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Emporio Alniño
Emporio Alnino
Japanese Name エンポリオ・アルニーニョ
Namesake Emporio Armani[citation needed] (fashion brand)
El Niño[citation needed]
Stand Burning Down the House
Weather Report (borrowed)
Age Approx. 11
Gender Male
Height 140 cm[1]
Hair Color Blond
Relatives Unnamed mother
Manga Debut SO Chapter 10
Green Dolphin Street Prison
Final Appearance SO Chapter 158
What a Wonderful World
Seiyuu Junko Kitanishi (All-Star Battle)

Emporio Alniño (エンポリオ・アルニーニョ Enporio Arunīnyo?) is a core ally in Stone Ocean.

A boy born in Green Dolphin Street Prison, Emporio volunteers his allegiance to Jolyne and her group.


Emporio is an 11-year-old boy of average build. He has light, curly hair, and light eyes.

Emporio is almost always seen wearing a striped baseball uniform (which appears to be the type worn by the Chicago Cubs), including a cap.


Emporio is first shown as a timid, awkward boy, rather unwilling to join the battle.

However, as he continued to help the heroes, he was slowly dragged into the fight himself. He proved helpful by using his computer to gain information regarding the villains' powers, and in helping Jolyne out of several tight spots by hiding her in his "ghost room."

When caught in a conflict, he is not usually able to fight back; the main exception being his final confrontation with Pucci, when he is helped by Weather Report's Stand.


Main article: Burning Down the House

Emporio's Stand, Burning Down the House, is a room comprising a secret, alternate space within Green Dolphin Street Prison, to which only he may grant entry; and which contains a number of useful, imperishable objects.

Emporio is a timid fighter, but proves able to follow the directions given him by the group.

Emporio borrows the Stand Weather Report after the death of its user.



Emporio was born to a unnamed prisoner in Green Dolphin Street Prison and since then has lived there in secret with the help of his Stand, which manifested in the form of a "ghost room." His mother was killed by Enrico Pucci, who took her Memory Disc and/or Stand Disc, causing her to slowly rot away. It is not confirmed wether she was a Stand user. However, Pucci was originally unaware of Emporio's existence, which gave the heroes a momentary edge.

Stone Ocean (2011)

While in Green Dolphin Street Prison, he serves as a meaningful and useful ally to Jolyne Cujoh and Ermes Costello as well as introducing the two to Narciso Anasui and Weather Report (who reside primarily in the Ghost Room provided by his Stand abilities), providing them all with information about the personnel, the enemies they fight, and even the prison itself.

After Jolyne, Ermes, Weather Report and Anasui escape, Emporio follows to help Jolyne (flying a helicopter that Romeo gave Jolyne before Rikiel's attack) before being given Jotaro Kujo's memory disc, which later causes him to pursue Donatello Versus when Weather Report recovers his memories and activates Heavy Weather. Later, he becomes trusted with Weather Report's Stand Disc.

1st Universe Reset

After Pucci resets the universe and Emporio becomes the only living member of the group that intended to stop Pucci, he finds himself in a universe created to Pucci's specifications and is subsequently dogged by Pucci as the last remaining enemy to his perfect world. Emporio runs to his ghost room and tricks Pucci into inserting Weather Report's Stand Disc into his head. Weather Report subsequently fills the room with concentrated oxygen and effectively disables Pucci. Emporio ignores Pucci's last angry pleas to spare him, saying that walking the path of justice is fate, and Weather Report kills the priest with a barrage of punches, after which the universe resets again.

2nd Universe Reset

In this alternate timeline, Emporio finds himself right outside Green Dolphin Street and witnesses an alternate Ermes Costello being kicked from the bus for attempting to pay with a fifty-dollar bill. Nearby, Annakiss, the alternate Anasui, invites Ermes to ride in their car in exchange for the money she can use to pay for gas. Ultimately, Emporio decides to join after meeting Irene, the alternate Jolyne, who invites the two to ride and also possesses a Joestar birthmark, indicating that the Joestar family continues to live on. Deeply touched by the survival of his friends, Emporio gives his name when Irene asks for it. Later, the group pick up a hitchhiker, shown to be an alternate Weather Report.

In Video Games

All-Star Battle (PS3)

Emporio makes his game debut on the PS3 title. He appears on the game as both explanatory charater for the GALLERY MODE and as part of the stage hazard on the KENNEDY SPACE CENTER STAGE (screaming "Watch out!" when the objects starts falling on the stage).

His voice is also heard in the ending text in PART VI's story-mode segment.


  • Emporio has the distinction of being the first ally to defeat a major antagonist instead of the main protagonist doing so.



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