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Enigma (エニグマ Eniguma?) is the Stand of Terunosuke Miyamoto, featured in Diamond Is Unbreakable.


Enigma is a dark colored humanoid Stand. Its body is covered in lighter colored standards resembling the pistons of a saxophone or trombone. Other features include dotted round eyes and heart shaped kneepads.

When its ability is activated, the patterned design produced is reminescent of the works of M. C. Escher.


Enigma power

Enigma sealing Tomoko within a piece of paper.

Paper Seal: Enigma is able to seal objects and people, including the user, in paper. Once folded closed, a simple piece of paper can hold a single person, or even an entire taxi. The condition of the object or person trapped in the paper remains the same as long as the paper is kept in one piece (i.e hot soup stays hot; ripped paper can damage the captive).

To trap a person in paper, the user must discover the habits the target displays when afraid. Once he has witnessed them display their habit enough to be 100% sure it's their "tell", the Stand can capture the target the next time they display their "tell". In this situation, Enigma is invincible, and Stand powers are rendered useless. An object can be released by simply opening the paper.



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