Ermes' Sticker (エルメェスのシール Erumesu no Shīru) is the fifth story arc in Stone Ocean.

It narrates Ermes Costello's awakening of her Stand Kiss and her confrontation with the suicidal Thunder McQueen.


We see Ermes recovering from a fever and awakening her Stand Kiss, which reproduce objects by putting stickers on them.

Ermes accidentally knocks Memory Disks from fellow prisoner Thunder McQueen who keeps a 5000$ stash hidden. The suicidal prisoner links himself with Ermes with his Highway to Hell, reflecting any damage done to him to Ermes so they can die both. Ermes successfully escapes.

Ermes is then approached by Emporio and is brought to Emporio's secret ghost room where she also meets Anasui and Weather Report. Emporio explains that Whitesnake's user is the enemy. New wounds warn Ermes that McQueen is trying to kill himself again. Ermes finds him and knocks him out for good, taking his Memory Disk to retrieve the money and fight Whitesnake alongside Jolyne






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