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Empress (女帝(エンプレス) Enpuresu?) is the Stand of Nena featured in Stardust Crusaders.


JoJo Tarot 03 - The Empress

The Empress

Empress is a Stand bound to its own user's blood, first appearing as a small drop of blood from Nena. Once the blood drop hits a person, however, the true Stand is revealed. Empress starts as a small wart, similar to a bug bite, but gains a more humanoid shape as it grows. Unlike most Stands, Empress does have a personality. It is a sarcastic, disrespectful, mocking Stand, constantly insulting Joseph (the unlucky host), though it is also incapable of forming any complex plans, relying solely on its powers to survive. Despite its personality, it does serve Nena without other thoughts. It represents The Empress Tarot Card.

Oddly, while this Stand exhibits the traits of an automatic Stand (extremely long range, strong personality) it seems to have the psychic physical connection to its user. When the stand is destroyed, Nena is killed. When the Stand begins to grow on its victims, as a simple wart, another wart with the same characteristics also appears on Nena's tongue. This wart, however, doesn't seem to grow more.

Its design is based off a rearranged Indian Buddha statue.[1]


Absorption: Empress is a deadly Stand, simply given its power. It first appears as a bug bite-like wart on the target's wrist. It begins to eat the person, slowly, growing a face, arms, and eventually an upper body. Later, it begins to eat outside items, such as chickens and fruits, in order to continue growing, all the while mocking its unfortunate host. Slowly, it kills the host, and then allows Nena to form a perfect replica of the dead being to wear as a skin to hide her true form. Despite its absorption power, Empress does not seem to have any ability to read its host's mind.


  • Although there was not a name for it at that time, Empress is the first of the Automatic Stands shown in the series, as it is activated when Nena's blood is touched by someone else. However, unlike future Automatic Stands shown later in the series, when Empress was killed, Nena died as well.



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