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Doobie (ドゥービー, Dūbī?) was a minor antagonist featured in Phantom Blood. He is a zombie created by Dio Brando who briefly fights the Joestar Group.


Doobie is a large, muscular zombie with a sack on his head, in order to conceal his secret weapons and monstrous face. After he removes it during the battle with Jonathan, his horrible head and the snakes that live in it are revealed. His body also appears to be covered in a unknown liquid.

Having appeared for only a few pages, Doobie's personality doesn't show any particular traits. He is however, a rather violent being, even trying to assault Poco's sister, having no interest outside killing and serving his evil master.


Phantom Blood

Doobie is one of the many zombies Dio Brando creates in the village of Windknights Lot. After capturing Poco's sister, Dio attempts to persuade her to his side by offering her eternal life and beauty but his offer is only met by a harsh slap. Offended, Dio summons Doobie to take care of her, remarking that she'd more enjoy Doobie's company than Dio's.

Doobie grabs the little girl and rips her dress in an attempt to assault her, but his plan is quickly ruined by an anvil thrown by Jonathan Joestar.

After inflicting several bite wounds to Jonathan, Doobie removes the sack over his head and reveals his face and his weapons: a large number of poisonous and man-eating snakes living inside his skull. Jonathan manages to eject the poison from his bloodstream by exploiting his new Ripple powers inherited after Zeppeli's death.

During their short battle, Jonathan catches Doobie's snakes and charges them with the ripple, causing them to turn on their master and devour him to death.[1]


Doobie is a being with all the inherent abilities of a zombie, such as immense strength and being able to climb walls. He has several poisonous snakes all over his body capable of eating an entire human. Doobie hides by covering his face, so he can surprise his enemies by only making his snakes join the battle when their guard is low. This is not as effective on advanced Ripple users, who can reject dangerous substances from their bodies.

In Video Games

Phantom Blood (PS2 Game)

Doobie appears as the last enemy faced before the chapters against Dio starts. As a playable character (on the EXTRA MODES), Doobie uses normal punches and kicks to attack. His special attack uses all the snakes from his face to attack and poison the enemy. In Dio mode, there is a non-canon event where he teams up with Adams to defeat Dio.

All-Star Battle (PS3 Game)

Doobie can be seen in the background of Dio's Castle stage, and can sometimes be heard screaming along with other Zombies.



  • In both the official Viz translated manga and anime dub, Doobie's name remains the same. However in the credits for the dub, he is credited as "Dobbie".


  1. Chapter 37: The Three from a Faraway Country (2)

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