me o Hirakaseru Hōhō!)
  • 324. The Reason for the Hairstyle! (髪型の理由(わけ) Kamigata no Riyū!)
  • 325. Let's Go 'Hunting'! (狩り(ハンティング)」に行こう! 'Hantingu' ni Ikō!)
  • 326. Inside the Refrigerator! (冷蔵庫の中! Reizōko no Naka!)
  • 327. Corner It! (追いつめろ! Oitsumero!)
  • 328. "Trap"! (『罠』! "Wana"!)
  • 329. Pressure!! (プレッシャー!! Puresshā!!)
  • 330. An Unmapped Road (地図にない道 Chizu ni Nai Michi)
  • 331. Guide in the Blind Alley! (迷路の案内人! Meiro no Annaijin!)
Volume 35
Volume 36: 'Shigechi''s Harvest Release Date: ISBN:
(「重ちー」の収穫(ハーヴェスト) 'Shigechī' no Hāvesuto)
Flag of Japan February 4, 1994[9]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851406-2
Volume Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 332. A Tearful Plea! (涙の訴え! Namida no Uttae!)
  • 333. Don't Look Back! (ふり向いちゃあダメ! Furimui chā Dame!)
  • 334. Distant Memories! (遠い記憶! Tōi Kioku!)
  • 335. Found One Yen! (イチエンミツケタゾ(・・・・・・・・・) Ichi En Mitsuketa Zo!)
  • 336. A Major 'Project'! (一大「プロジェクト」! Ichidai 'Purojekuto'!)
  • 337. A Mark of 'Friendship'! (「友情」のしるし! 'Yūjō' no Shirushi!)
  • 338. The 'Name' Changed! (「名前」が変わる! 'Namae' ga Kawaru!)
  • 339. Like I'll Let You!! (やるもんかよ!! Yaru Mon ka yo!!)
  • 340. The Brain's Instincts! (本能の頭脳! Honnō no Zunō!)
  • 341. Unintelligible! (理解不能! Rikai Funō!)
Volume 36
Volume 37: Yoshikage Kira Wants to Live Quietly Release Date: ISBN:
(吉良吉影は静かに暮らしたい Kira Yoshikage wa Shizuka ni Kurashitai)
Flag of Japan May 2, 1994[10]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851407-9
Volume Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 342. The Man with a Thin Shadow! (影のうすい男! Kage no Usui Otoko!)
  • 343. A Hard Crisis! (ハードな危機! Hādo Na Kiki!)
  • 344. The Contents Revealed! (露わになった中身(・・) Rowa ni Natta Nakami!)
  • 345. Sleep Interference!! (睡眠の妨げ!! Suimin no Samatage !!)
  • 346. I'll Protect You!! (オラが守る!! Ora ga Mamoru!!)
  • 347. Warriors Moving Out!! (動き出す戦士達!! Ugokidasu Senshi Tachi!!)
  • 348. Make-Up to Meet Love With!! (愛と出逢うメイク!! Ai to Deau Meiku!!)
  • 349. Happiness in '30 Minutes'! (「30分」の幸せ! 'San-Jū Fun' no Shiawase!)
  • 350. The Body Invincible to Love!! (愛に無敵の肉体(ボディ)!! Ai ni Muteki no Bodi!!)
Volume 37
Volume 38: Sheer Heart Attack Release Date: ISBN:
(シアーハートアタック Shiā Hāto Atakku)
Flag of Japan August 4, 1994[11]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851408-6
Volume Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 351. Communicating "Hearts"!! (通じ合う『(ハート)』!! Tsūjiau "Hāto"!!)
  • 352. The Vanished Parts! (消滅した部品! Shōmetsu Shi Ta Buhin!)
  • 353. The Rose-Colored Choice! (バラ色の選択! Bara Shoku no Sentaku!)
  • 354. Got a 'Clue'!! (つかんだ「手掛かり」!! Tsukan Da 'Tegakari'!!)
  • 355. Observe Carefully!! (注意深く観察しろ!! Chūibukaku Kansatsu Shiro!!)
  • 356. Powerful Even Through Remote Control! (遠隔操作でもパワフル! Enkaku Sōsa de mo Pawafuru!)
  • 357. True Regret! (本当の後悔! Hontō no Kōkai!)
  • 358. Give Me an Order! (命令シテクダサイ! Meirei Shite Kudasai!)
  • 359. ACT3's "Ability"!! (ACT3の『能力』!! ACT3 no "Nōryoku"!!)
Volume 38
Volume 39: Father's Tears Release Date: ISBN:
(父の涙 Chichi no Namida)
Flag of Japan November 4, 1994[12]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851409-3
Volume Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 360. The Man "Right Before My Eyes"!! (『目の前』の男!! "Me no Mae" no Otoko!!)
  • 361. Feeling of Defeat...!! (敗北感…!! Haiboku Kan...!!)
  • 362. You've Grown! (成長したな! Seichō Shi Ta na!)
  • 363. I Will Survive! (私は生きのびる! Watashi wa Ikinobiru!)
  • 364. To the Throng of People...! (雑踏の中へ…! Zattō no Naka e...!)
  • 365. The Man That Pretends to Be Normal's Abnormal Hobby! (平常を装う男の異常な趣味! Heijō o Yosoou Otoko no Ijō Na Shumi!)
  • 366. Within a "Photo"!! (『写真』の中!! "Shashin" no Chū!!)
  • 367. Inside a Photo...! (写真の中…! Shashin no Naka...!)
  • 368. Why Are You Here...?! (なぜここに…!? Naze Koko ni...!?)
  • 369. The Tenacity to Try and Survive! (生きのびようとする執念! Ikinobiyō to Suru Shūnen!)
Volume 39
Volume 40: Janken Boy Is Coming! Release Date: ISBN:
(ジャンケン小僧がやって来る! Janken Kozō ga Yatte Kuru!)
Flag of Japan January 11, 1995[13]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851410-9
Volume Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 370. The Housewife 'Shinobu Kawajiri''s Romance!! (主婦「川尻しのぶ」のロマンス!! Shufu 'Kawajiri Shinobu' no Romansu!!)
  • 371. Let's Play 'Rock Paper Scissors'! (「ジャンケン」しよ~よ! 'Janken' Shiyo~ yo!)
  • 372. Rock-Paper Rock!! (ジャ~ンケン グー!! Ja~nken gū!!)
  • 373. I'll Turn You Black and Blue! (コテンパンにしてやる! Kotenpan ni Shiteyaru!)
  • 374. The Fight Goes Downhill! (勝負の下り坂! Shōbu no Kudarizaka!)
  • 375. Something Even More 'Difficult'! (もっとも「むずかしい事」! Mottomo 'Muzukashii Koto'!)
  • 376. It'd Be Easier to Die! (死んだ方がまし! Shin Da Hō ga Mashi!)
  • 377. Plenty of Fun! (お楽しみがいっぱい! Otanoshimi ga Ippai!)
  • 378. I Am an Alien! (わたしは宇宙人! Watashi wa Uchūjin!)
  • 379. Please Take Me There! (連れてってくれ! Tsure te tte Kure!)
Volume 40
Volume 41: Highway Star Release Date: ISBN:
(ハイウェイ・スター Haiwei Sutā)
Flag of Japan March 3, 1995[14]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851891-6
Volume Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 380. The Alien's Repayment! (宇宙人の恩返し! Uchūjin no Ongaeshi!)
  • 381. Cee-Lo! (チンチロリン! Chinchirorin!)
  • 382. I'll Take Your Pinky Finger! (小指をもらう! Koyubi o Morau!)
  • 383. I Got It!! (わかったぞ!! Wakatta zo !!)
  • 384. Someone's Inside the Wall!! (壁の中に誰かいる!! Kabe no Naka ni Dare ka Iru!!)
  • 385. 60 Kilometers per Hour! (時速60キロ! Jisoku Roku-Jū Kiro!)
  • 386. It Came Out! (グっときたぜ! Gu tto Ki Ta ze!)
  • 387. Gotta Cross It Quickly! (突っ切るしかない! Tsukkiru shika Nai!)
  • 388. Today Is No Good! (今日はツイてない! Kyō wa Tsui Te Nai!)
  • 389. No Problems! (何も問題はない! Nani mo Mondai wa Nai!)
Volume 41
Volume 42: The Cat Likes Yoshikage Kira Release Date: ISBN:
(猫は吉良吉影が好き Neko wa Kira Yoshikage ga Suki)
Flag of Japan May 11, 1995[15]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851892-3
Volume Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 390. I'll Definitely Get There! (ぜってえそこまで行く! Zettee Soko made Iku!)
  • 391. I'm the One Who'll Get Mad!! (怒っているのは俺だ!! Okotte Iru no wa Ore Da!!)
  • 392. A "Hole" Has Opened! (『穴』が開いていた! "Ana" ga Hiraiteita!)
  • 393. I Remember! (思い出したぞ! Omoidashita zo!)
  • 394. It's Not Exploding!! (爆発しない!! Bakuhatsu Shinai!!)
  • 395. An Invisible Ability! (見えない能力! Mienai Nōryoku!)
  • 396. Investigate! (調べるんだ! Shiraberu n Da!)
  • 397. He's Not My Dad! (あいつはパパじゃあない! Aitsu wa Papa jā Nai!)
  • 398. The Man Who Lives on the Transmission Tower! (送電鉄塔の中に住む男! Sōden Tettō no Naka ni Sumu Otoko!)
Volume 42
Volume 43: Enigma Is a Mystery! Release Date: ISBN:
(エニグマは謎だ! Eniguma wa Nazo da!)
Flag of Japan August 4, 1995[16]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851893-0
Volume Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 399. Don't Enter This Tower! (この鉄塔に入るな! Kono Tettō ni Hairu na!)
  • 400. A Transmitting Power! (かけめぐるパワー! Kakemeguru Pawā!)
  • 401. You'll Be the One Left in the Tower! (鉄塔に残るのはお前だ! Tettō ni Nokoru No wa Omae Da!)
  • 402. Reflecting Energy! (反射するエネルギー! Hansha Suru Enerugī!)
  • 403. The Final Trick! (最後の悪あがき! Saigo no Waruagaki!)
  • 404. The Ability to Track Smell! (臭いの追跡能力! Nioi no Tsuiseki Nōryoku!)
  • 405. A Sign of Terror! (恐怖のサイン! Kyōfu no Sain!)
  • 406. An Invincible Moment! (無敵の瞬間! Muteki no Shunkan!)
  • 407. Smart Move! (賢い行い! Kashikoi Okonai!)
Volume 43
Volume 44: My Dad Is Not My Dad Release Date: ISBN:
(ぼくのパパはパパじゃない Boku no Papa wa Papa Ja Nai)
Flag of Japan October 4, 1995[17]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851894-7
Volume Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 408. I Have to Open It! (開けるしかない! Akeru shika Nai!)
  • 409. Completely Unforgivable! (ぜってーゆるさねえ! Ze ttē Yurusa Nē!)
  • 410. A Crisp Feeling! (すがすがしい気分! Sugasugashii Kibun!)
  • 411. I've Been Recording You! (ずっとお前を撮っていた! Zutto Omae o Totte I Ta!)
  • 412. I Don't Want My Back Seen! (背中を見られたくない! Senaka o Mirare Taku Nai!)
  • 413. Give Me a Piggyback Ride! (おんぶして! Onbu Shi te!)
  • 414. Burn Your Photos! (写真を焼こう! Shashin o Yako u!)
  • 415. Like I'd Burn Them! (絶対に焼くものか! Zettai ni Yaku Mono ka!)
  • 416. Like I'd Let Go! (離すものか! Hanasu Mono ka!)
  • 417. Those Who Take Away Souls! (魂を連れ去る者! Tamashī o Tsuresaru Mono!)
Volume 44
Volume 45: Another One Bites the Dust Release Date: ISBN:
(アナザーワン バイツァ・ダスト Anazāwan Baitsa Dasuto)
Flag of Japan January 10, 1996[18]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851895-4
Volume Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 418. New Ability! (新しい能力! Atarashii Nōryoku!)
  • 419. Absolute Confidence! (絶対の自信! Zettai no Jishin!)
  • 420. Finally Found You! (ついに見つけたぞ! Tsuini Mitsuke Ta zo!)
  • 421. I'll Change Fate! (運命を変えるんだ! Unmei o Kaeru N Da!)
  • 422. I Have an Ally! (仲間がいたんだ! Nakama ga Itan Da!)
  • 423. Don't Ask Questions! (質問しちゃだめだ! Shitsumon Shi cha Dame Da!)
  • 424. There's No Time Left! (もう時間がない! Mō Jikan ga Nai!)
  • 425. Unbelievably Good Luck! (信じられない好運! Shinjirare Nai Kō Un!)
  • 426. You Talked! (お前がしゃべったんだ! Omae ga Shabetta N Da!)
  • 427. The Air Fanned the Fire! (空気が火を吹いた! Kūki ga Hi o Fui Ta!)
Volume 45
Volume 46: Crazy Diamond is Unbreakable Release Date: ISBN:
(クレイジー・D(ダイヤモンド)は砕けない Kureijī D wa Kudakenai)
Flag of Japan March 4, 1996[19]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851896-1
Volume Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles
  • 428. I Won't Run Away! (逃げる気なんてねえ! Nigeru Ki nante nē!)
  • 429. Don't Touch It! (触っちゃだめだッ! Sawaccha Dame Da!)
  • 430. Like I'd Just Die! (死んでなんかいるものか! Shin de nanka Iru Mono ka!)
  • 431. I'll Be the One to Decide This! (決着はオレがつける! Kecchaku wa Ore ga Tsukeru!)
  • 432. Automatic Tracking Bombs! (自動追尾弾! Jidō Tsuibi Dan!)
  • 433. The Final Blow! (最後の一撃! Saigo no Ichigeki!)
  • 434. Those Who Ally with Fate! (運命が味方する者! Unmei ga Mikata Suru Mono!)
  • 435. A Heart of Justice! (正義の心! Seigi no Kokoro!)
  • 436. Those Who Know Your Identity! (正体を知った者! Shōtai o Shitta Mono!)
Volume 46
Volume 47: Goodbye, Morioh Town - The Golden Heart Release Date: ISBN:
(さよなら杜王町-黄金の心 Sayonara Moriō-chō - Ōgon no Kokoro)
Flag of Japan May 10, 1996[20]
Flag of Japan 978-4-08-851897-8
Volume Titles Weekly Shonen Jump Titles

  • 437. Just in Time! (間に合った! Maniatta!)
  • 438. I Want to Judge You! (裁いてほしい! Sabai te Hoshii!)
  • 439. Golden Spirit! (黄金の精神! Ōgon no Seishin!)

Volume 47



  • An official anime adaptation was announced on October 24, 2015, with David Production returning to produce and direct. The first episode aired on April 1, 2016, and the 39th and final episode aired on December 23, 2016.


  • A live-action movie of Part 4 produced by Warner Bros. and directed by Takashi Miike was announced in September 28, 2016. It will be released in Japanese theaters in summer 2017.



  • This part is notable for taking place in a fictional setting, without travelling to any real locations.
  • Leaving the Tarot and Egyptian mythology in Part 3, Part 4 primarily references popular (rock) music in its names.
  • Araki states that it is possible that JoJo's Bizarre Adventure could have ended with Part 3, since the resurrection of DIO was the last plot element of precedent.[21]
  • The title of this arc was formerly translated as Diamond Is Not Crash.[citation needed]
  • This part is notable for having one of the most drastic changes in art style as it progressed. At its inception, it took on the muscular, Fist of the North Star-esque look that was present in the previous three parts. Around the middle of the part, the various characters took on a more youthful appearance, particularly in the case of Josuke and Koichi. By the end of Diamond Is Unbreakable, the manga adopted the glamorous art style in which characters go from very muscular to athletic that would define the visual presentation of Vento Aureo and Stone Ocean.


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