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Echoes (エコーズ Ekōzu?) is the Stand of Koichi Hirose, featured primarily in Diamond Is Unbreakable.

Rare among Stands, Echoes takes three distinct forms called "ACT"s, which Koichi may call upon alternately.


Manga Debut: Chapter 279, The Nijimura Brothers (6)
Anime Debut: Episode 78, The Nijimura Brothers (2)

Echoes' Egg form is not named, but it could be considered ACT0.


Egg Throw: Though Koichi cannot move his Stand in this form, during his battle against Keicho, in trying his best he simply throws it at him while he is distracted. Nothing results, however, when Keicho intercepts this attack.


Appearing during the battle against Keicho, though immobile and unresponsive to Koichi's command, Keicho becomes defensive, believing that it poses a threat to his father.

Koichi calls on it in his battle against Tamami, during which it develops into ACT1.


Echoes first appears as a large egg, cracks forming around it.

Echoes ACT1

Manga Debut: Chapter 287, Koichi Hirose (Echoes) (4)
Anime Debut: Episode 80, Koichi Hirose (Echoes)


Sound Maker: Echoes ACT1 can write a sound effect in Katakana on anything, from human flesh to the ground, and have that sound repeat itself over and over with increasing volume. Echoes can shoot sound effects from both its tail and hands.

This ability seems to allow it to also transfer words, as Koichi uses it to show his mother he is telling the truth.

The effect can be broken with enough willpower, as Yukako dispels the writing that Koichi puts on her.

It has the longest range of all Acts, and co go up to 50 meters from its user. But it is unclear if the marked words disappear if far enough.


ACT1 hatched from its egg during Koichi's fight with Tamami, becoming the only version he can access until his confrontation with Yukako.


ACT1 levitates, generally resembling a turtle, with a beak, and a long tail with two wheels at its base, the tip of which is pointed like a pen nib.


It speaks like a child, using nonsensical words and growls. It faithfully meets Koichi's command.

Echoes ACT2

Manga Debut: Chapter 300, Yukako Yamagishi Is in Love (7)
Anime Debut: Episode 83, Yukako Yamagishi Falls in Love (2)


Sound Maker, ACT2: Echoes' second form increases its sound abilities beyond its first form's capabilities. When the kana is written on an object now, touching it activates the effect of the sound. For example, if the sound word hyoo ("whoosh") is written, it creates a gust of wind with increasing force.

However, unlike ACT1, it is only able to shoot sound effects from its tail and thus can only make one at a time.

Enhanced Speed: Foreshadowing the speed of ACT3, ACT2 gains a massive increase in speed on ACT1; fast enough to give the impression of disappearing into air.


During the battle with Yukako, Koichi gains access to Echoes ACT2.


ACT2 takes a more humanoid - though smaller - form. It still has a long tail with a pyramidal tip and shell-like outer areas. It has boots and heart-shaped kneepads. It has a large highcollar fused with shoulder weighs with "S2" written on the back.


Unlike ACT1, ACT2 is completely mute.

Echoes ACT3

Manga Debut: Chapter 358, Sheer Heart Attack (5)


Unlike Echoes' first two forms, ACT3 does not fly and has a much shorter effective range. However, it is extremely fast.

Sound Maker, ACT3: Same as ACT2's Sound Maker.

3 Freeze (3FREEZE(スリーフリーズ) Surī Furīzu?): ACT3 rapidly punches its target before attributing a "freezing" or stopping effect by greatly increasing their effective weight. For example, Killer Queen's Sheer Heart Attack begins to sink into solid pavement.

This effect lasts only if the target remains within 5 metres of ACT3.


Koichi finally discovers Echoes ACT3 during his first confrontation with Kira.


ACT3 is a completely humanoid Stand with turtle shell-like pieces on its body. It's tail is now more or less a spike protruding from a cloth wrapped around its waist with the number 3 printed on the front.


ACT3 has a somewhat independent and foul-mouthed personality, tending to quote John McClane, Bruce Willis' character from the Die Hard film series.

In Video Games

Cult Jump (GB)

Echoes ACT1 appears without his Stand user, Koichi, as one of the ten characters from the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure franchise on the game.

All-Star Battle (PS3)

This section requires expansion.


  • According to JOJOVELLER, ACT1 is based on an alien larva but finally looked like an insect and ACT2 looks like a standing Coypu.
  • Echoes is the first Stand to have "ACT"s, and is only one of two known Stands to actually possess these, the other being Johnny Joestar's Tusk.
  • ACT2's power of a character affecting the world around it is somewhat reminiscent to the story of something Araki's grandfather did with a paper airplane as explained in Phantom Blood's second volume's author's note.



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