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Diavolo appears as the enemy faced in Chapters 12 and 13 (as "The Boss"; A suited silhouetted individual shrouded in shadow), as well as in 20 and 22, where he utilizes King Crimson to, within the game's perspective, alter time. Diavolo boasts the most health out of all enemies fought. The game, due to a completely different interpretation, does not refer to King Crimson's ability once as "time erasure". In Chapter 12, Bucciarati must survive for one minute, and in Chapter 13, he must deplete a very small portion of The Boss' health to succeed; In Chapter 20, Polnareff must also deplete a small portion (equivalent to a fifth) of Diavolo's health, and in Chapter 22, Giorno and Gold Experience Requiem must finally defeat Diavolo.

In Chapters 12 and 13, 'The Boss' can simply 'teleport' to Bucciarati, somewhat similar but not completely accurate to how a normal person would see the effects of King Crimson, he also uses a strong hook that crosses the player's body and then sends them flying far with another punch (similarly to his attack on Bucciarati in the manga), and has another attack where King Crimson punches the floor, sending debris flying. The Boss can destroy the many columns around the stage, with Bucciarati taking damage from the flying debris. His most powerful attack involves him punching the player through the abdomen before turning around and slamming them into the ground, sending them reeling a long way.

Attempting to hit The Boss while he is idle or otherwise not in the middle of an attack will result in him using King Crimson's ability to teleport away and avoid taking damage. During Chapter 13, after having revealed the nature of King Crimson's ability, the teleportation effect is accompanied by a flash of inverted colors before doing so, uncanny in effect to many of DIO's time-stopping abilities in All Star Battle.

During Chapters 20 and 22, whenever Diavolo uses King Crimson's ability, time slows down for everything except him and King Crimson, and the screen's colors invert. Oddly enough, Diavolo can still be hit and damaged during King Crimson's effect, making it more akin to a true "time-slowing" ability than the canon time erasure. In Chapter 20, he gains a new ability to send King Crimson flying at immense speed toward his target to deliver a heavy knockdown punch with little warning.

In Chapter 22, while Giorno himself is still affected by the time manipulation, Gold Experience Requiem can move and attack with impunity. Diavolo also gains two more abilities: One of them is him having King Crimson punch the floor and generate an immensely damaging shockwave whose range and area of effect covers the entire stage, sending Giorno flying a long way if it connects (he will only use this ability if Giorno stays too close to him for too long); The other has him fling blood at Giorno, making him flinch long enough for Diavolo to deliver any of his more powerful attacks. When his health hits zero for the first time, Diavolo will unleash a non-damaging shockwave to knock Giorno away, before recovering a fifth of his health as a last resort.

Secret Factors

Secret Factors Edit3
Chapter 12
  1. Bucciarati must Stand Shoot King Crimson. (Value of 4)
  2. Bucciarati must Stand Shoot Diavolo while standing near Trish's unconscious body. (Value of 6)
Chapter 13
  1. Bucciarati starts the level with a Secret Factor Level of MAX. (Value of 10)
Chapter 20
  1. Polnareff must Stand Shoot Diavolo. (Value of 7)
  2. Polnareff must Stand Shoot King Crimson. (Value of 3)
Chapter 22
  1. Giorno starts the level with a Secret Factor Level of 5. (Value of 5)
  2. Giorno must use and land his heavy attack (X button). (Value of 3)
  3. Giorno must avoid taking damage before and when King Crimson activates its ability. Even if Giorno does not take damage during the manipulated time period, the Secret Factor is lost if he has been hit beforehand. (Value of 2)

Diavolo is a playable character in All Star Battle. As one of the seven main antagonists, Diavolo is stronger than most characters and his ability to cause massive damage per individual hit makes up for his limited combos. As one of the majority of playable characters in the game with the "Stand" Style, Diavolo can turn King Crimson on/off, changing movesets. Though unlike the vast majority of Stand Users in the game, he does not have access to the Stand Rush ability that returns from the Capcom game; None of his skills allow him to attack in conjunction with his Stand, as every single one of his attacks, including normal hits, are delivered solely by King Crimson. He shares this effect with Hol Horse and Guido Mista.

King Crimson acts as a powerful Stand whose melee attacks knock the opponent off their feet. When it is on, Diavolo's Heavy ground and air attacks down the opponent, and his crouching Heavy attack knocks the opponent into the air; His crouching Medium attack fills in the role of tripping the opponent. These melee attacks can be used to set up combos as most of his skills lack the potential to do so.

Exclusive to Diavolo is the ability "Erasing Time", activated automatically by skills marked with a star. Upon activation, the arena environment, including background characters, is completely erased, leaving behind nothing but a deep crimson background that gradients downward to black. During this brief period of erased time, the opponent cannot move or act, merely standing still, and Diavolo is invincible to attacks that continue into the erased time. Time returns after a moment or as soon as Diavolo inputs an attack.

  • I've eliminated 0.5 seconds!: Replacing the common forward and backward dash, Diavolo erases time to 'teleport' short distances, granting him small bursts of invincibility.
  • Time has been erased...: A counter. This skill is marked with a star. Diavolo and King Crimson pose, and if struck by a non-Throw/HHA/GHA, "Erasing Time" will activate.
  • Such futility!: This skill is marked with a star, and can only be used once Diavolo is hit by any non-Throw/HHA/GHA, or any attack that does not down or send him flying upon the first hit. "Erasing Time" will activate instantly, leaving Diavolo completely unharmed. This skill consumes two bars of the Heart Heat Gauge in return for completely breaking an opponent's attack or combo, and functions in the exact same manner as DIO's "So close!" counter.
  • Throw - You're not getting away!: King Crimson hoists the opponent up by their collar and delivers a devastating punch to the face.

While King Crimson is off:

  • The passage of time resumes!: Diavolo summons King Crimson to deliver a punch to the opponent's abdomen, leaving them crumpling to the ground (Comboable). This move can be charged to eventually increase its range and become unblockable, but Puttsun Cancel is required to follow-up on the charged attack. If the charged version hits an airborne opponent, they are sent flying into the stage wall.
  • This is the end!: Diavolo summons King Crimson to punch the ground with enough force to emit a shockwave, downing the opponent if they are hit. The Heavy variation deals the least amount of damage and has a recoverable delay, but is capable of hitting a downed opponent.

While King Crimson is on:

  • Your life is mine!: King Crimson chops the opponent down the middle. Diavolo's skills can be instantly performed following this move. (Comboable)
  • King Crimson!: A Throw. King Crimson executes a short jab. If it connects, King Crimson will punch the opponent three times rapidly, hitting them into the air, before hooking them in the face with enough strength to send them flying.
  • Now I'm really angry!: King Crimson jabs at an upward angle. This move acts as an anti-air. It has the bonus effect of hitting opponents as tall or taller than Diavolo without them needing to be airborne, such as Wamuu. If it connects, King Crimson grabs the opponent by the face and slams them into the ground hard enough for them to bounce. Using its other fist, King Crimson punches the opponent in the abdomen and sends them flying.

Diavolo's HHA activates Epitaph, allowing him to see into the future with 100% accuracy until the full stock is used up. While in this mode, Diavolo will automatically Stylish Dodge most of the opponent's attacks without depleting any of the Guard Gauge, provided he isn't in the middle of attacking himself. The opponent's Stylish Dodge is disabled as well, and the rate at which Diavolo can successively use "I've eliminated 0.5 seconds!" is enhanced, granting him a lot less vulnerability when using it to dodge through attacks and projectiles, as well as the fastest dash in the game (allowing him to outspeed even Baoh's run when pushing against each other).

Diavolo's GHA, "Pinnacle of Eternity", as with his other abilities that activate "Erasing Time", works as a counterattack: Diavolo will smile as he and King Crimson openly present themselves to the opponent. If he is then hit by the enemy with any form of short/mid-ranged melee attack that is not a Throw, including HHA and even other GHA, Diavolo's GHA will activate. Diavolo will disappear and reveal that what the opponent actually hit was their future selves, appearing behind them shortly afterwards. Diavolo declares that he's ending the fight as King Crimson delivers a singular powerful chop down the middle of the opponent. This is the most powerful Great Heat Attack in the entire game, dealing roughly 42% of the opponent's max health in damage.

"Erasing Time" is naturally nullified if Giorno Giovanna has Gold Experience in Requiem Mode; The ability will initiate as the confirming sound plays, but the time erasure does not actually take effect.

If Diavolo is Retired via any attack that does not result in a hard knockdown or blow-back, he will fall to his knees and weakly point at the opponent in fear, mirroring one of his infinite deaths in the story. If Retired by Giorno himself, he will furiously call him a brat/kid in a way similar to his final moments against Giorno before being defeated.

Diavolo is the only villain from Part 5 to appear in the game as a playable character, the third tallest character in the game behind Joseph Joestar and Wamuu (slightly taller than even DIO and the same height as any other Part 3 character), and also the only character to have 2 characters appearing during his intro (Diavolo and Doppio). Diavolo's first alternate costume reflects his initial appearance as "The Boss"; completely disguised in shadow and wearing a tuxedo with short and slicked-back hair, while his second features the stolen soccer outfit he wore as Doppio to disguise himself and kill Abbacchio. For two of his victory poses, Doppio is used instead of Diavolo, and Doppio speaks several of his own (his "phone's" ringtone, answering the phone, his statement about the world being filled with idiots, etc). Notably enough, Diavolo has no post-round special lines, regardless of whom he's fighting; All opponents that Diavolo has unique dialogue with will illicit special intro lines, though should Diavolo win, he will simply use whatever line of victory dialogue that was set for him, if not the default.

This stand also manipulates "time"?!

—Diavolo Reaction to DIO, Jotaro and Alt. Universe Diego's Time Stop


— Diavolo in Quote Collection, from Chapter 588

Diavolo and Doppio were confirmed for Eyes of Heaven alongside their daughter and Bucciarati.


He is paired with Joshu Higashikata in the Eyes of Heaven Tournament, having been placed in the F Block series of battles to be incorporated into the main Tournament. They were eliminated in the first round by Bucciarati and Trish.


  • Though never demonstrated, Diavolo can fluently speak Sardinian.[4]
  • Throughout the entirety of the battle against Chariot Requiem, Diavolo's soul takes the form of King Crimson, and speaks and emotes completely through it.
  • According to a Top 10 List published in Weekly Shonen Jump in 2000, Diavolo is Araki's second favorite antagonist and 4th favorite character overall.
  • Diavolo's seiyuu in Bandai Namco Entertainment-Developed Games, Toshiyuki Morikawa, would later go on to also voice Yoshikage Kira/Sheer Heart Attack in the Part 4 TV Anime.


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