The following is a basic guide for the layout of Episode Pages.

The first line of the page should be formatted as such:

Name of Episode in Bold is the (Episode # in Ordinal long-hand Notation) episode of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime. It is also the (Episode # in Ordinal long-hand Notation in Part). List the chapters the episode adapts as well if possible.

EX: Dio the Invader is the first episode of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime. It is also the first episode of Phantom Blood. It covers Chapter 1 through Chapter 5 of the manga.


Basic summary of what happens in the episode. Should generally be at least a paragraph long in length. This can be used in the List of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure episodes page as well.


  • List of Characters in the episode, using the scroll box. Should be in bulleted form and list important characters first.
  • If it is the character's first appearance add {{1st}} to the end of their name.
  • If the character dies during that episode add {{Death}}

Manga/Anime Differences

This section is to list any major difference found between the anime and the manga. Please list them in bullet form.


Interesting info that does not fit in any other section goes here.

Site Navigation

Include the proper navigation boxes in this section. Use one of these templates, depending on the episode: {{Part 1 Chapters}}
{{Part 2 Chapters}}
{{Part 3 Chapters}}
{{Part 4 Chapters}}
Include {{Anime}} as well.

Be sure to add the Episodes category to the page as well.