Fun Fun Fun (ファン・ファン・ファン Fan Fan Fan) is the Stand of Ojiro Sasame, featured in JoJolion.


Fun Fun Fun possesses a bell-like head, lined vertically, and a humanoid torso; its waist utterly emaciated, truncated mid-hip. From its hips hang four small leg-like vestiges, while it stands on four disc-like feet from four long, bending legs or tendrils hanging from its shoulders; capped by four thin, sharp shoulder pads. Two roughly Q-shaped pieces rest atop its head, facing its sides, with two smaller shapes on its collar, one large in the center of its chest, and one small on the buckle of a thick, studded belt that sits loosely on its hips.

It has the image of a stethoscope, since it listens in to figure out what's happening on the floor below it. Its head is based on a lemon juicer.[1]


  • Control-By-Injury: If a target incurs the slightest injury on their hands or feet, a mark forms there, allowing him to control that limb so long as he is physically above his victim. Thus, if a mark accumulates on every extremity, Sasame gains complete control of his target.




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