Earth Wind and Fire (アース・ウインド・アンド・ファイヤー Āsu Uindo Ando Faiyā?) is the name of Mikitaka Hazekura's power appearing in Diamond Is Unbreakable. It is currently unknown if Earth Wind and Fire is a Stand or an alien ability due to the mysterious origins surrounding its user Mikitaka.


Like all abilities directly confering supernatural powers to their users, Earth Wind and Fire doesn't actually possess a physical form: instead, it is bound to its user's body.

Mikitaka's alien identity draws speculation that it may not be a Stand, but rather an evidence of Mikitaka's alien nature, making Earth Wind and Fire a kind of strange alien power rather than a Stand. However, evidences supporting each theory leaves even more doubt about its origin.


Mikitaka's Earth Wind and Fire is a harmless shapeshifting power whose usefulness is mitigated by Mikitaka's eccentricity.
EW&F Transforming

Mikitaka transforming into a six sided die

Transformation: Earth Wind and Fire allows Mikitaka to transform into any object[2].

When transforming, Mikitaka decomposes himself into a cluster of strips of unidentified substances before recomposing himself into one or several objects of his choosing, replicating their appearence, weight and texture[3].

When transformed into an object, he also takes on the properties of the object. Thus morphing a hand into an ice cream cone will make it cold[4] or morphing himself into a binocular enables him to also observe things from afar[5]. He can also partially undo the transformation.

Although he can theorically perfectly replicate object, Mikitaka is subjected to several limitations.

  • Firstly he cannot reproduce complex items like machines or something that requires more strength than his own to operate.
  • Secondly Mikitaka considers that all humans look the same and cannot be subtle enough to copy someone's appearance.
  • Thirdly he must have a precise idea of what he's transforming into lest his replication can be largely inaccurate.
  • Fourthly, Mikitaka is still subject to his bodily weakness: being thrown around as a dice makes him sick and he will throw up, ruining the masquerade.[2]
  • Finally, if Mikitaka's concentration is broken, for instance if he panics when hearing a siren, he loses his control over his power and the shapeshifting becomes random, eventually forcing Mikitaka into his human form[6].

More importantly, Mikitaka's own ignorance about Earth signifies that he has no idea how he is supposed to act, and when transformed can easily act suspicious.

Earth Wind and Fire seems able to combine its strength with those of other people: when Mikitaka turned into sneakers for Josuke to wear, he notes that their strength combined is what made them able to move so fast[3].

Regeneration: Earth Wind and Fire's power may imply that Mikitaka can regenerate, as when he transforms part of his hands into ice-creams and separates them from his body, he is neither harmed nor anything is missing from his hands later.[4]



  • Hirohiko Araki mistakenly used the name "Earth Wind and Fire" again in Stone Ocean for the name of Viviano Westwood's Stand when the chapter was published in Weekly Shonen Jump (the name was written slightly different in Japanese). For the tankōbon release, this Stand was renamed "Planet Waves".


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